The formation of the first classes of baccalaureate. Some tips and circular to download

In accordance with the ministerial provisions relating to enrollment, students who have achieved admission or the requirements for this class must be enrolled in the classroom before the first cycle of secondary school. Registrations are made exclusively online, using a form that will be personalized by the school with the request for the specific information that is considered necessary.

Prime Class Training Commission

Each school will create a special Commission for the Formation of Primary which, for example, could be formed by:

  • the instrumental function Continuity and Orientation
  • the teachers (important the presence of teachers of literature, mathematics and English) of 1st of baccalaureate who will attend the future first classes and, if the Institute is integral, the teachers of the class V of primary;
  • the Referent or the Instrumental Function of support to the ESO.

The formation of groups

The First Class Training Commission will proceed to the formation of the class groups, according to i

criteria proposed by the Faculty and approved by the School Board and based on the information received from the teachers of V Primary during the meeting. The information could be tabulated in grids prepared for this purpose and shared with the Prime Class Training Commission.

The draw and pairing of class groups in the section

Class groups thus formed will be made public before the start of classes. It is good practice for the supervisor to pair the class groups with the sections, through a public raffle in the presence of the parents and the First Class Training Commission. Procedure adopted in many realities with excellent results such as the Integral State Institute “Alessio Narbone” of Caltagirone (CT) led with great competence by the director of the school Prof. Francesco Pignataro.

The criteria for the formation of the first degrees of baccalaureate

The criteria for the formation of the first baccalaureate degrees to be proposed for approval by the Council of the Institute could be the following (such as the Integral State Institute “Alessio Narbone” of Caltagirone):

  • balanced numerical distribution of students in the different class groups (taking into account that in classes with possible inclusion of students with disabilities, if possible, we will try to respect an appropriate limit for the proper functioning of a class of 20 students);
  • heterogeneity of the composition of the class groups, both in terms of benefit (equal distribution by levels) and from a relational and behavioral point of view, based on the data that can be found in the documents prepared by the Primary School and of the indications provided by the teachers;
  • balanced division between male / female;
  • balanced distribution in the different class groups of students with disabilities, SLD, BES, non-Italian mother tongue (recent immigration);
  • heterogeneity of composition of the class groups with respect to the classes of origin of Primary, from the indications received from the teachers of V Primary, also taking into account the wishes expressed by the families (in the registration form parents can only indicate preferences over classmates, but the options will be considered valid only if they are shared by both families and primary school teachers).

Students not admitted

Students not admitted to the next class – as indicated in the excellent regulations for the formation of classes of the Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Alessio Narbone” of Caltagirone – will normally be assigned to the same section of the previous year , unless otherwise indicated by the Director. he also listened to the class council. In the event that the home section is not formed, students will follow the draw. The final lists will be exposed to the public and may not be modified, except for registrations or subsequent cancellations. Students enrolled after class training will be added to the same classes by the Principal.

Prime Class Training Committee Meeting

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