CCNI mobility of teaching and teaching staff, ATA 2022/25: limitations and novelties. FINAL TEXT

On May 18, the Integrative National Collective Agreement was signed for the mobility of teaching, teaching and ATA staff for the 2022-25 school year. Only the CISL School signs the CCNI. This is the contract with which the mobility applications have already been submitted.

The provisions of the contract refer to permanent staff.


Some points in Article 2 of the CCNI on teacher mobility and limitations

Paragraph 1. In accordance with Art. 22, section 4, letter. a1) of the CCNL for education and research of 19 April 2018, teachers who obtain the ownership of an educational center from a voluntary application, both territorial and professional, having expressed a single Center-specific application, you will not be able to apply for mobility for the following three-year period. In the case of mobility obtained in a school institution during the movements of the first phase by means of the expression of the code of sub-municipal district, the teaching staff will not be able to request the voluntary mobility during the following three years. This limitation also operates within the same municipality for the second phase of travel from a common place to support and vice versa, as well as for professional mobility.

This three-year restriction does not apply to teachers who enjoy the privileges referred to in art. 13 and in the conditions established in this contract, in the event that they have obtained the degree in an educational center outside the municipality or sub-municipal district where preference corresponds, nor to teachers transferred ex officio or on conditional application, still that they were satisfied. in an expressed preference.

Paragraph 4. In accordance with Art. 58, section 2, letter f), first sentence, of decree law n. 73 of 25.5.2021, converted with law no. 106 of 23.7.2021, the teaching staff referred to in article 13, section 3, of the Legislative Decree. n. 59, of 13 April 2017, placed in the function prior to the school year 2020/21, requires permanence in the school where the function was performed, in the same type of place and contest class, at least two more years. after the annual initial training course e
proof, except in cases of excess or dismissal or application of Article 33, sections 5 or 6, of Law no. 104, limited to events that occurred after the deadline for submission of applications to the relevant competition.

Therefore, the teaching staff referred to in Article 13, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree no. 59 of 13 April 2017, admitted to the post prior to the 2020/21 school year, has already fulfilled the obligation to stay at the educational institution for access to the post indicated above.

Paragraph 6. In accordance with article 399, paragraph 3, of legislative decree no. 297, modified by art. 58, section 2, letter f) of decree law no. 73 of 25.5.2021, converted with Law no. 106 of 23.7.2021, from the registrations in the position foreseen for the school course 2020/2021, the profesorado in any condition recipient of fixed appointments can request the transfer, the change of chair or of function, the ascription temporary or its use in another. college, or to hold fixed-term teaching positions in another function or competition class only after three school years of effective service in the school of ownership, without prejudice to supernumerary or supernumerary situations. The same provision does not apply to personnel referred to in Article 33, sections 3 and 6, of Law no. 104, provided that the conditions established therein have occurred after the date of registration in the respective competition notices or of the periodic inclusion in the rankings referred to in article 401 of the decree.
legislative April 16, 1994, n. 297.

For the purposes of accruing the three-year term, in the event of dismissal or supernumerary, the years spent in the new office of destination are counted with those spent in the previous office.


News for former LSU staff hired as school collaborators following stabilization procedures. As we have seen, the score of the service performed as a former LSU is calculated and the same staff can participate in the temporary assignments and uses from the 2022/23 academic year.

DSGAs hired for the 2018 regular competition are eligible for annual mobility.

TEXT CCNI 2022/25

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