#MaturityNostress: Prof. Tiktoker’s 5 Tips for an Exam Without (Too Much) Anxiety

Some purists may open their noses when they hear about a “tiktoker teacher”, but Vincenzo Schettini, 45, a high school physics teacher, is a demonstration of how using young people’s language and communication tools is an extra gear. this way. works at school. Schettini, known on social media as @lafisicachecipiace, learned to use his students’ platforms and today his video lessons have won over a large community of followers: more than 200,000 on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, more than half a million in Tiktok, where it has 1.4 million likes. And precisely the (smart) use of social media is one of the 5 tips that Professor Schettini has developed to help Italian students face the next 2022 stress-free maturity exam (the first written test is scheduled for Wednesday June 22).

The 5 “commandments” for a stress-free exam

Schettini starts from Aristotle to remind us that “virtue is in the middle” and that, therefore, for children the days before maturity “must be virtuous days, in which it is necessary to study to find one’s own balance, halfway between too much anxiety and total relaxation “. “Are you using your phone to watch videos or to answer questions?” Does the phone serve you, do you feel in tune with what you are doing? Keep it up, ”says the professor, addressing the graduates. “Do you feel that you are taking your breath, time and concentration? Then move on to something else, repeat with family, with friends, go outside. And always keep in mind that you need a minimum dose of ‘Anxiety must be accepted and transformed into adrenaline to give the best of oneself’.

And from there it starts with the 5 tips for students.
First: “Repeat outdoors, take advantage of the beautiful days to do the rehearsal in outdoor places in order to oxygenate the brain.”
Second: “Use social platforms to study, review, find answers to questions and perhaps integrate with videos to face a more varied repetition.”
Third: “Think of the later, when it’s all over, when you can enjoy your friends and your free time.”
Fourth: “Point to the doubts: rather than repeat everything, try to resolve any doubts you have in order to improve your knowledge.”
Fifth: “Be proud of yourself: there are many young people in the world who do not have the opportunity to study, so celebrate this moment because for you it is a wonderful goal that is being achieved.”

Physics for everyone

“My ‘mission’ is to bring physics through the web not only to school desks, but also and especially to the homes of all Italians,” says Professor Schettini, and when in 2021 I also brought my video lessons on TikTok, I was interested. not immediately, but I had to gradually build my own personal communication format. First with the “duets”, or 1-minute videos in which the teacher proposed competitions in different subjects (not only physics, but also philosophy and history) asking fans to respond with other videos. Then with the lessons in a nutshell: “I started making videos that in 59 seconds had to communicate a concept of physics – says Schettini – and there the account exploded, thanks also to the use of the hashtag #imparacontiktok, very used by platform teachers “.

Social networks integrated with “traditional” education.

But the teacher warns: “Extreme synthesis of such short content” should be a starting point to ignite children’s curiosity, he says, but it is obvious that the TikTok pill does not exhaust or replace the study, it is a point of point that opens the mind to a broader didactic path where there is also the book, the longest video and what the teacher said in class. ”The demonization of social media is enough, so Is it time to fully integrate them into teaching? “In my opinion, this is the right historical moment,” replied Schettini. communication through the network in general. “And last but not least, they can improve the relationship with boys and girls in the classroom.” I also decided to share my life experience on social media, how I deal with fears and insecurities, through life coaching videos. And seeing that I opened up to social media, the kids started asking me to talk about their problems in class. This is a beautiful thing that made me happy, that completed me as a teacher.

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