In June, Calabrian companies will hire 14,000 people but no workers

COMPANIES in Calabria expect to hire 14,390 workers during the month of June, a figure that rises to 35,620 in the period June, July and August. There are 2,460 more contracts than in June 2021 and 8,810 more than in the June-August quarter of last year.

These are the data from the June report, just published, as a result of the Excelsior information system surveys carried out by Unioncamere in agreement with the National Agency for Active Labor Policies (Anpal). According to the sample survey, the business sectors in which the highest number of income is expected in the current month are accommodation, catering and tourist services (6,240 units, up from 14,620 in the June-August quarter). People (1,900 in June, 4,840 through August), Trade (1,790 per month and 4,890 per quarter), Construction (1,320 in June and 2,890 from June to August) and Business and People Support Services (1,050 units in June, 2,850 per quarter). ). In 17% of cases, the planned entries are established, ie with indefinite or practical contracts, while in the rest with fixed-term contracts.

Among the data that emerged from the survey, carried out on a monthly basis and which is part of the National Statistical Program, is that according to which in 35 cases out of 100 companies expect to have difficulty finding the desired profiles.

And precisely this fact is linked to the “paradox” of the labor market that the newspaper has been dealing with for some time. In essence, companies need people, but there would not be enough candidates. Paradoxical but also a problem, which can hardly be read theoretically attributing the “responsibility” exclusively to the existence of citizenship income, which would discourage accepting a mostly seasonal job. It’s a big question, especially in a region like Calabria that historically has no record employment rates, regardless of the numbers and statistics.

It is often said that there are no skills. And this may be true for certain professional profiles, certainly not for most of those sought after in this period to enjoy a tourist season that we hope is radiant. If many of the sought-after figures belong to the world of catering and the hospitality industry, it is assumed that there should be no problems in terms of skills, given the large number of educational and technical training institutes in Calabria. There is, more likely, an issue related to the terms and conditions for seasonal contracts. Without taking into account, because we are facing pathological distortions, situations of exploitation of workers.

Returning to the Unioncamere-Anpal report, more than 80% of companies planning to hire in Calabria this summer are small (up to 49 workers), in line with Calabria’s economic structure. The figures with the most job opportunities (always according to the needs declared by the companies that have responded to the survey) are cooks, waiters and other professions linked to tourist services: 4,370 units in June alone. It is followed by workers specializing in the construction and maintenance of buildings (930 units), another sector that is theoretically driving at the moment if it were not for the complications in the implementation of the Superbonus 110% that risk not only to cancel expectations favorable, but to give back to the regional economy.

If you look at the table in the report on the difficulty of finding the necessary figures, among the figures for which candidates would be missing are specialists in computer science, physics and chemistry (compared to the estimated recruitment of 30 people, in addition to the half are not found), doctors (of the 20 that companies would need in June, 50% would not be available), but also workers in warehouse management, logistics and purchasing (44.3% of the 60 candidates to hire) .

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