Naoki Urasawa: his best manga

Most of the time it is needed a lifetime do a masterpiece and, having succeeded, scarcely a artist he manages to create another work of the same level. Fortunately, this one rule general there is valuable exceptions and one bears the name Naoki Urasawa, the mangaka from Fuchū class 1960 Famous for Monster I Twentieth century boys which, even today, continues delight us with stories I drawings d’a depth sometimes disconcerting.

Party with Pineapple Army and with the lighter tones of some sports mangacame to his apex in the period of walk between XX I XXI centurythen abandoning himself to beautiful works yesbut definitely less unforgettable. Thelastbut he reminded her fan all the reasons you were fall in love with him.

So here’s one list -in chronological order- own most beautiful works and to be recovered as fast as possible.

Pineapple Army (1985-1988)

Pineapple Army it was him first sleeve signed by Naoki Urasawa to be serialized and worth reading they both have one more complete image from Way of artistic maturation of mangakaso much so that in itself it collects everything influences which have been characterized each of his works. On his episodesthe reader follows the Events of a strange army formed for former United States Marine and a group of three young girls.

Yawara! (1986-1993)

Although he has become famous for the stories that are based on it corruptionthe conspiracy and the human nature in its plus version nus I simpleUrasawa also tied manga they talk about it sport. These include Yawara!a nice I nice history inspired by the introduction of the women’s judo to the Olimpic games from 1992. The protagonist is Yawara Inokumatrained by no no in an attempt to participate.

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Happy! (1993-1999)

too Happy! it falls into the category of sports manga and, among all of them, perhaps that is what marks the truth crucial moment between first works, interesting but less profound, and the works that instead made the author famous. There hero is Miyuki Uminoa girl with the dream of being one professional tennis player in order to pay the debts of the brother: pushing it during each workout is the thought that is possible failure would lead her to a life of prostitution.

Monsters (1994-2001)

Naoki Urasawa got his global success thanks to the commitment of Monster profuse between 1994 and the 2001. He manga is established Germany and shows the events of Kenzo Tenmaa Japanese neurosurgeon busy stopping one of his former patient (Johan Liebert) became a serial killer. The inescapable work has also become one novel titled Another monster released onnext year the conclusion of the publications. In the 2004instead, one was drawn souls issued Nippon Television for about twelve months.

Boys of the 20th Century (1999-2006)

Impossible, in a list of best manga by Naoki Urasawadon’t mention what everyone says is theirs masterpiece with Monster: Twentieth century boys in fact it is a epic manga with characters I stories who manage to cover thewhole world. In its pages the vicissitudes of a group from you are friends intention to define a prediction of the future in which they become gods Superheroes able to save the planet come on enemies. Growing up, though, all that does not occur Until mysterious figure makes his appearance by changing the cards on the table. This work also has one sequel titled 21st century boysalways much appreciated by fans of the mangaka.

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Pluto (200-2009)

Pluto is the key reinterpretation Urasawa from Astro Boythe most important work of Osamu Tezuka. Watching the episode The largest robot in the worldthe tribute stages themurder of the most famous robot of the land and the attempt of the detective ofEuropol Gesicht from make light about what happened.

Billy Bat (2008-2016)

There are works that, in addition to his own, carry others on his shoulders important weights: per Billy Bat the goal was to repeat the beauty from Monster and of Twentieth century boys. In reality, the manga is only successful partiallybut the judges sure it is affected Give it to her very high peaks united their two predecessors: to be honest, in fact, the story is just as good fascinating and popular exhibitions conspiracy theories I mystery through the figure of Kevin Yamagataa author from comic books accused of plagiarism by his character Billy Bat.

Mujirushi: The Sign of Dreams (2017-2018)

The job Mujirushi: The sign of dreams it is composed by itself nine chapters and tells the story of a pare and one daughter trying in every way pay off debts as a result of bad decisions made in the past. Rich in references politicians I social in the Japanese contemporaneitythe comic stages a very deep stage psychological drama lightening it with a humor black and often – desolate.

Roaster! (2018)

The full title of the work Naoki Urasawa is still in progress Renzoku Manga Shōsetsu Adadora! and, for fans, is considered the best manga of the cartoonist since the time of Billy Bat. The events, initially set in a Tokyo modern threatened for monsterthen jump back to fifties to stage the story Like a: a young Japanese struggling with crafting an event as shocking as the Second World War.

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