Under-17 football, Masolini, the Scudetto and Fermo in the destination

Until a few days ago, the Bruno Recchioni stadium in Fermo only evoked bad memories linked to disappointing defeats or draws in the Cesena of the greats. But the theater of the final of the U17 championship is obviously confirmed as a special field for Filippo Masolini, who just under 17 years ago (December 21, 2005) here scored the last goal since the action of his long career in a Fermana. – Lumezzane 2-1. A goal scored in the goal under the curve of the Duomo, where the goals of Castorri against Pergolettese have arrived and especially that of Casadei that has given the Scudettino to the under 17 team of Cesena in the final against Padua. Friday was June 17th. An appointment that goes well for Masolini: on June 17, 2001, in fact, with Triestina he focused on the promotion to C1, beating Mestre with goals from Parisi and Borriello, both with the assistance of the current coach of Juventus.

Masolini, for her is the first victory as coach of Cavalluccio.

“Yes and I’m really happy. At the youth level my biggest satisfaction before Friday was a Sarti Tournament won on penalties with San Marino in the final against Santarcangelo in 2018. In that final the Shpendi twins were decisive.”

It is often said that the finals are not played but won. Not only did you win against Padua, but you also played a great game, especially in the first hour.

“We deservedly won, although we didn’t manage to score in the first half, despite building a lot. We were just missing the goal because in front of us we are inevitably linked to our striker Amadori, so we need more chances and more time to unlock it. But I was never afraid of being ridiculed, also because in the final we were suffering well and Galassi gave us a hand with two decisive stops “.

For the under-17 team it was a triumphant trip: first place in the regular season, 8 goals scored in the second round against Palermo, a draw and a victory against Juve Stabia, success on penalties against Pergolettese and then the final won in full. merit.

“Scudetto, I’d say the word is enough. We are in C, but it is still a tricolor title, which came after a very positive year. Until Christmas it was a quiet and peaceful time, but from Epiphany we had more problems related to Covid and some injuries. It was not easy to train well and manage the group.

Speaking of problems: in the Final Four he could not climb Amadori due to disqualification and in the final he did not even have the right winger Manetti. However, the latter’s replacement, the Domeniconi class of 2006, was among the best.

“Until Wednesday, Domeniconi was on holiday by the sea, then on Thursday we called him and he went down quickly to Civitanova, only to play a game of 25 minutes at the end. I sent him to the field with almost no training in his legs and in the end he was very good, one of the best.

Cesena has won two youth championships this year and is missing Magi’s under-15 team, which today has to defend the 2-0 first leg against Pontedera. Recovering from the bankruptcy of 4 years ago was the hardest part, but let’s not forget the pandemic and all the Covid-related problems of the last two years.

“Exactly. In recent years the youth sector has been ravaged by failure and heavily influenced by Covid and my group has been the most penalized with Under 15 and Under 16. Personally, two years ago we had to stop when we were in first “We lost in the quarter-finals against Como, which later became champions of Italy. This championship is also a good revenge.”

Spring-Under 17 doubles in a few months. What does it mean for Cesena?

“It means that there are strong guys who will soon be able to play with the big players, especially today that Cesena is in Serie C. The tank of our nursery is really full of players with great qualities, techniques and morale.” .

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