Martina-Akragas 4-0, the Apulians dominate the return final and fly to Serie D.

Final live Martina-Akragas updates. At the “Giuseppe Domenico Tursi” stadium, on Martina welcomes theAkragas for the return final of the National Play Offs of the Championship of Excellence.

The race, which is worth a seat Series Dwas preceded by the first leg, held in Sicily, which saw theAkragas beat the Martina per 3-2. To win promotion, Martina will have to win by at least one goal difference without conceding more than one, while Akragas would also need a tight tie or defeat by scoring at least three goals. We remind you that for this edition of the Play Offs of Excellence, the rule of goals away from home in the event of a global tie between home and away is still in force, so the only result that would allow the match to continue in the overtime would be a 3. -2 victory for Martina (Here you can check the official rules). Below the official formationsonce branched, and give it 17.30 the live updates.

The official formations

Martina: Maggi; Perrini, Cappellari, Mangialardi, Barrera, Aprile, Cerutti, Teijo, Falconieri, Delgado, Ancora. Ramats Pizzulli.

Akragas: Harusha; Baio, Tarantino, La Vardera, Cipolla, Tuniz, Prestia, Maiorano, Pavisich, Piyuca, Corner. Newfoundland herds.

The race – From 5.30 pm live updates on the Martina-Akragas final

Here are the race updates from 17.30start time.

Teams in the field. Everything is ready for the launch, before which a minute of silence is observed in memory of Pietro Tusiano.

17.33 – The race begins.

4 ‘Martina is pushing forward but Akragas’s finish is wide of the post.

13’p Very occasional Akragas who executes almost perfectly a ball stopped with double feint in the service, ball thrown to the far post, support on the opposite side of the area for Piyuca who does not frame the mirror with the unprotected goal .

Martina-Akragas 1-0, 14 ‘Anchor (M) – A few seconds pass for the players of Agrigento and Martina finds the goal of the advantage; air bank on the development of a lineout, poorly positioned guests, yet not well coordinated and framed the mirror by the 1-0 that makes Tursi happy.

Martina-Akragas 2-0, 17pt Barrier (M) – Akragas’ poor line that misses the offside trap, Delgado is known in the left lane and is unloaded in the center where only Barrera does not miss the 2-0 shot a few steps from the goal.

21’pt Exciting start in Tursi with Akragas going from the potential advantage to come down from two goals a few minutes later, with the start convinced of Martina that bears fruit, thanks to a Sicilian rear not without guilt on the occasion of both premises. goals.

25 ‘Keep pushing Martina. Meanwhile, the race director agrees to a short break to allow both teams to cool off, given the decidedly high temperature at the Tursi. According to the regulations, the break will also be repeated in the second half.

29 ‘Penalty for Martina. He landed noticeably with one arm Mangialardi who had jumped the opponent straight into the area with a hat. Delgado walks away.

Martina-Akragas 3-0, 30’pt pen. Thin (M) – Delgado crosses the shot, displaces the opposing goalkeeper and signs the 3-0 for a Martina author of a crazy first half. The night for Akragas after the missed opportunity at the start.

38’pt The Akragas try to get back, now introducing more men in the opposite half, looking for a reaction after the first half hour to forget the Sicilians.

44 ‘Perrini’s free kick misses to the right wing by Akragas and reactivates an opponent who was above the offside line. the providential deviation of Perrini himself who remedies.

45’pt 3 minutes recovery allowed.

Medium – Martina-Akragas 3-0, 14’pt Anchor (M), 17’pt Barrier (M), 30’pt platform. Thin (M) – Finishes the first half dominated by Martina who returns to the locker room with three goals ahead. The Akragas are biting their hands as they squander the 3-2 first leg victory, having also had a chance to take the lead against the Apulians 1-0. In the second half, Akragas will have to score two goals without conceding others to take the challenge to extra time.

Everything is ready for the start of the second half.

18.36 – The second half begins.

The 5th Akragas begins the second half with an understandably ultra-offensive attitude, with Martina having to hold on but at the same time presumably have plenty of space in the open field, in case of restarts.

Akragas 7th double super opportunity in free kick. Excellent shot from the Sicilians from the right side with the ball cut to the first post for Corner’s head that hits him well with his head, but Maggi’s kidney shot is providential, he touches just to make the ball hit the crossbar , then on the crossbar. Bounce ball back into Maggi’s availability who shoots with a sure shot, but a deflection directs the finish just outside the mirror.

Martina-Akragas 4-0, 11th Barrier (M) – On the developments of a corner, Martina finds poker with Barrera who scores two goals repeating in the net a few steps from the goal, after a first rejection conclusion. An even more complicated situation for Akragas who would now need three goals to get the best out of the Apulians, without conceding more goals.

15 ‘The fourth goal is scored by Akragas, who has now lost the momentum shown at the start of the second half.

18 ‘Another opportunity for Martina with Falconieri who, in a counterattack, goes to the area in a good position but slightly away from the right, with his attempt to hit outside the net.

20 ‘A few steps from Martina’s goal, the newcomer Petitti enters the area by the serpentine on the right, then with his left he points to the far post, touching it with a mustache.

26 ‘The game stops for a few moments to allow, even in the second half, the break.

Day 30 The last quarter of an hour of the race begins. Martina watches the D-Series, while Akragas’ hopes dwindle as the minutes go by.

43 ‘Chance for Akragas, who tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

45’s 5 ‘recovery allowed.

Final results – Martina-Akragas 4-0 (first 2-3), 14’pt Ancora (M), 17’pt and 11’t Barrera (M), apparatus 30’pt. Thin (M) -Here’s the end. Martina dominates the return final and returns to Serie D, continuing her promotion started in 2016 for the First Category Championship. Disappointment for Akragas coming to Tursi with two of three results available.

ph ASD Martina Calcio 1947

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