Città di Castello, fashion show and solidarity with Piazza Sotto le Stelle

The fashion show that gives life to the event called “Square under the starsNumerous partners and brands linked to the World of Style will parade through the heart of the city. Among the artists and protagonists of the event, the models of Umbria selected in the International Beauty Contest “Miss Grand International Italy” and the girls over the age of 28 who are reserved to participate in the “Miss Elegance and Feminity” format, the first of which will take place in the regional phase in Citta ‘di Castello, is among the most important competitions on the planet, officially listed the 5 global competitions based on the ranking of the international organization “Global Beatuies” which is responsible for certifying the quality levels of the world beauty pageants, a consolidated quality of Miss Grand International that derives from the humanitarian commitment to which all In fact, the highest level of the event decided to allocate part of the resources to projects in solidarity with the Nawat. “Stop the war and violence” campaign. A task that also requires the participating models. Italy also has the right to nominate its own model, which through the process of selecting first regional and then national fashion shows will have the opportunity to represent the Bel Paese and compete with all other nations in the competition, including he is ninety. members. An international experience that can make girls mature as people and as professionals. Balance, language skills, cultural learning and much more in their vital baggage. Umbria is the center of this project, confidence in the territory of Umbria has once again been placed in the Manuel Events Agency, which is responsible for selecting and offering outstanding training to girls who want to navigate the difficult sector of the beauty and fashion. The possibility offered in the first place is to be able to access the Italian Final where the other Regions of Italy will be present, which is the last door to become Miss Greater Italy and take the flight to the City that will host the World Final. The Manuel Events Agency in the person of its owner Manuel Pauselli, in addition to the fashion shows, also wants to present to the girls other opportunities, among which with great satisfaction we have seen the involvement of some of them in the broadcasts of local television. The regional phase consists, in fact, of a succession of fashion shows in which the top finishers reach the Umbria Regional Final where those who have the right to access the National Final come out. In addition to the girls of “Miss Grand Italy Umbria”, the catwalk will also give ample space to girls over 28 years. This second beauty pageant aims to highlight how elegance and refinement are perfected over time so that a different charisma from traditional fashion shows is immediately noticeable to the public. Fashion and beauty, but not only. Thanks to Manuel Events and the Pro Centro dei Merchants Consortium led by President Cristian Braganti, the event, which is sponsored by Città di Castello City Council, also rhymes with solidarity: during the night, in fact, Lucia’s book Bigozzi and Fabrizio Paladino “On the same side”, an important volume created to raise funds to support cancer research by the Ieo-Monzino Foundation. During the appointment, then, you can buy the book and support a fundamental goal also in the memory of the brave mother Silvana Benigno.

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