Recruitment of GPS teachers: the MIUR grade accredits eligibility

The MIUR has published a note with the instructions for carrying out the aptitude test for the final recruitment of GPS teachers.

These are the professors who have participated in the extraordinary procedure for the award of annual role-directed replacements of the provincial rankings of the first band, which provides for the support-bis decree. They may pass the final exam at the end of the training and test period contracted indefinitely.

Here’s how the GPS teacher nomination eligibility test works. We also provide you with the MIUR note to download and consult, which it contains all indications of the Ministry of Education.


Here is the full text of the MIUR NOTE (Pdf 114Kb) on the aptitude test for hiring top-level GPS teachers.


With the note 22219, of June 8, 2022, the Ministry of Education provided the indications on compliance requirements The disciplinary test relating to the extraordinary procedure for the final recruitment of GPS teachers provided for in the support decree. The decree law of May 25, 2021, n. 73 (art. 59, sections 4 to 9), authorized, in fact, exclusively for the academic year. 2021/22, the allocation of annual alternates oriented to the GPS function, in particular from first band of the rankings, to fill the vacancies after the ordinary procedures of placement of the teaching staff in the function.

In practice, the procedure, regulated by the MIUR decree n. 242, of July 30, 2021, provided for the temporary hiring of teachers included in the first strip of GPS rankings until August 31, 2022. Substitutes had to perform, during their alternate assignment, the training and testing period, which is the annual path for inclusion in the role of teachers. At the end of the latter, in case of a positive result, a test intended to confirm the paperwhich consists of an interview.

The whole procedure must be completed in July 2022. Therefore, the suitability test for the hiring of GPS teachers will soon have to be done and the Ministry has provided the indications on the calendar and the possible territorial aggregations of the commissions in order to carry out the tests. For full information on how to qualify for the interview and what to study, read this study in depth.


The following is the offer of the MIUR note on the proof of suitability for recruitment to the position from GPS:

  • Aggregation of regional procedures in the event that the number of applicants is small;

  • evaluation of the year of training and test with sufficient time given that the procedure must be completed in July 2022, the call for candidates by the USR in charge of the procedure must be made at least ten days before the test and for in some types of places the number of applicants is especially high.

The ministerial document also announces the publication shortly on the MIUR web portal of the evaluation grids for the disciplinary test.


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