FISE Veneto registers record subscribers – Verona

The FISE Veneto Committee has registered a significant increase in participants in the last Regional Riding Championshipswhich took place over the last few weekends between the Sporting Club Paradiso a Sommacampagna boxes and the Cristallo equestrian club a Farmhouse on the Sile.

As a result of the commitment of the Regional Committee, led by president Clara Campese in its second term, it organizes, plans and promotes every year numerous projects and itineraries aimed at technically growing both the youth sector and the pony. On the occasion of the 2022 Championship, in fact, the competitions recorded unprecedented figures: 407 and 116 starters respectively in the categories of Horses and Pony jumping, while 220 children at the start in the game section, for a total of 60 participating equestrian clubs.

Also the results of the riders and amazons of Veneto in national competitions – such as Piazza di Siena and FieraCavalli where several silver have been won in the last two years – have been on the rise for several years, also demonstrating on this front how to focus with constancy and quality on the training and professional and personal growth of students, is a concrete turning point to achieve ambitious goals. Accomplices, unlike other activities, of the pandemic and the different confinements, which not only have not stopped the practice of equestrian but, on the contrary, have ignited a renewed appeal.

“From 2019 to the end of 2021 we have registered a significant increase: from 10,338 members we have reached 14,467, from 150 clubs affiliated to 163, to a boom in new licenses, both competitive and related to equestrian tourism, which of 2,744 have risen to 5,139, he says Caterina Penner, FISE Veneto Regional Councilor and a benchmark in the youth sector in show jumping, from the world of ponies to competitive activity under 21-. The pandemic has given an acceleration to our sector and we have seen a growing enthusiasm for equestrian sports, given its innate development in the open air and in contact with an animal that transmits peace, joy and beauty like the horse. Many people have seen horses or ponies, and all possible activities related to them, a new perspective of well-being, accessible and attractive, which has led to a real attendance record even in the colonies, by a collective will to live more slowly, in nature and in an infinitely nourished relationship such as that of man and horse ».

In addition, the work of the Veneto Committee has the support of a sports psychologist, Dra. Olimpia Guazzowhich follows step by step young students on the rise in the different equestrian disciplines, making a valuable contribution to winning medals not only in show jumping but also in endurance, jumping and the Regions Cup.

“Throughout the year we structure and promote, through all our channels, high-level technical and training initiatives with some of the best professionals in the sector,” adds Clara Campese, President of the Regional Committee. Give it internships with coach Roberto Rotatoriaimed at those approaching the Olympic equestrian disciplines for the first time, up to Master’s degree for our federal technicians – by Emilio Puricelli, Gianluca Palmizi, Antonio Tabarini and Gianluca Bormioli -, which aim to grow these important professionals from both an educational and cultural point of view.

“And yet a very rich technical and educational path aimed at athletes in the youth sector, always with Palmizi,” he concludes, “along a path that winds its way through the year and looks at both the basic school and the competitive spirit.” Each of us brings a lot of commitment, dedication and competence to our work. We aim to grow even better by always improving, to recognize even a unique animal like the horse the invaluable value it represents, as an exceptional promoter of the integral well-being of our person. We have entered a new spring of riding, finally also in Italy.

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