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CASTELNOVO MONTI (Reggio Emilia) – “A mountain of sport”. It is not just a slogan, but an effective summary of what awaits the Apennines during the summer months: a series of high-level events, many of them national or even international, that represent an extraordinary vehicle of promotion. of the territory. Promotion that is expressed in extremely specific terms: until next autumn more than 20,000 attendances linked to large and small sporting events are expected throughout the territory of the Unione Montana dell’Appennino Reggiano.

“The Emilia-Romagna Region considers sport an asset of extraordinary importance for the development of the territory,” said Giammaria Manghi, head of the political secretariat of the Presidency of the Region. “What we are witnessing in the Apennines this year is an unprecedented concentration of major events, which in terms of announced attendance represents an undoubted success: the Region directly supports some of the major events, such as the World Enduro Championship in Carpineti, the gatherings of the national teams of the Italian Deaf Sports Federation in Castelnovo Monti, the Italian Ruzzola Championships, a traditional game rooted in the territory, in Toano and Carpineti, the CSI National Athletics Championships in Castelnovo Monti and the Fidal regional meeting also at the Coni Center, the mountain bike stage race, an international competition, the 50th Matildica Grandfondo which this year is also the European Grand Prix and Mediofondo Championship for cyclists. in the coming months, it means highlighting the result of a work that has been carried out for years in the equipment of the plants, in the qualification of paths to the nat in the promotion of the mountain as a place of choice for sports, but also in services essential elements that complete the territorial offer such as the Hospital Sant’Anna, whose professionalism, for example, was fundamental for to the designation of Castelnovo as the Federal Pilot Center of the National Federation of Deaf Sports. From this work, it is necessary to build the future, in synergy between the local bodies, the Region, the sports associations and also the entrepreneurs of the hospitality sector to expand and further qualify the offer “.

“We thank the Region – adds the President of the Union, Tiziano Borghi – with whom the collaboration to achieve results of this level is essential. In a few days in Carpineti we are preparing to host one of the main events of this summer, the enduro world championship, which will only take about 10,000 people to the mountains in the space of three days. Hosting such international initiatives also tests us as a host system at the organizational level, and will help us grow. I am also grateful to all the sports associations that are a great heritage of our territory, formed by people who dedicate commitment and passion, involve young people, make the mountain grow ”.
Vincenzo Volpi added that “among the planned initiatives are some that promote traditions rooted in the Apennines, such as the game of Ruzzola or Ruzzolone: ​​the Italian championships will be played in the fields of Toano and Colombaia di Carpineti, and will attract This game is part of the Italian Federation of Traditional Sports, recognized by Coni, and in the Apennines has many practitioners, even young people, who participate in competitions that also take place outside It is a beautiful movement, which also reminds us of our history, and the wide range of sports that can be practiced in the facilities of the Apennines but also in the natural environment for outdoor activities. ” .

Enrico Ferretti, Councilor for Tourism of the Union, emphasized the potential of the ridge in a year-round tourist-sports proposal: “We have the potential to be attractive in all four resorts, thanks also to the ski resorts and we look forward to seeing you soon, also the ice rink, in which we are working on an important implementation to make the rink accessible also for people with disabilities, also in view of a possible designation as a national federal center of the Italian Federation of “Ice sports. Then in the spring, summer and autumn with trails, mountain bike trails, gyms and outdoor fields. The ridge is fully embedded in this type of offer that really involves the whole Apennines.”
Finally, Chiara Borghi recalled “the path of Castelnovo ne ‘Monti Paese for sport, started many years ago and today allows us to have structures such as the Coni center, the multifunctional center Onda della Pietra, football fields, tennis, basketball, gyms.Obviously, Castelnovo acts as a reference for different major events thanks to these facilities and accommodation, but it is a task that we carry out in line with all the municipalities of the Union, and that each “In this sense, we are playing an important role in the future of the territory, with very positive results.”

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