He pushed underage and frail girls into anorexia, 500 calories a day

He pushed underage and frail girls into anorexia, 500 calories a day

Ooperation Free angels: reported by the State Police as a pro-ana coach who induced young girls to dangerous weight loss and self-harm practices. State police have identified a subject: pro coach Ana – that within a open group on a well-known social platform he pushed underage and frail girls to get anorexia. The operation called “Free Angels” of the Postal Police of Trieste and Udine with the CNCPO coordination (National Coordination Center at Child pornography Online) of the Rome Postal and Communications Police Service was born from a report made by a fifteen-year-old man, admitted for months to the pediatric ward of a hospital in the region, for eating disorders and pathologies arising from anti-conservative acts.

Thanks to this young woman, who found the strength to report the incident, the specialists of the postal police of Trieste and Udine reached the social profile of a person who, defined as a pro-Ana coach, had hooked dozens of girls. minors and later. gaining their confidence had led them to dangerous weight loss practices.

Reflective tips, 500 calories a day

Among the reckless advice was not to hire more 500 calories a daydrink plenty of water to soothe the feeling of hunger and take cold showers to stimulate the body at a higher energy expenditurewhich had almost caused the victim to faint. The same encouraged the child to make cuts and anti-conservative acts to perform without the knowledge of parents, all according to the practice documented with the shooting of wounds and lost body.

Officers recovered some of the chats

With the consent of the girl, through sophisticated acquisition techniques of digital forensics agents retrieved some of the chats and multimedia content sent by the victim to the “coach“In addition, he had been pushed with requests for images and videos of child pornography in exchange for money and gifts that also consisted of the proposal of underwear to collect from well-known clothing chains appreciated by the youngest.

International networks activated

Thus, international networks were activated and facilitated their collaboration with an emergency procedure. The crossing of thousands of computer data led to the identification of a free one professional a 40-year-old resident of central Italy, already convicted of child pornography, who presented himself as a doctor on his social media profiles and on his blog even though he had never been properly qualified.

The findings of the investigation examined by the Deputy Prosecutor of Trieste, owner of the investigation, led to the issuance of a search warrant issued by the Postal Police of Friuli-Venezia Giulia on June 9, 2022.

During the computer search, which lasted more than ten hours, some chats of investigative interest were found on the suspect’s devices. In a new social profile opened just two days earlier, the man had already hooked up with eight girls to induce dangerous weight loss practices, some of whom had sent him self-elimination messages and photos even during the search activity.

The seized material is now being examined by the Postal and Communications Police of Trieste and Udine to identify other victims who have fallen into the myth of thinness at any cost.

The procedure is in the pre-trial phase and the elements of the prosecution have yet to be validated in person with the defense.

Girls induced to self-harm

In order to identify all the girls involved and induced to self-harm and anti-conservative acts, the Postal Police, in agreement with the prosecuted Judicial Authority, requests the collaboration of potential victims, parents, teachers or, in any case, witnesses, who have come into contact with the social profile “Freedema3“.

In this complex context of the network, the Postal Police aims to involve the families of teenage boys so as not to belittle them if they show signs of self-harm, albeit mild, such as small scratches on the limbs, as they could also represent not only a single obvious discomfort but also a form of request for help to which we must necessarily respond. In a hyper-connected society, perfection for some belongs to physics, just think of recent challenges, such as “Boiler summer cup“Where with the aim of making fun of overweight girls, their videos are approached and filmed with smartphones, the videos of which are published online.

With the aim of protecting all minors, the Postal Police is committed to training and information meetings in schools on a daily basis, with children, teachers and parents and constant online monitoring. In fact, there are virtual communities on the Internet that are spreading like wildfire under the name pro-Ana and pro-Mia, pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia, respectively.

Dangerous connections

Dangerous connections where anorexia and bulimia find a place among the youngest through the advice and information of “coaches” who, without any preparation in the field, accompany adolescents, especially girls, to their ultimate goal, the to lose weight and to your perfect eyes at any time. cost, even if the risk is your life.

Complaints can be made through the Postal Police portal

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