Alongside girls and rights: “But don’t forget Afghanistan now”

The race

The table is filled with traditional Roman-Jewish cuisine: Jewish artichokes, cod fillet, zucchini flowers with ricotta and anchovies. Over the years she has received numerous threats and has also suffered several attacks for her public commitment to girls (especially her education), in a country marked by ancestral tribalisms and radicalisms such as Afghanistan: “When, between 1995 “The Taliban imposed their theocratic regime for the first time. I opened a secret school for girls who wanted to continue their studies,” he said. “In order for women to have rights and duties, intense educational activity is essential.”

Mareya, then, was just over 25 years old. Now, he has some more. In 2001, the United States and NATO intervened to break the Taliban regime’s ties to al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism. His activity first as an investigating magistrate and then as a judicial magistrate has tried to hold together the broken and broken threads of women and children, of the poorest and loneliest. Donald Trump in 2020 agreed with the Taliban in Doha to withdraw U.S. troops. In 2021 Biden withdrew them. Institutions and structures born with Western support melted like snow in the sun. The Taliban have taken possession of the country in every corner, in every structure, in every fear. Afghan society has experienced numbness and a desire to escape expressed in the apocalyptic scenes at Kabul airport, where thousands of people have tried to board the last planes to the West. Mareya says, “I was desperate. I was crying and talking on the phone from Herat with Marta who was in Rome and Marta was saying to me: “Mareya, don’t cry. I’m your sister. “

Italian citizenship

Marta is Marta Cartabia, the current Minister of Justice, who has just presented her with the Marisa Bellisario Award. In those dramatic days, in August 2021, Mareya and her family passed through Turkey and, triangulating with the Italian embassy in Ankara, arrived in Europe, where the legal key to sealing her physical salvation and of his family (he has a daughter, Yasaman; and two sons, Yasser and Sagad) was the attribution of Italian citizenship, which took place last November.

Now the focus is on Ukraine

The first dishes arrive on the table: pasta with seafood for her and cannelloni with beef for me. Giggetto’s interior garden is full of shade and coolness. There is no heat in June that can be inclement in Rome. The day is windy. With time detached from things, Mareya seems to relax and breathe from the frantic rush of her life. Although thoughts always make her come back. In Kabul and Herat. “At the moment,” he says, “my biggest concern is that the West will forget my people and my land. All the attention of the public and the European and American ruling classes is focused on the war in Ukraine. Which is naturally an event of great importance and of great international effect. Except now the silence of the international community has fallen on Afghanistan. And that doesn’t help the reactions that young people and women are slowly showing: loneliness is the worst thing when you have to live in a violent and totalitarian regime like the Taliban and try not to be crushed at all. “


Giggetto’s waiters bring delicious sea salt to the table. La Mareya relaxes. And he can say about himself: “I am interested in the philosophy of law and Western philosophy. I read Friedrich Nietzsche. In our tradition we have great poets whom I love very much. In our culture, poetry is an instrument of narration, appreciation and liberation of the little ones. First of all women ”. As we eat, our thoughts go to Nadia Anjuman. He is also from Herat. Nadia had been a brilliant and talented student at Golden Needle Sewing School, the school where girls formally learned to sew (one of the few “concessions” of the first Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001). it was actually a place where they attended lessons in fiction and poetry, philology, and literary history taught in secret by Herat University professors.

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