“Palermo has a great future, City Group? First things are done, then they are announced”

These are certainly hours of fire for President Dario Mirri, who – after the great joy of being promoted to Serie B – is committed to the game for the future of Palermo, now closer and closer to entering the galaxy of the City Football Group with the operations. which are advancing rapidly in view of a closure which is expected to arrive soon. In an interview with RadioRai in the SabatoSport program, the top manager of Rosanero took stock of the situation by touching on all the hot topics, from Brunori’s future to Baldini’s tenure and, of course, the situation of the transfer of ownership. With regard to which it maintains an institutional attitude without being too unbalanced, as in the end, the situation imposes.

Pink future for Palermo

“We are working – Mirri explained – this is the direction, I am ambitious and that is why I want to find new investors. this ambition for our team, the city and the fans, is that Palermo has a history not only a present and a recent past of great successes but a great future. Palermo, although with its feet on the ground and a rosy heart always in the sky “.

B&B: Baldini i Brunori

Mirri also emphasized that today the club has become attractive for major investments following the path it has taken: “Regardless of the result, Palermo draws attention for the work that the whole club, in addition to Baldini and the players – He built a company from scratch, from a hundred Italian professional clubs I don’t know how many of them don’t have a euro of debt We don’t have a euro of debt, we have a situation with the which we wanted to finance our money and investments. For once in Palermo We did more than wait. In this case it was an extraordinary experience, I hope it is repeated in other sectors not only in football: when you take risks, with courage and passion you invest money is not wasted, today the club is attractive, has a solid foundation and there is attention regardless of the category, since it has attracted the attention of large international groups precisely for the work it does.and we Palermo, fans and citizens, we have cons tortured over the years with effort, sacrifice, courage, passion and that little bit of luck that helps the daring.

The number one rosanero also spoke about Brunori’s future, expressing his concern that a Lucca-bis could be repeated: “I have little experience in the world of football,” he explained, “but last year I met Lorenzo Lucca , hired by Castagnini two years ago when he was 19 and had no contract Renzo signed him, he was with us for a year, then we had to sell him to B because Renzo told me he had tried to convince him anyway but that he in C no longer wanted to play and Lucca had the ambition and the chance to play in B. I hope it is not a film that is repeated: Brunori’s will is decisive. “I think it will be more difficult to convince him that it is easy to achieve unpredictable results in Palermo.

Regarding Baldini’s term on the bench, the president of Palermo has been clear: “For us there is no doubt,” he said, “that Silvio has shown that he is above all a man with a capital letter. an extraordinary value.in the world of work, not following money and ambitions but only his heart and passion.He managed to enter the city, the stadium, the heart of the players, the president, everyone.No there is no doubt that he will be the next coach of Palermo: it is clear that things will evolve in the coming days but the renewal of the contract is already planned with the promotion. The doubts are zero “.

“Serie A stops for the great opportunity of the World Cup for B”

Mirri spoke about the team’s prospects for the upcoming Serie B, which promises to be fiery: , the fact that the Serie A championship will stop in November and December in my opinion in terms of fair and greater visibility in the Serie B championship will be a unique opportunity. the B Series like Brescia, Perugia, Pisa, Frosinone. Verametre is an A2 in numbers, users, interest: it will be an exciting championship “.

In the end, the head of Rosanero spoke about the planning of the retreat: “We are organizing it – he concluded – and Baldini and Castagnini talk about it to determine when to start: it will be in mid-July or so because the championship is already It started in two months and the Italian Cup starts on July 30. The season is coming, the withdrawal has not been set in the dates but it is a matter of days “.

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