One more hot day in July than in mid-June yesterday endangered the 3,500 cyclists who took part in the 27th Edition of the Sportful Dolomiti Race in Feltre (Belluno). But the Dolomites show once again fascinated cyclists from around the world (35 nations and 4 continents) including some world champions. Paolo Bettini and Alessandra Cappellotto rlearns from the Amnesty International Award for its commitment to women cyclists arriving from war zones. Manfred Moellg left but crossed the finish line on foot which was punctured 5 km from the finish line and had to push the bike not on the pedals. As always, the champion Bettini overflowed with sympathy, which closed the Middle Way “I arrived in Feltre, I liked it, the first climb I tried to keep the best groups but then I could not stop at the first refreshment there I started the “Really. Sportful Dolomiti Race and I found the warmth of the people we met so much because of the covid, so the arrival here is always beautiful. Appointment in June 2023”. Finisher medal also for the Honorable Roger De Menech: “Events like these are important for the promotion of the territory through sport. All these people will return home happy, maybe they will ride alone with us again ”.

The route that included after Cima Campo, a climb common to all, the Val Malene in Ticino and then in the area of ​​Lamon (Belluno) the deadly wall of Ronche-Rugna with the peaks at 22%: a hell for cyclists , however, was welcomed. by benevolent pushes of Dragons rugby. The high heat forced about 150 people to retire, about 200 more did not show up at the exit.

Finally the podium of the Sportful Dolomiti Race 2022: 1. Manuel Senni of Cesenatico (Borello cycling group) 6h20’42 “at an average of 32 km / h, 2. Loic Ruffaut (Swiss, just won the 9.Colli di Cesenatico) who thanked the organization for managed the test.although he was penalized for the heat, 3. Stefano Bonanomi (from Castello di Brianza) Team Mp Filter 6h26’36, 4. Paolo Castelnovo again wooden medal in the sprint in which there was also Fabio Cini winner of the 2021 edition who had to settle for fifth place.

Women’s Sportful Dolomiti Race Grand Prix: 1. Annalisa Prato (Team Montecorpo de Cuneo) 7h12’07 “, 2. Laura Simenc (Team De Rosa) 7h16’33”, 3. Christina Rausch d’Hamburg (Carina Brao Caffè) 7h18’24, 4. Loretta Giudici, 5 Luisa Isonni.

Middle-aged men: Verona’s Riccardo Zanrossi (Highroad Team) wins the photo finish at Trentino Andrea Bais (Team Sildom Garda) finishing in 3:46:41, 3. Giuseppe Corsello (Asd Faenza) in 3:46:45 ”.

Medium background women: 1. Samantha Arnaudo from Cuneo 4h07’26, 2. Chiara Ciuffini from L’Aquila (Team Cingolani) finished in 4h19’33, 3. Lisa De Cesare from Lugo di Romagna (Highroad Team) 4h26’58



Pietro Rossi, former gallery owner now warehouse: he signed up for the granfondo but with his 110 kg he thought he could not close in the 12 and a half hours planned. So he left on Friday at 2pm, stopped to sleep in Calamento after doing Cima Campo, in the morning he left again and went up to Passo Manghen and Passo Rolle where he stopped for dinner with friends and to sleep there, this morning he left for Passo Croce d’Aune. Arriving at the summit at 11.30am, he had lunch with friends and then went down and crossed the finish line at 3.30pm.


Grid squad, rugby players (return from Serie B promotion) and hockey. Wake up at 4, install barriers, open the bars at 5.30. departure of the participants at 7, arrangement of the grills and barriers and then all with their legs under the table to drink a good beer and eat hard-boiled eggs with “sarde in saor” … a tradition of almost ten years.


Jim arrived from London in Feltre via the Alpe d’Huez with his black hybrid taxi from London, he was in his 16th edition of the granfondo.


Carlo Coletti (Pedale Feltrino) from Belluno left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted for the ball after a dash up the left side. But then the last one never arrives, on the contrary … 800th of almost 1,400 participants in the Average.


At 7.30 pm, Maria Romana Massi, from the Bike Roma Club, crossed the finish line, traditionally welcomed by the entire organizing committee led by Ivan Piol and the brothers Alessio and Dario Cremonese of Manifattura Valcismon, owner of the Sportful brand. His teammates in the fucking group presented him with the black jersey of the last place and the special prize in memory of Uwe Garthe.


The voice of satisfaction comes from the chairman of the organizing committee Ivan Piol: “The cyclists were happy because the route was well signposted and manned. We have a small army of about 1300 volunteers spread across all sectors. Given the forecasts, we had strengthened the supplies, especially water and salt, and informed the open sources. We are very happy with the arrival of Largo Castaldi. For us the balance is positive, we had good numbers despite having come out of the covid. The national trend is a 30-40% drop in participation. Feltre granfondo settled around 22%, not bad. All this is the result of the effects of covid on athletes who cannot obtain medical certificates because there is no place in clinics and who have been disaffected with competitions. 2023 will be the year of confirmations for me: we will understand where the world of granfondo will go “.

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