“Let’s build the future”, awarded 41 Bergamo associations

An award of more than 50 thousand euros for 41 associations in Bergamo options for their commitment and the value of their action in the area. They were awarded by the Construïm el Futur Foundation with the eponymous award given on Saturday 18 June at the Bergamo Fair.

Let’s build the future award

Reward small companies in the Third Sector that respond every day with free and commitment to the needs they encounter, generating value for the community and for the whole territory. This has been the meaning of the award since its inception: the way in which the Fondazione Costruiamo il Futuro recognizes the value of social and sporting realities and supports them precisely in the year in which Bergamo is the Italian capital of volunteering.

The Honorable Maurici Lupipresident of the Build the Future Foundation, e Alessia Galbiati, vice president of the Foundation, presented the awards to the winners. Witness this year’s edition was Luigi Pelazza, journalist and correspondent for Le Iene. The Fundació Construeix el Futur, with the collaboration and support of Intesa Sanpaolo, has allocated more than 50,000 euros to the projects and activities of 41 associations in the province of Bergamo, increasing the resources available with respect to the first edition held.
last year. Among the award-winning associations, 18 operate in the social field, 3 in the cultural field and 21 promote sports activities.

41 Bergamo associations awarded

Numerous associations that deal with minors, children and families have been awarded: such as Treviolo’s Eos APS, which with its “Casa di Leo” supports and welcomes families of minors admitted to Papa Joan Hospital. XXIII; or as Obiettivo Pontida, which promotes a project dedicated to NEETs to support work placements; There are also numerous organizations dealing with disability such as the association Il Corallo di Scanzorosciate and the Asd San Paolo in Bianco di Bergamo, which will take advantage of the award to promote recreational and laboratory activities that may involve people with disabilities.

Sport and its educational value

Great attention is also paid to the world of sport, as a tool for the education and training of children, the integration and promotion of social activities. Some examples: the Asd Fiorente 1946 Colognola of Bergamo is a historical reality but that recently has been revalued, and next to a good sport proposal, social projects of support to the district like “donacibo” and initiatives of fight against the bullying.

Moving to the valleys, one of the contributions will support the activity of the Asd Pestakilometer, born during the Covid period to promote sports activities aimed at all ages: with the award we build the future will be able to improve the facilities available.

In La Bassa, on the other hand, Boltiere’s Boca (Boltiere oratorio calcio Asd) (one thousand euros for a communication plan between coaches and boys), the Asd Basket86 Caravaggio (one thousand euros to redo the bottom of the field) received the recognition.

“Despite the difficulties of the last two years due to the pandemic, this award continues to pursue its goal, which is to take root in the territories of the Lombardy provinces – said Maurizio Lupi – there is a social leadership that deserves to be known and recognized: The 270 grant applications received by the Fondazione Costruiamo il Futuro in Bergamo in this second edition are a testament to this, and our task is to discover these realities and strengthen them, helping them specifically: in two years we have contributed to the initiatives of up to 72 associations making available 92 thousand euros, a really significant figure ”.

Concrete help

“Thanks to the Building the Future Award, the social, sports and cultural associations of our city and our territory have been able to enjoy a contribution that, without a doubt, is a concrete help for the achievement of the different objectives, but also a recognition of their reality. and the importance of their work within the community, ”he added Marcella Messina, Councilor for Social Policies Bergamo City Council – The hope is that this initiative can be repeated next year by returning a meaningful map of the different active subjects and committed to the integration and inclusion of all people. The work done to reach today’s awards ceremony has been very careful and successful; Therefore, I am grateful to the Foundation for its profound energy, for having really known these realities and its commitment and for having built, through this relationship, a wealth that I believe can generate more virtuous processes ”.

“Encouraging and promoting social initiatives that generate value for communities is the goal shared by a large bank such as Intesa Sanpaolo and the Building the Future award,” he said. Gianluigi VenturiniRegional Director Northern Lombardy Intesa Sanpaolo – Our focus on the territories is also expressed in our proximity to small and very small non-profit organizations that represent the engine of the common good. “

In two years, 92,000 euros have been donated

The second edition involves an increase not only in donations from the Foundation, but also a new increase in applications for contributions, a sign of a living and important presence of social and sports volunteer associations: in the territory of Bergamo and his province. in 2022 the Foundation received 270 registrations, of which 176 new realities. In two years, 72 associations have been awarded for a total of 92 thousand euros donated (from 2003 to the present: 616 associations supported, 1,200,000 euros donated for projects). These figures are contextualized in the activity of the Foundation in all the territories of Lombardy: in the four editions of 2021 of the Prize (Metropolitan City of Milan, Bergamo and province, Valtellina and Valchiavenna, Lecco and Monza and Brianza) in fact, the Foundation had received 744 applications the number of contributions almost doubled compared to previous years. Other editions aimed at the Lombardy provinces will also be promoted for 2022.

The Build the Future Award is promoted in collaboration with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo, with the sponsorship of the Lombardy Region, the sponsorship of the Province and Municipality of Bergamo – Volunteer Capital of Bergamo, and CONI Lombardia, in collaboration with CSV Bergamo, Fondazione Grimaldi, Foundation of the Bergamo Community, CSI Bergamo, CDO Bergamo. Thank you for your support: Sangalli Spa, Iperal Supermercati, Bodega Spa, Trasporti f.lli. Rondi and Lombarda Industrial Packaging, specialist in DF Sport.

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