Football Play Off Promotion – In Race 1 Junior Calcio Pontestura wins against Momo


Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP-2-3 (8 ‘Scalvini, 22’ Geminardi, 25 ‘Iacomussi, 33’ Grieco, 38 ‘Vergnasco)

Momo Atletico Calcio: Rampinelli, Mastroianni (Gramoni de 1’s.t.), Simone, Baroni, Leva (Marangon de 1’s.t.), Cupia, Abello (Puccini de 23’s.t.), Bianco (Cap.), Grieco, Bouzida, Scalvini (Zouaoui del 23’s.t.). Available: Lazzarin, Gualini, Fusè, Carettoni, Ferro. All: Miserotti.

JCP: Favarin, Giuseppin (Moscato de 3’s.t.), Messano (Di Luca de 39’s.t.), Viazzi, Dondi, El Atlassi, Geminardi (Volpato de 34’s.t.), Roccia (Cap.) (Patrucco de 34’s.t.), 35’s.t.), Amin, Vergnasco, Iacomussi (White from 23’s.t.). Available: Ormelese, Erradi, Porcini, Giroldo. All: Bellingeri-Carachino.

Referee: Antal Gabriel (Turin)
Assistants: Berta and Pongan de Novara.
First half: Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP-2-3
Corner: Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP-2-4
Yellow cards: Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP-2-3 (Giuseppin 32’pt, Leva 34’pt, Mastroianni 45’pt, Dondi 4’s.t., Bianco 47’s.t.)
Expulsions: Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP-0-0

A Momo starts the JCP promotion play-off, against Atlético Calcio second in Group A of First Category. Expert, organized team that can make use of the home factor on occasion. Mr. Bellingeri is launching a new tactical setup (4-3-2-1) also to drink his energy in the context of the three games in eight days. Favarin between the sticks; Giuseppin, Dondi, Viazzi, Messano in defense; Roccia, El Atlassi, Iacomussi in the middle of the field; Amin and Geminardi behind Vergnasco. The local team has to give up Jatta (suspended) and Ganci (injured), but offers a very experienced trident made up of Bouzida, Grieco and Scalvini. Momo’s tactical plan is clear right away. Ball to the sides to take advantage of the ability of the end in one against one.

At 4 ‘Abello throws a lightning bolt to the right towards the goal of the junior, but the ball ends up abundantly on the side. Bouzida from the left took Giuseppin by surprise in the eighth minute and hit a tense cross that Scalvini hit in a winning way: 1-0. After four goals conceded last Sunday, this goal could bring down the JCP, but the reaction of the Bellingeri boys is commendable. Without losing the compass, the casalesi turn the ball taking advantage of the numerical superiority in the nerve center of the field. Vergnasco unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide. At 16 ‘Amin serves vertically to Vergnasco who enters the area and finishes centrally for Rampinelli’s parade. One minute and Amin starts his own business: an accurate shot deflected by a corner. The JCP grows and the tie is in the air. Amin is able to serve Geminardi in the 22nd minute.

The home team aims for the far post and unbeaten win over Rampinelli: 1-1. It is the shock that permanently unlocks the visiting team. Thanks to a tactical adjustment (change of side between Giuseppin and Messano), Junior is now the master of the match and in the 25th minute he falls. Surrounding action with Geminardi preparing for Iacomussi at rush hour. Billiard shot and ball in the corner pocket. Momo necessarily has to react and does so in a corner kick with Simone that ends a little sideways. The guests are in control, but football is made up of episodes and the 33rd minute deserves fair applause. Grieco coordinates with a handkerchief and, although marked, scores 2-2. Giuseppin, Leva and Mastroianni ended up in the notebook of the bad guys and in the 38th minute the guests took the lead. Quick restart led by Amin and deep throw for Vergnasco. Rampinelli is out and the bomber’s lobe overtakes him and ends up with his rainbow at the bottom of the bag. A ball driven by all the Rossoblu fans, which is very valuable in the economy of these playoffs. The second half of Momo-JCP shows that the lessons are useful. The Casalesi manage it with clarity and experience, without giving a single shot on goal to their rivals. Moscato for Giuseppin in the third minute, yellow for Dondi in the fourth and wonderful action in the thirteenth. Moscato pushes left and serves Geminardi. Bargain cross and dry kisses for Iacomussi parked in the small area. The door is empty, but Lorenzo’s touch is inaccurate. The sensational 2-4 is ruled out, but it does not demoralize the yellow-red-blue troops.

Opportunities are growing. In the 15th minute, Vergnasco and Geminardi drank Momo’s defense; El Atlassi has a goal chance at the opponent’s area the ball hits the post. At 17 ‘Rampinelli saves in two stretches to the right of Vergnasco and at 18’ Amin’s lightning touches the crossbar. At 22 ‘Geminardi invents for Vergnasco and Rampinelli refuses to perform a miracle. Blancs for Iacomussi, Volpato for Geminardi, Patrucco for Roccia, Di Luca for Messano. The former Palazzolo winger comes out to applaud with the best player on the field. Before the triple whistle, Momo is dangerous with Bouzida (41 ′) on a rise of the goalkeeper. The diagonal ends next to it and Volpato and his teammates can run happily under their fans. Master orchestra rehearsal. A JCP who dictated the time of the match and who deservedly won, without ever getting into any trouble. In the other round of the group, the external success of PSG with Colleretto Pedanea. One to zero in recovery, playing in numerical inferiority for an abundant hour. In the first race the local factor was lost. If this last Wednesday is respected, we could see a yellow-red-blue page of history.

Match Results 1: Momo Atl.Calcio-JCP-2-3 Colleretto Pedanea-PSG-0-1

Classifications: JCP and PSG p.3, Momo Atl.Calcio and Colleretto Pedanea p.0.

Match 2 next round (22-06-2022) at 20.30: PSG-Momo Atl.Calcio; JCP-Colleretto Pedanea.

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