Bitcoin for less than $ 20,000 has excellent casualties

Bitcoin under the $ 20,000 bulwark is also shaking the world of football. Many stars who in recent years have given in to the charm of cryptocurrencies, investing or accepting to be paid, in whole or in part, in Bitcoin.

Interest arose especially in the womb of the Premier League, where associations and sponsorships between cryptocurrency exchanges and top-tier teams were born, and promoted by prominent players such as Lionel Messi I Ronaldobecome ambassador of companies in the sector.

Football and cryptocurrencies

The double affordability from this link: on the one hand for exchanges interested in making their products known on a large scale, on the other for football clubs seeking funding from sponsors. A signal that has worked very well in a context of strong growth but that runs the risk of implosion in the new winter of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, not only the salaries of the players are at risk, but also a whole system that has done “all-in” on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Soccer players paid in cryptocurrencies

Among the gold contracts paid for by a large part in cryptocurrencies, that of Lionel Messibought by the Frenchman Paris Saint-Germain, owned by Qatar, for more 30 million euros more bonuses. We’re not talking about Bitcoin, we’re talking about cryptocurrency. “$ PSG fan sheets”It had a farm in 2021, going from a unit value of 5 euros to a record 46 euros. If Messi had not monetized the chips to the maximum, he would now find a capital only slightly higher than the initial one, with the value of the cryptocurrency falling in recent months to 6 euros.

However, the champion may not care about the volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: according to the Forbes ranking, it is the highest paid player in the world with revenues of 130 million dollars in 2021.

Similar destination for Cristiano Ronaldothird on the podium with $ 115 million in honorarium. During the seasons at Juventus, between 2018 and 2021, Ronaldo collected Fan Tokens linked to his performances on the field.

Luis Suárez instead, it used its popularity to invite its 43 million followers to join the sports betting platform. Alpha sportswhich he uses Ethereum to participate in sports predictions. In late 2021, the Atletico Madrid star then launched a collection of NFT 30,000, sold in less than 72 hours at prices starting at $ 50 each.

The definition of NFT and cryptocurrency given by Bill Gates – «a market based on the stupidity of the people»- it seems that he is not referring so much to these investors as to the“ bull people ”influenced by the world of football to enter a complex and high-risk market.

What are Fan Tokens

EL Fan Token they arise from the need to expand the experience of fans who can influence from below the decisions that affect their favorite team, guiding the election of sports directors. In addition, they can get digital rewards (NFT or digital experiences) and merchandising.

Fan Tokens turnover is worth billions of dollars. First in the ranking is the one promoted by PSG, which at the time of writing has a capitalization of 18.7 million euros.

Among the Italian Fan Tokens, the first by market cup is that of Juventuswith a market capitalization of $ 4.6 million and whose value has gone from about $ 2 to the current $ 3.50 (with a maximum of more than $ 26 in May 2021.

The Fan Token FootballStars instead, it was overwhelmed by the collapse of cryptocurrencies. After being promoted by players from Inter and the Croatian national team, the cryptocurrency lost 98% of its value. The midfielder Marcelo Brozovic is among the “cryptocurrency evangelists” who encouraged fans to join a dedicated Telegram group and invest. The FootballStars website has now disappeared from the net, leaving fans angry and with a handful of flies.

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