Miss Italy: Martina Broggi is Miss Milan, Marta Fenaroli wins Miss Cinisello

Martina Broggi is the first Lombard admitted to the national finals of Miss Italy 2022. Sweet Martina won the title Miss Milan by Miss Italy in full crowd Gramsci Square a Cinisello Balsamo. In the heart of Cinisello they celebrated Italy and Brazil. Indeed, Martina Broggi (1.75 tall, dark blond hair and brown eyes) has an Italian father and a Brazilian mother, as does the runner-up. Marina Meroni, 24 years old, from Bresso. In Miss Milan she finished third Rebecca Vailati21. Rebecca is from Como, lives in Fenegro, but was born in Milan so she was able to compete for the title valid in the final stage (probably in Venice).

They participated in Miss Milan 18 girls distinguished by the pink institutional body. In the historic Gramsci Square there were two races: she was also chosen Miss Cinisello Balsamo with 17 protagonists in black bodysuits. The very nice one succeeded Marta Fenaroli, 20 years old, from Brescia, 178 cm tall, black hair and brown eyes. Miss Cinisello was attended by girls from all over Lombardy. The Bergamo driver finished second Giorgia Signorelliof Castelli Calepio, third Verónica Querciaof Brescia, fourth Martina Maggiof Cenate Sopra (Bergamo), fifth the Brianza Alessia Castagnoliof Barlassina, and sixth Angelica Travellaof Villongo (Bergamo).

The first six of Miss Cinisello all are admitted to the regional phase of the competition. Marta Fenaroli had already acquired the right to participate in regional competitions Mantua selection in which he had been third. But the college student aspired to go to the regional with a winning band. And so he ventured to find Miss Cinisello hitting the target. Among other things, even the fifth, Alessia Castagnoli was already classified for the regional thanks to a place obtained in Sporting Malaspina. During the splendid evening at Cinisello, the organization of the Lombard teams experimented with a new choreography for the girls. In addition to representatives from Cinisello City Council and Pro Loco, there were also members of the jury Alessia Pasqualonfinalist for Miss Italy 2019, and Giulia Papotti, who went twice to the national final.

Martina Broggi’s is one flash return on the competition tracks. In 2019 the girl of the Bicocca he had won a pet title. In the following years, due to both the pandemic and the modeling commitments (“I was very attached to an agency”), Miss Broggi had no longer entered the competition. “And also this year I was in danger of not participating,” reveals Martina, encouraged in Piazza Gramsci by the super-motivated father Alfredo of Inter and his mother Tatiana; I decided at the last minute. “As a new member, the beautiful Marty showed up at the casting in Piazza Gramsci yesterday afternoon, having a great time, and in the evening she became Miss Milan.” No me n ‘ I realize: I have the title that represents the Italian capital of fashion, which is also my city. It’s something immense. “

In the artistic rehearsal he did a show with classical dance. “I practiced it a lot until I was 17,” explains Martina, from the University of Psychology Bicocca – even performing in the main theaters. But lately, she hadn’t tried much to work as a model and studying, it had become a hobby. I’m no longer used to being on top, so I only decided at the last minute to perform in the “classic” on the Miss Italy stage. ”The excitement at Cinisello was also great for those who like it. Martina Broggi she is used to performing in public: “Especially when we turned 6, then 3. And then I heard my name scanned as the winner; at all stages I gave myself a high grade. I always felt like I was competing to win and the roar of my whole family was beautiful. Going to the Miss Italy final also means gaining more self-esteem for model work. I know I’m just at the beginning of a path that I hope I’m lucky. “

Competitors of Miss Milan I Miss Cinisello they also danced in colorful bikinis. “The most beautiful phase of the evening,” says Marta Fenaroli, who, before competing for Miss Italy, won a much more important and delicate competition: “In June 2020 – says the brunette – I was diagnosed with a cancer. I started a difficult struggle, suffering, doing chemotherapy and more. On April 23, 2021, doctors declared that he was cured. I have decided that I will celebrate it every year on April 23rd ”. Marta was born on September 15, 2001. “Day and month,” she adds, “coincide with the birthday of Cristina Chiabottowinner of Miss Italy 2004. I hope it bodes well ”. Marta Fenaroli is the daughter of art: in 1991 mother Zoraima participated in the final of Miss Italy Salsomaggiore won by Martina Colombari. “I hope to imitate my mother by qualifying for the final,” says Marta, who goes to San Raffaele School of Medicine in Milan and played many sports, including golf and golf. riding. In addition to dedicating the victory to her parents Zoraima and Giuliano, and her brother Edoardo, Marta made a dedication to Deputy Mayor Giuseppe Berlino and all the inhabitants of Cinisello Balsamo. “I know it is a city with almost 80,000 inhabitants, many industries and a great history: I am happy to go to the region with the banner of Miss Cinisello Balsamo. Cinisellesi, incite me! “

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