Blog: #BARVxL – Economic crisis and football: if not now, when?

The president of the League in his interview with Gazzetta dello Sport He stated that the issue of player salary limits could not be solved by a single country, but that it should be addressed at European level. And what are we waiting for to propose this request as an Italian football system at the European table? Because if no one starts, no one will, until the market and the economy force companies to impose limits, and not much. Doing so out of compulsion means that there will be historic companies that will run the risk of disappearing from the competitive level we have become accustomed to in recent decades, it means not being foresighted, it means that the rope will be broken in a disastrous way.

But in the end we all know that disaster is not far off. The economic and financial speculation that has taken place in the transfer market in recent years is under the eyes of even the worst short-sighted or those who do not want to see it. A transfer market doped by capital gains, a transfer market where players now go to those who offer the most, because instead the idiots of the situation should be played, is a transfer market that in the end will further favor this gap. we are watching.
There will be championships where the used ones will arrive, there will be championships that will continue to attract the top of the top. The Premier League it is sowing the desert around it, it is impossible to keep up with the British. They did theirs, and well. The others continue to lick their wounds, to be resentful, wars, but without a comprehensive reform of the system you can not go anywhere.

The approaching social and economic crisis will be devastating also for the economy of countries like Italy. The high cost of living is becoming unbearable for millions of people, everything has increased, and everything will continue to rise, beyond a matter of necessity, there is also an ethical issue.
It is no longer acceptable, it is no longer tolerable that with the social and economic crisis that Italian and European families are forced to face, that ethically outrageous contracts and economic and financial speculation can be carried out. This is the time to turn around.
Sure, they say, the market is free, the market does what it wants and companies are free to do whatever they want with their money. Neither do you, ladies and gentlemen!
It depends on the rules, if we want to continue to accept that hundreds of millions of euros can be spent on single player performances, when you have clubs that disappear from the face of the earth because they can’t even pay. electricity for lighting systems, means continuing to accept a sick, class-oriented society, focused on inequalities and the opposite of social solidarity. Setting salary limits, putting limits on the value of a player’s card, doesn’t mean hurting football, but making everything more human, sIt does not mean trying to balance a system which is today definitely biased towards a few football clubs and especially towards just a championship of football that damages global competitiveness and the very roots of football. Nostalgia has nothing to do with it, you can’t buy loyalty to the t-shirt, today’s society is ultra-individualistic, everyone thinks first of all about their bank account, the rest adapts.
The crisis that is about to take hold and that is already among us will also have an impact on those things that fuel football. Going to the stadium to watch a game, TV passes, that subsidiary that finances football, is sure to come out unscathed, and that means lower revenue for companies already in trouble.
Fewer millionaire contracts, fewer broken cards, less economic speculation and more concessions also for families, for fans who want to live football and that with this crisis they will surely have to give up going to the stadium, buy their team jerseys, subscribe to television, buy newspapers, or even subscribe to the Internet, because the situation is serious and it cannot be said that no one is involved in this situation.
This is the right time to reform the system. Let Italy do its part before the state of need imposes the course of change.

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