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Livorno, June 19, 2022 – Defeat at Amaranth: Livorno loses the final return for promotion to Serie D, achieved instead by Pomezia after an interminable match, he went to the penalties. In the penalty lottery the two mistakes of amaranth they weighed. Therefore, Pomezia rises and Livorno remains in excellence.

Match photos – Roman greetings and Mussolini flag. Match suspended for a few minutes

A difficult match, in a meteorological climate very complicated given the heat. Livorno, even in eleven against ten, in the first part could not exploit the numerical superiority, effectively. He fell against Pomezia, who advanced and then doubled. A 2-0 somehow surprising given the disparity of forces in the field. And then the penalty for Livorno the second part, which somehow kept the amaranth afloat afloat. The overtime did not bring that much flicker. The penalty lottery is always complicated and the amaranths lose with two mistakes.

Relive live

Penalty round: in the series from the point the double amaranth error weighs heavily. Pomezia goes to Serie D.

Second extension

16’2ts: the second overtime is also over, penalty shootout.

13’2ts: Panebianco attempt from afar for Livorno, away.

11’2ts: the Pomezia coach expelled for protests.

10’2ts: contact in the Livorno area, protests from Pomezia, the referee judges that everything is regular.

4’2ts: sensational rescue from Pulidori. In the center of Manga there is a shot from inside the penalty area, makes a smanaccia and rejects the amaranth goalkeeper.

2’2ts: Frantic pace, Pomezia tries to force with at least a couple of dangerous actions in a minute.

1’2ts: the second extraordinary begins.

First extension

15 ‘1ts: the first extraordinary ends.

10 ‘1ts: Panebianco sprints on the edge of the box but De Angelis is there and saves.

5 ‘1ts: Pomezia tries unsuccessfully. Livorno tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

1 ‘1ts: the first extraordinary began.

Second half

50th: let’s go to overtime. The match ends 2-1 in the ninety minutes.

46 ‘2t: very occasion for Livorno with Ferretti. The defense of Pomezia loses the ball to the penalty area, Ferretti escapes with a feint and shoots, De Angelis saves the shot.

45’2t: five minutes of recovery.

39’2t: Foul shot of Pomezia, Celli that was sent near the crossbar.

38 ‘2t: action from the right of Pomezia, Massella landed. Russo is penalized for a foul. Numeric parity is restored. Foul foul by Pomezia.

35’2t: Frati comes on for Livorno and Andrea Ferretti replaces him.

32’2t: occasionissima for the amaranth in a corner: hit the crossbar.

31’2t: Livorno still advanced, the amaranths take a corner.

11’2t: Livorno that is proposed several times ahead.

3’2t: Livorno penalty goal with Vantaggiato, who reopens everything. It’s 2-1. With that result it would go into overtime.

2’2t: Livorno starts pressing again and wins a corner. On developments there is a penalty for Livorno.

1’2t: we march for recovery.

First half

54 ‘1t: ends the first half, Pomezia leads 2-0.

45’1t: double for Pomezia with Gallo. It’s 2-0. There is a good action from the right, Gallo advances to the opponent with a touch to return then accelerates and beats from the left Cleaners. It should be remembered that, in the 45th minute, the referee will recover approximately a quarter of an hour after being stopped by the excesses of the public.

41 ‘1t: Sensational opportunity for Livorno, Apolloni tries to put it away by Vantaggiato but the ball goes wide.

39 ‘1t: Torromino tries a through ball, but it is off-target.

38 ‘1t: In front of Livorno, De Angelis exit that blocks and frustrates the dangerous action.

36’1t: Pomezia’s goal, which is now 1-0. There is a cross from the left, a low shot, well balanced. Teti bags winning Pulidori.

32 ‘1t: Good effort by Pomezia, Teti gets his head on it, but there’s no real power on it and amaranti has no trouble catching that.

29 ‘1t: recovers when he is 29, there will be a substantial recovery.

20’1t: the game has been paused for a few minutes. There have been intemperances between the fans and now we are trying to resolve them, even with a buffer zone between the two fans.

14 ‘1t: sign of struggle for a fall of Giampà. Sparks in the field, the bet is very high. Ammonites Giampà and Teti. Expelled Ruggiero del Pomezia, ten hosts.

8 ‘1t: contact in the Livorno area, with an amaranth player who seems to be pulling the shirt of the Pomezia striker. The referee continues.

4 ‘1t: party study phases. The day is especially hot but the start is still good. The pitch of the Pomezia stadium is synthetic.

1 ‘1t: the match has started, Livorno tries to press immediately. Livorno rises in the event of a 0-0 draw.

16.29: all ready for the challenge, Livorno in white dress. Pomezia in a red and blue dress.

4:19 p.m .: Vantaggiato is back, so he will team up with Torromino again. This is the most important news about the formation of amaranth.

16.12: great atmosphere at Pomezia Stadium. About two thousand spectators for the challenge.

16.09: last act of the championship of excellence of Livorno. An endless season that will end one way or another. A very hot day for this amaranth trip to Pomezia.

Probable formations

Pomezia (3-4-1-2): De Angelis; Bianchi, Passiatore, Cardinals; Lo Pinto, Fiorentini, Ruggiero, Gallo; Cano; Teti, Massella. Bench: Pinna, Fusaroli, Celli, Lahrach, Manga, Kepi, Oi, Mezzina, Otero. All. Scaricamazza
Livorno (4-2-3-1): Polishers; Palmiero, Giampà, Russo, Giuliani; Gargiulo, Apollo; Pecchia, Frati, Torromino; Advantage. Banks: Fontanelli, Panebianco, Ghinassi, Milianti, Ferretti, Marinai, Durante, Gelsi, Petronelli. Ramats Angelini

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