Events and deadlines: week of June 20, 2022

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Monday 20/06/2022
European Parliament – ECON Committee meeting – Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
European Parliament – Meetings of European Parliament Committees (until Tuesday 21/06/2022)
ECB – Opening remarks by Christine Lagarde, President of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), at a hearing before the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) in Brussels
Bank of Italy. The North-South Gap: Economic Development and Public Intervention – Presentation of a report on the economy of the South, edited by economists at the Bank of Italy. Opening remarks by Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy, and Mara Carfagna, Minister of the South and Territorial Cohesion
United States – New York Stock Exchange closed for holidays
Neurosoft – Assembly: Budget
Terna – Appointment: Dividend discount for the year 2021, with payment of the balance on June 22, 2022

Tuesday 21/06/2022
Bank of Italy – Debt Securities; Italy’s official reserves and foreign currency liquidity; Balance of payments and international investment position; Indicators of financial soundness
Mediobanca: 8th Italian CEO Conference – The eighth edition of the Italian CEO Conference, an annual event organized by Mediobanca, brings together the CEOs of more than 60 Italian listed companies with more than 180 Italian and foreign investors belonging to the main investment houses . The CEO of Mediobanca, Alberto Nagel, will open the proceedings on the first day (until Wednesday 22/06/2022)
11.00 – CONSOB Report 2021 and annual meeting with the financial market – The President of the National Commission of Companies and the Stock Exchange, Prof. Paolo Savona, will hold the annual meeting with the financial market on the occasion of the presentation of the CONSOB Report for 2021
Government bonds:
Treasury – Short BTP Communication – BTP € i
Esprinet – Appointment: Participation in the Virtual Mid & Small event organized by Virgilio IR
IREN – Quote: Press release
IREN – General Meeting of Shareholders: Single call – Approval of the annual accounts at December 31, 2021; Management report; Audit Board and Independent Auditors Report; Approval of the 2021 benefit allocation proposal; Approval of the 2022 Remuneration Policy Report (first section); Consultative resolution of the Report on the remuneration paid in 2021 (second section); Appointment of the Board of Directors and its Chairman for the three-year period 2022-2024 and determination of remuneration
Mittel – Assembly: Budget
Netweek – Assembly: Budget
Pirelli – Appointment: analyst presentation
Promotion – Assembly: Budget
Unieuro – General Shareholders’ Meeting: Approval of the annual accounts as of February 28, 2022

Wednesday 22/06/2022
BOJ – Publication of the minutes of the last monetary policy meeting
ECB – Non-monetary policy meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt
Government activities – Prime Minister Mario Draghi meets with the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic Kyriakos at the Palazzo Chigi
Ki Group – Assembly: Budget

Thursday 23/06/2022
ECB – Economic Bulletin
Council of Europe and Euro-Summit – Council President Mario Draghi also participates in the European Council and the Euro-Summit in Brussels (until Friday 06/24/2022)
Institutional activities – President Mattarella will be in the Conciliation Auditorium for the inaugural session of the II National Conference on Development Cooperation
European Parliament – Meetings of European Parliament Committees
8.00 – Economy – Great Britain – Monthly budget of public finances of Great Britain
8.00 – ACEA – Publishes data on commercial vehicle registrations in Europe in May
11.00 am – Anac – Presentation of the Annual Report – The President of the ANAC, Giuseppe Busia, presents the annual report of the activities carried out by the Authority during the year 2021 in the Chamber of Parliamentary Groups – Chamber of Deputies
Government bonds:
Treasury – BOT Communication
MPS Bank – Appointment: analyst presentation
Blackberry – Results of the period
Fedex – Results of the period
Gas Plus – Assembly: Budget
Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment – Appointment: analyst presentation
Ki Group – Assembly: Budget
Net insurance – Appointment: analyst presentation

Friday 24/06/2022
Bank of Italy – Survey of Industrial and Service Companies (until Monday 04/07/2022)
Government bonds:
Treasury – Short BTP Auction – BTP € i
World TV France – Assembly: Budget

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