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21:51 OA Sport thanks you for following the emotions of this match with us and wishes you a good continuation of the afternoon.

21:50 The blues with this result have taken a big step towards the Final Eight of Ankara, although everything will be decided in the last stage.

21:49 The blues made the difference in the rest phase, on the wall the data is clear: 15 grains for Italy, 5 for Brazil. Egonu the best of the blues with 22 points, but also great performances from our central with Lubian and Bonifacio at 10. A Kisy of 12 was not enough for Brazil, Gabi’s soft play.

21:47 Overwhelming victory for Italy, which with this result even returns to third place in the standings, with 4 of 4 victories in the Brazilian stage.

25-14 Malinov closes it!

24-13 First part of Lubian, there are 11 match points for Italy!

23-13 Egonu can’t find his hands on the wall.

23-11 Miracle in defense of De Gennaro and then disaster in the dribble of Ana Cristina.

22-11 Julia attack directly on the net.

21-11 Ana Cristina’s deep attack from the second line.

21-10 Good first part of Bonifacio.

20-10 Ana Cristina scores from second place.

20-9 Ana Ceristina grabs another wall, this time by Bonifacio.

19-9 Another fantastic set by Carol.

19-8 Continuing the Egonu smartelot.

18-8 Gabi’s first half.

18-7 Italy continues to do well on the wall.

17-7 Kisy attacks directly on the net. Diagonal change for Brazil.

16-7 Gabi Attack Error.

15-7 Egonu breaks in the hands of the wall, Paola exceeds 20.

14-7 Egonu is in charge of the pipe.

13-7 Error in Degrad attack, must not be returned.

13-6 Deep diagonal of Kisy.

13-5 Bosetti is immediately pardoned with a good lob.

12-5 Bosetti error, but he had a ball that was not easy to manage.

12-4 Kisy unlocks the situation for Brazil.

12-3 Bosetti’s man-out, the Brazilians don’t understand anything.

11-3 Error also for Kisy, Brazil of the first two sets returns.

10-3 Gabi’s attacking error.

9-3 MY MOTHER! Wall to one of the Bosetti in Lorraine!

8-3 Impressive Malinov lift, Egonu works well on the wall.

7-3 Bonifacio Service Getaways.

7-2 EGONU FEAR MURAL! Julia doesn’t pass!

6-2 Run away from Diana’s quick and important mistake. Lorena takes his place.

5-2 Boniface finds his hands on Diana’s wall.

4-2 Degradi Long Bar.

4-1 Egonu’s horrible shot, which literally goes over the wall!

3-1 Another great shoulder of Degradi!

2-1 Kisy’s deep diagonal.

2-0 Murone di Bonifacio on Carol!

1-0 Starts with a good attack in the middle of Degradi’s wall.

21:20 The blues will have to be good to file this set in which nothing really worked. It will be important to start strong in the fourth set, because if Brazil gains confidence, pushed by this audience, the situation becomes really difficult.

14-25 Kisy’s Wall to Egonu.

14-24 Lob de Gabi.

14-23 Julia’s joke is long.

13-23 The Degradi bar does not pass.

13-22 Run away from Julia’s attack this time.

12-22 Degradi releases all his power in parallel.

11-22 Julia’s big diagonal, nothing to say.

11-21 Kisy hands-off from second place.

11-20 Egonu finds his hands on the wall.

10-20 Along with Julia, this set needs to be archived quickly.

10-19 The Lubian line is long.

10-18 Degradi passes through the middle of the wall from the fourth place.

9-18 Gabi’s parallel from second place.

9-17 War enters and immediately scores.

8-17 Set by Carol.

8-16 We break up with Egonu again.

7-16 We try to find rhythm with Lubian.

6-16 Carol’s Attack, a sensational but uninvited air invasion.

6-15 Diana again ace, amazing change of situations.

6-14 Julia’s pipe is bagged.

6-13 Bosetti does not pass, how much effort.

6-12 As of Diana.

6-11 Carol’s wall in Degradi, we’ve been too soft on more than one occasion.

6-10 Hands off Gabi.

6-9 Great Degradi pipe, beautiful reconstruction.

5-9 Egonu takes us out of a complicated situation.

4-9 Diana’s Wall on Bosetti, we have clearly loosened our prey.

4-8 Bosetti attack on the net.

4-7 The Degrad bar does not pass.

4-6 Deep diagonal of Egonu.

3-6 Julia returns her to +3.

3-5 Error in Diana’s attack.

2-5 Carol’s line is long.

1-5 Egonu attack on the net, difficult moment.

1-4 Lubian’s service does not pass.

1-3 Egonu unlocks the situation for Italy.

0-3 Diagonal near Kisy, attention.

0-2 Carol’s wall over Egonu, be careful not to slow down.

0-1 It starts with an error by Egonu.

20:55 Italy is playing at a level that, frankly, few, if any, nationals of the world can play. The Mazzanti girls are proving to be superior in all fundamentals, but the break phase works especially well: 4 blocks have arrived and a winning service for the blues. Egonu leads with 10 points, excellent Lubian with 7.

25-15 Degrade the fence, my mother, what an Italy!

24-15 Pipe placed by Egonu.

23-15 Gabi finds a nice diagonal.

23-14 Bosetti’s joke is long.

23-13 Lubian’s impressive set, what a match the Navy is playing.

22-13 Egonu’s joke doesn’t pass.

22-12 Kisy line does not pass.

21-12 Diana finds her hands on the wall lubia.

21-11 Lubian approaches the ball.

20-11 Bosetti’s shoulder, left on the wall by Malinov.

19-11 Carol’s ace.

19-10 Carol has won seven.

19-9 Rosamaria does not pass, the starting diagonal returns.

18-9 Gabi’s joke doesn’t happen.

17-9 Julia’s deep pipe.

17-8 Malinov is varying the game in a fantastic way.

16-8 Another mistake in Gabi’s attack.

15-8 Egonu’s striking parallel from the second line.

14-8 Gabi lob, we should not trust Brazilians.

14-7 Enter Rosamaria and immediately find a winning attack, beware of this player.

14-6 Gabi’s attacking error, Macris doesn’t receive a reception three meters away, not even by mistake. Diagonal change for Brazilians.

13-6 Aceeeeee de Lubian!

12-6 Another trip from the second line of Egonu.

11-6 This time Kisy finds her hands on the wall.

11-5 I DON’T GO! Malinov stops Kisy on the wall, Macris doesn’t know who to serve.

10-5 Egonu’s Impregnable Pipe.

9-5 Another mistake in the service, this time it is Julia who makes a mistake.

8-5 Hands off Julia.

8-4 Diana’s air invasion, a choice of arbitration that leads to discussion.

7-4 Lubian breaks a free-kick, Kisy takes advantage.

7-3 Experience for Bosetti, who plays on Kisy’s broken wall.

6-3 Escape Degradation Joke.

6-2 BONIFACIOOOOO! Fifth wall of the game for Sara, this time Gabi is standing!

5-2 Hands out of Degradi from fourth place.

4-2 Carol passes this time.

4-1 MAMA MEVA! Wall of fear from Bonifacio to Carol!

3-1 Macris’ service is also long.

2-1 Kisy scored from second place.

2-0 Muroneeeeee from Malinov to Gabi!

1-0 Starts with a long line from Diana.

20:28 First set on the verge of perfection for the selection of Davide Mazzanti. The blues made the difference in the break phase, the Brazilian reception struggled a lot thanks to the devastating service series of Bosetti and Lubian. Egonu leads with 5 points, followed by Lubian and Gabi.

25-17 closes Degradi!

24-17 Another fantastic Lubian set, there are seven points out of seven for Italy!

23-17 Julia answers with the same coin.

23-16 Bosetti’s narrow diagonal, what a shoulder!

22-16 Egonu’s joke is long.

22-15 Good first part of Lubian.

21-15 Lob pushed by Bosetti considered foul.

21-14 Diana’s joke is long.

20-14 Gabi tries to keep in touch.

20-13 Malinov’s masterful uprising, Egonu crashes an indefensible diagonal.

19-13 Julia’s joke doesn’t happen.

18-13 Hands off Julia from second place.

18-12 Bonifacio’s first half scared, meanwhile Brazil have changed sides.

17-12 Degradi’s attack doesn’t pass.

17-11 THIRD BONUS MURAL! Pri Daorit, Julia bravely attempted to execute a diving header and the ball was met firmly with his forehead for Julia.

16-11 Egonu this time passes power.

15-11 Beautiful parallel shot by Pri Daroit. This ball change is important.

15-10 Brazil unlocks with Kisy.

15-9 Egonu breaks from the second line, go, what a break!

14-9 Bosetti Mani-out, we are putting incredible pressure on the service!

13-9 Macris and Carol do not understand each other.

12-9 MURAL OF LUBIAN A GABI! Excellent rest phase!

11-9 Muroneeee to one of Malinov to Pri Daroit.

10-9 Gabi’s joke doesn’t happen.

9-9 Kisy’s left shoulder.

9-8 Egonu is loaded tonight! Great service and then a winning attack from the second row.

8-8 Great first part of Lubian.

7-8 Gabi passes into the hands of Egonu.

7-7 Bosetti breaks into the hands of the wall from fourth place.

6-7 Hands off Gabi.

6-6 Great parallelism of Egonu from the second place.

5-6 Another winning service from Pri Daroit.

5-5 Boniface is walled.

5-4 Ace of Pri Daroit to Degradi.

5-3 This time Kisy goes from the second line.

5-2 Erroraccio in Kisy attack.

4-2 Bonifacio wins a net entry with Macris!

3-2 Kisy’s line is long.

2-2 Pri Daoroit this time goes parallel.

2-1 Muroneeeee from Bonifacio to Pri Daroit!

1-1 Italy wins the first long exchange of the match.

0-1 We start with a Kisy diagonal from second place.

19:56 Brazil responds with: Diana, Carol, Pridaroit, Macris, Gabi, Kisy and Nunes.

19:53 This is the sextet of Italy: Lubian, Malinov, Egonu, Bonifacio, Bosetti, Degradi and De Gennaro.

19:50 Mazzanti is trying to catch the starting lineup to find the rhythm of the match, as we have seen in recent days Italy able to win the European Championship is still far away, today will need a higher level action if you want to put the team in difficulties.national house.

19:47 The blues, after a complex first stage seasoned with two defeats, instead comes from three consecutive victories in the Brazilian stage, the last against Germany yesterday.

19:44 Brazil, on the other hand, is in fourth place with 15 points, 5 wins and one defeat (one game less for the green gold team).

19:41 Italy is currently in sixth place with 14 points, 5 wins and 2 losses.

19:38 Eighth challenge for the girls of Davide Mazzanti who this evening, in Brasília, will challenge Brazil in front of a building that will literally be a mess.

19:35 Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Brazil, a match valid for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball League of Nations.

Friends of OA Sport, good afternoon and welcome LIVE Italy-Brazil, match valid for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball League. This is the eighth challenge for Davide Mazzanti girls that today, in Brasília, they will face the owners in a building that is definitely a disaster. Today’s match will be crucial to qualify for the Final Eight.

The Blues, after a first stage characterized by lights and shadows with 2 wins and 2 losses, in this second stage have achieved, however, 3 of 3 victories so far, yesterday the last against Germany. Mazzanti’s team travels quickly to the Ankara Final Eight, the minimum goal of the eve, in which the top seven ranked plus Turkey as the host country will take part. Brazil, despite missing many stars from the past, has behaved so far in an excellent way: of the 6 games played it has won 5 times, the only defeat was against the United States. Mazzanti has called up a good part of the starting eleven for this stage, as he has stated that the goal is to find the rhythm of the match, because the team that is being seen these days is certainly not yet able to win the European Championship. Championship a few months ago.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Brazil, a match valid for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball League of Nations, real-time news, minute by minute, point by point, action after action, not to be missed ‘ t really nothing. the match will start at 20:00!

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