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Sustainability, environment, relationship, peace. The third day concludes the sixth edition of the Rondine International Conflict Festival, YouTopic Fest, delving into the integral dimension of the human being, which is the deep value that moves Rondine and his pedagogical-formative method. The focus is on relationships as a habitat within which conflict can be managed, recognized, and transformed, in order to experience differences as a generating opportunity.

The first panel of the day opens with the message sent by Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, who stressed how Rondine operates “… for the creation of an ecosystem in which the educational relationship and the interaction with the other, and this gives concretion to that change of paradigm often desired – continues the counselor – Your commitment to create a habitat in which relations informed by the educational logic and the civil coexistence can be developed is meritorious: it supposes living the opportunity to exploit the points of contiguity that exist between increasingly central issues such as education, innovation, sustainability, ecology, the fight against climate change, peace and social justice. “

And in fact, in the Citadel of Peace of Arezzo, day after day, for twenty-five years, a citadel has been built that is transformed and developed into the citadel of the third millennium, green and sustainable, which, through the many young Italians. and from all over the world that inhabit it, it has become an example not only of how we can live together even in conflicts, but of how we can cultivate the new world by regenerating it with peaceful relations between man and nature. . At the morning table entitled “Sustainability, environment, relationship, peace. Towards the city of the third millennium he also spoke “Massimo Mercati, CEO of Aboca, Benefit Company since August 2018 and has long been a supporter of Rondine and the many projects being developed here:” The concept of interrelationship is not an idea but the center of life; we cannot, therefore, ignore this biological and cultural interconnection. In the future, in an increasingly difficult market, in which growth will become selective and conflicting, the logic is to be able to focus on value creation, in our business we must learn to be regenerative. There is only one path that generates the common good, we must work specifically in this dimension.

The issue of building and sustaining the green city and also creating peace are interconnected and closed in one word: beauty. Alessia del Corono Borgia, director of the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza, recalled: “Beauty understood in an ethical sense, the landscape, creativity, culture, territories, everything that we Italians know how to do very well, but often in we know little; in fact there are many projects all over Italy that express beauty and regenerate, create relationships, systems, networks. Networking is the only way to bring the result home, sharing the same goals. ”At the table is also the voice of Rondine students, Meital, an Israeli student at the World House, says:“ Living in a sustainable community it means many things, first of all we have to contemplate the beauty of this world and think … think, before we do. Rondine and this village teach us that too. It is a work that we must do for ourselves and for the peace of our land, because the suffering of nature is our suffering. Because we cannot be healthy in a sick world, and although we live in a part of the world that feels less the effects of climate change, there are other peoples, other territories that live them spectacularly every day.

In the afternoon, focus on the Leaders for Peace campaign that promotes the training of young generations of world peace leaders, raising awareness of investment in education and human rights. A panel that saw young activists and activists from Italy and the world as protagonists who told stories of campaigns, actions, activities that have meant a real change in the lives of others, from the local level to the international. Stefania Bait, UNYDP Delegate for the United Nations Youth Delegate Program at the United Nations; Carlotta Croci, youth ambassador to Italy and exponent of the ONE campaign; Kaaj Tschikalandand of ActionAid and Yasmine Ouirhrane and founder of WeBelong and winner of the European Youth of the Year 2019. be a space for meeting, confrontation and relationships for young people from all over Italy and around the world and we are already looking to the future and the announcement of the title of the next edition of the YouTopic Fest has arrived, borrowed from the song night of a wanderer. pastor in Asia by Leopardi “Fall, rise, and hurry more and more. In fast-paced time, what room is there for fragility and pain?” The appointment is for June 8, 9, 10, 11, 2023. “In the days we spent together, the year we just mentioned, Rondine is not a Citadel comparable to a happy island. Here we welcome the pains of the world, the hardships of the world and we always start again from the most tragic and horrible pain of war. Says Franco Vaccari, President of Rondine “Ours is not a party of artificial and mental anesthesia, our party is rooted in awareness. We are reminded of the boys and girls of the House of the World and the Fourth Year of Rondine: they are normal young people, not superheroes, during their journey they explain, with modesty and desire to communicate, their fragility, fears and uncertainties of all . of us and the YouTopic party does not cancel it, takes them inside and welcomes them – continues Vaccari – In the Rondine method we work what scares us, because the excess of defense kills us. The relationship is a protective ship that we always carry wherever we go there will be storms, there will be war but we will be protected. The only way is to look to the future with hope. “

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