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The influencer Ludovico Aldasio spoke into our microphones, telling us the secrets of his work and his success.

Turned on Instagram his profile has more than 4 million followers. Ludovico Aldasio, originally from Gallarate, born in 1999, has matured his passion for social media since after graduating he started working for a local web radio. Since then, his rise has been unstoppable and today he is a very active influencer, with an impressive number of followers. We had the pleasure of chatting with him, between the secrets of his success and his work on social media.

Ludovico Aldasio: success and work on social media

Your Instagram profile has over 4 million followers. In Italy, “What is an influencer?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about your profession. What does influencing mean to you?
“An influencer is a person more or less followed who manages to involve a large number of people who follow him in each initiative in which he participates. I firmly believe that this is a prominent but extremely responsible and serious role, as having a large number of people following these characters, we need to weigh the weight of the words and convey meaningful and fair messages. For example, I try to intersperse moments of pure entertainment with moments of reflection, thus covering both social issues and fun and simplicity.

Tell us a little about your typical day.
“I get up early in the morning because I love to train shortly after breakfast, I think it’s a source of energy or at least, it creates this physical condition for me. Shortly afterwards I locked myself in my studio, worked on new ideas, and read a lot. In the afternoon I make videos and edit what I have done. Let’s just say I have the opportunity to live this period of my life working hard on myself and I’m happy with that. “

You are the example that study and training bear fruit, what would you recommend to those who think they are splashing on Instagram thinking of earning a lot without much commitment?
“Commitment, determination and perseverance are three educational values ​​that my parents passed on to me perfectly and to which I am very attached. We have to insist, try until you can get what you want. I am sincere, my training has helped me, I have a degree in Letters and Philosophy and that is why in recent years I have read an impressive number of books, which have improved my dialectic, vocabulary and command of the language, essential to communicate. me in optimal motion. with the people “.

What is a good man?
“I started uploading videos to Instagram a few months ago, in October, wishing you a good morning and saying, ‘Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, happy January 1st and remember: live with class like me: Ludovico Aldasio’ followed for a moment by your fingers sounding the music that leads me to an impromptu ballet to the beat of the melody.The winning key is to have brought and adapted this format to all the languages ​​of the world, thus involving an international audience that then renamed me The good morning man. Undoubtedly, the extravagant look has made its way to many souls, to see a dandy character in weird jackets and ties with slippers on is fun and self-deprecating. “

Gossiping on your Instagram profile Ludovico Aldasio you realize that among your ambitions is entertainment television. What do you think of Italian television? Would you like to take part in a reality show, such as Gf or Celebrity Island? What program would you like to direct?
“I have a lot of admiration for Italian television, there are some very strong and well-developed programs. I would like to participate in the Island of the Famous to put myself to the test, it would be curious to see my reaction in that environment. In a few months I will start filming the Talent Show at 7Gold The coach – Leader of great talents in which I will have a role in the program. Tomorrow I dream of having my own TALK Show style show very similar to the one presented a year ago on GoTv channel 63 Lost time but with the maturity of having acquired experience after that incipient adventure ”.

You are a UNICEF Ambassador to Italy and I honor you. Are you planning a campaign to support Ukraine?
“I am the ambassador of Unicef ​​Italy for the vaccination campaign against Covax and since unfortunately the war broke out in Ukraine, I have been promoting a fundraiser on behalf of Unicef ​​Italy to help children When I can help, I feel that I can give a lot of help to those who need it and make me feel good.I also participated in the Basketball Against War, which is a fundraising event for Ukrainian refugees in which singers and the influencers, in which I was there, challenged the Allianz Cloud in Milan against a single opponent: war. Transmitting important messages is essential for an influencer. “

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