State test relating to the I Cycle and diplomas and delegation to be signed: example of circulating for the withdrawal of provisional diplomas

CM n. 51 prot. n. 4437 / RU / U, of 11 June 2010, of the Department of Education, University and Research of the Department of Education, Directorate General of School Planning and School Autonomy – Cabinet III, without prejudice to the responsibility and competence of the President of the State Examinations Commission. relating to the First Cycle of signing diplomas, for all graduates and at the end of the examination operations, after verifying the accuracy of their contents in relation to the examination documents, it is specified that, if these are not available at closing. of the relative session (ordinary or, if applicable, complementary), the same President, before the mentioned closing, delegates, in writing, to the signature of the diplomas the director of the school examination center, without indicating the personal data (this delegation). retains its value also for another incoming executive). This document must be kept in the school records.

The signing of diplomas

In case of delegation attributed by the President of the Commission to the Director, the delegated subject, after the delivery of the diplomas, is in charge of the signature of the same for all the graduates, previous verification of the accuracy of his contents in relation with examination documents; the pre-printed wording in the diploma “The President of the Commission” must be preceded by a “for” and, below, it must be indicated, in print or in block letters, in the column “The Chief Executive Officer” and, between parentheses, first and last name.

Delivery of diplomas

CM n. 51 prot. n. 4437 / RU / U of 11 June 2010 states that “when the diplomas are ready for delivery to the interested parties, they will be communicated through the appropriate channels and previously notified to the interested parties at the time of publication of the exam results. The person with the right to withdraw the diploma must be invited to check, at the time of delivery, the accuracy of the data attached to the diploma itself. “In addition,” candidates who pass the examination, but who are admitted with a reservation to the exam or to continue the exam itself, can only issue the diploma after the positive dissolution of the reservation itself. In the event that the positively approved examination is subsequently canceled, the diploma already prepared will also be annulled. then it is free, they are exempt from any tax, duty or contribution (Article 187 TU).

Certificates and certifications

School officials may, at the request of interested parties, issue certificates (duly numbered and registered: Register of certificates and certificates) relating to the achievement of the degree in question. The certificate must also include the indication relating to the musical instrument under examination (for lessons classified in accordance with Article 11 (9) of Law No. 124 of 3 March 1999).

The training credit certificate

CM n. 51 prot. n. 4437 / RU / U of 11 June 2010 recalls that students with disabilities who do not obtain a license receive a training credit certificate. This certificate is a certificate of enrollment and attendance at later classes for the sole purpose of recognizing educational credits also valid for access to integrated training cycles (Article 9, paragraph 4, Presidential Decree No. 122, of 22 June 2009).

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