Angermund and Conti sign the Livigno Skymarathon 2022

In the subclass of the Valtellina event, the emerging Gaia Bertolini and the Mexican Antonio Pérez Martínez stand out.

Four hundred athletes from twenty-three nations at the start of the Livigno Skymarathon and her little sister SkyTrail but – I don’t want everyone else – a virtuoso poker on the first step of the podium: Stian Angermund and Fabiola Conti in the long and extreme test, Antonio Pérez Martínez and Gaia Bertolini in the shortest and most nervous. A spectacular sunny day, of maximum organization, but above all an itinerary -in the Skymarathon in particular- with a very high technical content and natural suggestion, with ridge steps, assisted sections and lunar scenarios, sometimes even Martians in the territory of what is not called home the Little Tibet of Valtellina.


In a matter of minutes, of the street and the shopping streets and nightlife the “runners of the sky” found themselves running in an alpine setting, passing by symbolic places in these areas such as the Crap de la Parè, the Mott, under the walls of Pizzo Salient. Among the most appreciated panoramic points by the competitors, it is worth a visit the hull from Pizzo Tropione to Pizzo Cassana: a very aerial step that offered competitors a spectacular view of the Ortles Glaciers and the Forni Ice. The key race led the athletes to double the 3070 meters of the GPM of the Piz Cassana and the 3005 of the Piz da Rin.

At the Skymarathon, the rankings speak for themselves: double Salomon with Stian Angermund and Fabiola Conti that, it is worth remembering, only six days before they had gone mad even in the prestigious one Ledro Sky, second stage of La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup. A close and winning precedent that increases the value of the performance of the two winners.

The underprivileged were all for Stian Angermundtwice winner of Salomon’s prestigious Golden Trail World Series and current European skyrunning champion. As a true champion, the Norwegian champion has left no doubt to his opponents in running the 34 kilometers (2700 meters of positive gradient) of this technical and suggestive race, which mixes simple tracks, all to be pushed to aerial ridges, steep climbs and acrobatic descents.

From the first meters of the race, Angermund -topunner of the Salomon team- imposed his own law and started the race. From the beginning, the only thing that resisted him was Luca Del Pero (Falchi di Lecco / Team SCARPA), against which, however, the Norwegian has stretched even further, to run alone for most of the race. For Angermund, a fantastic final time of three hours, 38 minutes and 22 seconds and … final declaration of love for Livigno:

“It was one of the best races I’ve ever done in my life and also one of the most technical. I will definitely be back. “

In the end Lorenzo Beltrami (Falco di Lecco as Del Pero and winner two weeks before the classic ResegUp) took advantage of his skills as a downhill skier and put the arrow to his teammate, finishing second to twelve minutes and 13 seconds behind the winner. They complete the top ten of the dayto Mattia Gianola (Team Crazy)Lukas Gasser, Paolo Ruatti ed the four “musketeers” SCARPA Samuel Davila, Paolo Bert, Valentino Speziale and Marco Piccin.

Female, Romanian Ingrid Mutter he sought to revive Livigno’s glories of his compatriot Dragomir. She is the local champion Elisa Desco they tried to attack in the first descent Fabiola Conti. The reaction of the ASD Runaway Milano / Team Salomon champion however, it was immediate. Fabiola changed gears, gaining the lead, to finish with a margin on the red carpet of Livigno, reaching the finish line in four hours, 25 minutes and nine seconds. For Fabiola, an Alpine official, the satisfaction of the top ten overall (ninth place) is accompanied by the satisfaction that is breathed from the first words immediately after crossing the finish line.

“I’ve never done a race like this … it’s really stellar. Most of it takes place above two thousand five hundred meters and we have reached three thousand meters several times. The ridges were super technical and the arrival in Livigno … exciting ”.

Second place for the Austrian SCARPA team Stephanie Kroell (disengaged for nineteen minutes and 18 seconds, 17th overall), while this time he has to settle for the third step of the podium (and it’s a good thing to settle for) his teammate and home champion . Elisa Descoon arrival in four hours, 52 minutes and 28 seconds, as well as 22nd overall.


With a track that rivals the most famous tests, which in the first part follows the path of the Skymarathon, before taking the competitors back to the city center.the Livigno Skytrail (17 kilometers, one thousand meters D +) saw the success of the Spanish Antonio Martínez Pérez (SCARPA Team), who reached the finish line one hour, 23 minutes and 36 seconds after the start. Behind him too Claudio Muller (separated by two minutes and twenty seconds) and blue Ahmed El Mazoury, third with a final time of one hour, 28 minutes and 34 seconds. Both enrich the extraordinary balance of the SCARPA team that even does a hat-trick on the Skytrail.

After climbing to the third step of the podium last year, the talented Gaia Bertolini (HOKA rookie team) she left them all behind, winning the women’s race in an hour, 38 minutes and 15 seconds. Second place (only 28 seconds!) For the timeless Ivana Iozzia. Third, another young woman to watch out for: Giulia Pol (SATURDAY), which closed in one hour, 41 minutes and 32 seconds. The three girls on the podium finished – one after the other – in 15th, 16th and 17th places in the general classification.


After the double organizational commitment at the end of June, current appointments in Livigno do not end with the double appointment of the “sky”.. For a less technical itinerary Saturday, July 23 will be Stralivigno time. In this case, middle-distance runners and mountain runners will find themselves in Picolo Tibet in search of a “fast race,” in what is in fact a super mid-summer classic.

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