a month of art, film, cooking, family and sports

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20/06/2022 – Explain through art, cinema, cooking, family and sport ten years of experiences and activities in the hospitality sector and the inclusion of the Labyrinth social cooperative. This is the goal of 10 inclusive hospitality a month of free initiatives, from Thursday 23 June to Friday 22 July 2022, in various places in the province of Pesaro Urbino.

Produced on the occasion of World Refugee Day and the twentieth anniversary of the UPS system, the program is conceived and edited by the operators of Labyrinth, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Pesaro, the Province of Pesaro Urbino, the International Exhibition of New Cinema of Pesaro, in collaboration with numerous local associations.

The inclusion of host 10 is divided into five thematic areas, each with a dedicated program: 10 in art, 10 in film, 10 in cooking, 10 in family and 10 in sports.

Migrant families will be the issue 10 in the family, the public meeting on Sunday 23 June at 15.00 in the main hall of Villa Caprile in Pesaro. In the seminar they report: Eduardo BarberisUniversity of Urbino Carlo Bo – Urbino, Dante ComelliPsychotherapy and Human Sciences – Bologna, Mauro MariottiInstitute of Systemic and Relational Psychotherapy – Modena, Carlos Sluzki, George Washington University – Washington DC – USA; intervene: Patrizia Carletti, Observatory of Health Inequalities. ARS Marche, Riccardo Rossinidean of the Guglielmo Marconi Institute of Science, Music and Dance in Pesaro.

The critique of the film 10 in the cinema opens on Thursday, June 23 at 9 pm with the film Run away by JP Rasmussen screened at Cinema Solaris, via Turati 42 in Pesaro in collaboration with Arcigay Agorà in Pesaro – Urbino. On Thursday 30 June, again at 9 pm, three short films will be screened at the Il Grano e la Zizzania social garden in Villa Fastiggi: All eyes on the Amazon by A. Marinelli, The Emigrant by Charlie Chaplin and He runs for freedom the directors F. Agostini and F. Furiassi, the latter present at the screening; Reservations required: Eleonora 3486093543, Michela 3474467885.

Then again at the Castello di Montefabbri, in collaboration with Fiesta Global, the viewing of Europe by H. Rashid (July 7 at 9 pm), Bagni Elsa n ° 3 by Fosso Sejore will be screened Odi by M. Kassovitz (July 14 at 9 p.m.), while some author documentaries, the winners Eldorat by M. Imhoof e Our territory by M. Volpe, selected by the Signes De Nuit International Festival, will conclude the festival on July 21 at 9 pm in Valle Gaudia, Monteluro di Tavullia.

From June 24th and every Friday until July 22nd, with 10 in the kitchenyou can get to know distant cultures and lands by tasting the ethnic characteristics of the festivals of North Africa, Kurdistan I Pakistan, in the menus offered for lunch and dinner by the restaurant La Ferraia de Cagli; to book you must contact 3318876396 (ethnic menu: aperitif, main course and dessert for € 20.00, drinks not included).

10 of artthe visual and performing arts review will begin on Monday, June 27 at 9 p.m. Discobunker, show by Stefano Mereu and Marianna Bianchetti at the Teatro della Maddalena in Pesaro; The photographic exhibition by Mattthias Canapini will be inaugurated on Wednesday 29 June at 9 pm in the Rocca Malatestiana in Fano, presenting the book for the occasion. The game of the goose. Edge notebooks. The exhibition can be seen until July 10. ID-blurartistic performance and social experiment born from a project by Christian Riminucci, will conclude the artistic programming on Friday July 8 from 18.00 in the Moletto, promenade of Nazario Sauro in Pesaro.

It will take place on Saturday 16 July from 9.00 am 1st City of Pesaro cricket trophy, 10 in sportsat Rugby Park, in via Scarpellini 22 in Pesaro.

The program includes other initiatives, such as the presentation of the report of the activities carried out in these ten years in the field of hospitality and inclusion, which will be indicated on the website labirinto.coop/migranti/10-accoglienza.

The 10 welcome inclusion initiatives are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.

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