Football: The Interbar Tournament is dyed yellow-blue. Treschè Conca beat Stuttgart in the final.

Saturday evening ended the2022 edition of the historian 7 Municipalities Interbar Tournament who saw victory in The end of the team of Treschè Concacame out undefeated Give it to her 6 games play with a total of 23 goals realize it.

The four formations that had passed the Quarters, Foza, Stuttgart, Lusiana-Concoalong with, obviously, the Treschè Concathey collided with the Semifinals and later Finals giving another day of spectacular sports.
The teams fought from the first to the last minute of the matches, which on almost every occasion remained open with the results until the final whistle of the referee, keeping in suspense the many fans who approached the field. . Sasso di Asiago.

Interbar 7 Comuni Football Tournament - Treschè Conca amateur party audience

The classification of the tournament

1st – Treschè Conca

First place in the Interbar 7 Comuni - Treschè Conca Football Tournament

2nd – Stuttgart

Interbar 7 Commune Football Tournament - Stuttgart team ranked second

3rd – Lusiana-Conco

Interbar 7 Comuni Football Tournament - Lusiana Conco team third place

4t – Foza

Interbar 7 Comuni Football Tournament - Fourth place Foza team

The results of the semifinals and finals

Saturday, June 18


Foza vs Stuttgart 1-2

A very tight match between Foza I Stuttgartwith the starters trying their best to advance to the ‘Bomber’ team, but a few mistakes and a bit of bad luck allowed Stuttgart to advance by two goals precisely with Eder Baù. Foza short with Nicolò Gheller and it touches the tie in the final, but it is not enough.
Best in the field: Matteo Vescovi (Stuttgart)

Treschè Conca vs Lusiana-Conco 2-1

A game with excellent technical qualities that has been played Treschè Conca and the Lusiana-Conco, with a very high pace and the goalkeepers of both teams forced to make overtime. The Roneses take the lead with Tomàs Albertibut they are quickly recovered by the Lusiana-Conco thanks to the network of Michele Minuzzo: Treschè Conca takes advantage of a corner kick in the last minute with Andrea Rivettawho slips on the fly and leads his team to the Final.
Best in the field: Daniel Valente (Treschè Conca)

Final 3rd – 4th place

Foza vs Lusiana-Conco 1-2

The two teams defeated in the semifinals fought during the 40 minutes of play that earned them the third step on the podium of the Tournament. He thought of opening the bookmark Riccardo Ronzani for Lusiana-ConcoBut Foza find the tie thanks to the network of Samuel Poli. He thought about deciding the fate of the party Tommaso Ronzaniwhich gives the orange-blacks the third position in the Interbar Tournament.
Best in the field: Tommaso Ronzani (Lusiana-Conco)

Final 1st – 2nd place

Stuttgart vs Treschè Conca 2-5

A final that beats the heart between them Stuttgart I Treschè Concawith Alberto Rubbo which breaks the ice and brings the yellow-blue to the head, followed by the doubling of Alberto Frigo. The Stuttgart team does not give up and shortens the distance twice with Matteo Vescovibut wild Alberto Rubbo and the last two networks of Mattia Baù I Tomàs Alberti give to the formation of Treschè Conca there victory of the 2022 edition of 7 Municipalities Interbar Tournament.
Best in the field: Alberto Rubbo (Treschè Conca)

The awards

In addition to the cups for the top finishers, the organizing staff of the Interbar Tournament honored the participants with several other prizes.

In the video the prizes and all the challenges of the last day.

All the results of the matches of the Tournament

Friday 10 – 1st group round

Asiago vs Roana 1-0
Galli vs Canove 2-0
Stuttgart vs Rubbio 2-1
Camporovere vs Cesuna 2-2
Foza vs Treschè Conca 2-4
Enego vs Lusiana-Conco 1-3

Saturday 11 – 2nd and 3rd group round

Asiago vs Gallio 2-0
Roana vs Canove 2-0
Stuttgart vs Camporovere 4-2
Rubbio vs Cesuna 1-3
Foza vs Enego 4-1
Treschè Conca vs Lusiana-Conco 2-1
Asiago vs Canove 4-3
Roana vs Galli 1-2
Stuttgart vs Cesuna 2-2
Rubbio vs Camporovere 2-1
Foza vs Lusiana-Conco 0-4
Treschè Conca vs Enego 6-0

Monday the 13thThird triangular place

Roana vs Rubbio 3-0
Rubbio vs Foza 1-4
Roana vs Foza 1-0

Friday 17Quarterfinals

Asiago vs Foza 2-4
Stuttgart – Gallio 2-1
Treschè Conca vs Roana 4-1
Lusiana-Conco vs Cesuna 7-1

Saturday, June 18Semifinals, Finals 3rd and 1st place

Foza vs Stuttgart 1-2
Treschè Conca vs Lusiana-Conco 2-1
Foza vs Lusiana-Conco 1-2
Stuttgart vs Treschè Conca 2-5

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Football: Asiago, Gallio, Roana and Cesuna outside the Interbar Tournament. Today is the decisive day with semifinals and finals.

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