Mountain schools, the Region approves the call for the school year 2022-23 – Chivasso Oggi

Another initiative of the Piedmont Region in favor of the mountains and in particular school services in mountain areas for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The council, at the suggestion of the Vice President and Councilor for Mountains Fabio Carosso, approved the resolution assigning to the management of the sector of Environment, Energy, Territory and Mountain Development the task of preparing the tender for the award of the financial contribution to be assign to Mountain Unions. The assigned amount is 540 thousand euros.

President Alberto Cirio states that this is an initiative that the Region had already started in recent years and that it joins the recent call for residential accommodation in the mountains which has received an excellent response allowing more 300 families to move to the mountainous areas of Piedmont. All the samples of concrete attention to the mountain and to the needs of those who live in these territories.

Vice President Carosso emphasizes that from the comparison with schools and local authorities present in the mountain area, the need arose to safeguard the existing situation in primary schools, with special consideration to schools that suffer most. due to teaching failure. staff and the need to assess the realities of multiclass in situations of special difficulty. In this way, it will be possible to equate the training offer in mountain school services to that usually offered in the rest of the territory.

The Councilor for Education Elena Chiorino argues that demographic forecasts predict a scenario that with the decline in the birth rate will also affect the realities of the mountains. To counteract this phenomenon, since the beginning of the mandate, criteria have been established for the definition of the different staff and improvement with respect to the national ones, aimed at expanding the training offer, precisely based on the protection of the small mountain realities to prevent its closure.

According to the Councilor for Education, schools represent the heartbeat of a community and ensuring the maintenance of the service is a tangible demonstration of how attentive and highly oriented this council is to the protection of mountain realities.

The contribution of the Region aims to support:

a) Initiatives aimed at maintaining the school service of kindergartens, primary and secondary, located in particularly marginal mountain contexts that make it difficult to attend school in case of cessation of service, in the maximum amount of 18,000 euros for each initiative and in relation to covering the costs arising from the recruitment of staff; a maximum contribution of 36,000 EUR;

b) the rationalization of particular multiclass realities for a maximum of 5,000 euros for each initiative in primary and 8,000 for each high school initiative.

The resolution of the Executive also provides that the educational programs presented by the Mountain Unions, formulated in accordance with the reference centers, must be developed from the regional call, taking into account:

1. The presence or absence, in the area, of other centers equipped with services and the time required to reach them, using objectively quantifiable territorial criteria such as altitude, distance between complexes and travel times;

2. The need to guarantee the right to education in especially critical situations, avoiding the discomfort of students who, in the event of termination of service, would be forced to attend other centers whose achievement would be problematic for to the families located in mountain contexts of strong the marginality, with the consequent risk of depopulation of the mountain municipalities;

3. Multi-class situations where situations of particular discomfort can be documented, due to their composition in relation to the teaching staff and the proposed teaching time.

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