Football restarts Bari’s assault on Cheddira

BARI – Two weeks into the pre-season meeting and Bari are under attack to rebuild. The expiration of the rights of option over the redemption of the ceded players seemed to have clearly moved Walid Cheddira away from the white-reds: the distance between the request of the ducals (700 thousand euros) and the white-and-red intentions was insurmountable to close. the agreement within the deadline. Negotiation, therefore, had to be approached again. And in recent hours, sporting director Ciro Polito has accelerated negotiations on the 24-year-old striker, so as not to lose a perspective of great hopes that he discovered and promoted. The risk, in fact, is that the competition will intensify: Modena, in particular, is pushing the number eleven, author of seven goals with the Galletti in the last tournament.

Cheddira, on the other hand, is convinced that he wants to continue on his way to Puglia: therefore, Polito would have found a general agreement with Parma to take over the entire card in lower numbers than initially agreed, introducing some clauses. which will change the amount to be paid to the dukes during the year. If all goes well, Bari will be able to start again from Antenucci and Cheddira, which is the tandem most deployed by Michele Migani in the tournament that ended last May. The department, however, will need much more: the 24-year-old born in Loreto will still be in his first cadet tasting, the Termoli firefighter will turn 38 in September. Therefore, it will take at least two thicker grafts, as well as a fifth tip to complete the department (it will probably be a bass).

Luca Moro has long been identified as a much-desired target: the 21-year-old who shone in Catania when he broke the 20-goal wall is under the watchful eye of Sassuolo who took charge of the entire card. The neroverde club has not yet decided its future: the hypothesis of a loan in B is still the most credible, but in recent hours the center forward Frosinone has moved strongly and relations between Ciociari and Emilia are traditionally very narrow. The other two hypotheses on the table are Antonino La Gumina and Gabriele Moncini. Both 26 years old, the first returned to Sampdoria after his experience in Como, the other is from Benevento and probably responds in a more functional way to the dynamic football of Michele Mignani. The situation, in any case, is similar: an investment is needed to take full charge of them. An effort that must be made without delay, without waiting for prices to go down further, in order to deliver to Mignani, at least, a little reliable of a department that will still be perfected.

The hypothesis that leads to Giuseppe Ambrosino is also still alive: the class of Naples in 2003 won the top scorers of the last championship Spring, Bari could represent a first challenge among professionals, as long as both the striker and the Neapolitan club accept your place as an outsider in the advanced package. So far, plans for the attack. However, there are other discourses that Polito is perfecting: defender Marco Bosisio (20 years old) can now be considered practically a Galletti, who is free transfer before the expiration of the tie with Milan. Very close to the agreement of Alessandro Mallamo: Atalanta is ready to sell the entire card in an operation that could bring to Puglia a couple of young people from the Orobico club. Similarly, it is now the exchange of documents by Mehd Dorval, a 21-year-old winger from Audace Cerignola.

Among the possible returns, however, that of Stefano Sabelli is complicated: the 29-year-old right winger owned by Genoa perceives a compromise out of reach. Easier to reach Alessandro Vogliacco, 24, always under Ligurian force. But the most favorable situation would worry Michael Folorunsho: the 24-year-old Napoli midfielder is very fond of Polito and could return to the white and red after the 2019-20 experience, conditioned by an injury and closed with only 13 games .

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