In the 31st Territory Trophy excellent tests for girls and boys in our territory

In the 31st Territory Trophy excellent tests for girls and boys in our territory

Last commitment of the season for the Territorial Selections of the best Women’s Under-14 and Under-15 Men’s Volleyball in Piedmont.

Group photo for the young recruits of the Ticino Sesia Tanaro Committee

On Sunday, June 19 in Savigliano, the 31st Volleyball Territories Trophyorganized by the Regional Committee of Piedmont, the last commitment of the season that involved the Territorial Selections of the best Under 14 Women I Under 15 male of the Piedmontese territory. In the men’s field, the Cuneo-Asti team took first place. In second place was our Territorial Selection which suffered the supremacy of Cuneo-Asti but managed to win a beautiful set. In match 3 our boys were redeemed against their teammates from Turin who overcame a comeback with a remarkable 2-1 which gave them a prized 2nd place with 3 points in the overall standings.

In the women’s field, the selection of our territory led to a beautiful victory in the morning match against Cuneo-Asti by 2-1 which created the illusion of being able to beat Turin (which had lost in turn against Cuneo) in the afternoon game. Our girls, after winning the first set, had a drop in concentration and performance, which gave the Turinese the opportunity to recover and overcome the Ticino Sesia Tanaro Selection, in the 2nd and 3rd set. The respective victories ensured that the Selections were all equal in points with victories and a quotient of seven, with the consequent assignment of positions to the quotient of points. The award ceremony was attended by the President of the Regional Committee Paolo Marangon, the Regional Councilors Gianni Panzarasa, Stefano Negrini and Livia Vercellino, the Presidents of the Territorial Committees Vito Francesco Arestia (Ticino Sesia Tanaro), Marco Altobelli (Turin ) and Paolo Bertone. (Cuneo- Asti). Special guest of the event Monica Cresta, coach of the Italian under-17 team and current world champion with the Italian under-21 men’s team.

I am happy with the performances of the boys and girls of both teams – President Arestia says satisfied – Our athletes represented our Committee in the best possible way, making a significant contribution to enhancing the work done by local businesses during this difficult period. I would like to personally thank the athletes. This experience together will make them even more mature and certainly stronger. Special thanks to the parents, who made this wonderful experience possible, and to the Selection Staff, for their commitment and competence in coordinating all the technical and logistical operations required for the entire selection period ”.

Men’s Selection

Sports pavilion in via Giolitti Savigliano (Cn)

CUNEO-ASTI – TORÍ 3-0 (25/18 26/24 25/21)

TICINO SESIA TANARO – CUNEO ASTI 1-2 (14/25 18/25 25/19)

TORÍ – TICINO SESSION TANARO 1-2 (25/19 22/25 22/25)



1 Cuneo Asti 5 2 2 0 5 1 5.00 145 120 1.2083

2 Ticino Sesia Tanaro 3 2 1 1 3 3 1.00 126 138 0.9130

3 Turin 1 2 0 2 1 5 0.20 132 145 0.9103

TST Territorial Selection

Jacopo Battistini, Lorenzo Chiara (Pall. Altiora), Omar Buzzi, Jacopo Mossotti (Volleyball Novara)Lorenzo Giovanelli, Pietro Maruffo, Daniele Patrone (Novi Pall.), Stefano Rolando, Lorenzo Coccia (Biellese Volleyball School), Edoardo Cecchetto, Matteo Oliva, Federico Lovisolo (Pall. La Bollente), Matteo Bonifacio, Ismail Chafik Idrissi, Mattia Marino, Furio Mezzadra (San Rocco)Marco Calcaterra, Roberto Ceriotti, Emanuela Sellone (Selectors), Roberto Crapa (Manager).

Women’s Selection


CUNEO ASTI – TORÍ 2-1 (25/23 25/23 17/25)

TICINO SESIA TANARO – CUNEO ASTI 2-1 (25/22 17/25 25/17)

TORÍ – TICINO SESIA TANARO 2-1 (19/25 25/15 25/19)



1 Turin 3 2 1 1 3 3 1.00 140 126 1.1111

2 Cuneo Asti 3 2 1 1 3 3 1.00 131 138 0.9492

3 Ticino Sesia Tanaro 3 2 1 1 3 3 1.00 126 133 0.9473

TST Territorial Selection

Irene Cappato (GS Pavic), Giulia Nicolò (GS Splendor), Marika Abergo (Pall. Acqui Terme), Giulia Ippolito, Emma Maestrelli (S2M Vercelli), Carolini Angelina, Giorgia Rapetti (Pall. Ovada), Ilaria Marega, Beatrice Iviglia, Martina Pezzoli, Iksilda Musaj (Alessandria Volley), Carlota Annovazzi, Mercy Ojienelo, Rebecca Aimaretti, Gaia Bossi, Asia Laneve (AGIL Volley)Roberto Leporati, Laura Agostinoni, Daniele Patrucco (Selectors), Gabriele Cappato (Scoutman), Oscar Zaramella (Responsible)

The races were led by race officials Silvia Costelli, Daniele Aimale, Alberto Gentile, Loris Chiaramello, Marco Liguori and Roberto Pavani.

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