A sport that removes barriers and gives autonomy

Trophies won by Briantea84 athletes (© Facebook “Briantea84”

He sportper people with disabilities physical and intellectual, represents a tool of fundamental importance for the development of individual potentialthe increase in skills and the acquisition of skills, the personal improvement and inclusion in rich life contexts significant relationships.

The Briantea experience84

A I sanga town of almost 40,000 inhabitants in the province of Como, of almost forty yearsgave birth to an experience of inclusive sportthe Briantea84 which, just under a month ago, allowed this team to become for the ninth time champion of Italy in the discipline of Paralympic basketball in a wheelchair. Briantea84, however, is not just Paralympic basketball but many other disciplines, such as football, basketball, swimming and athletics. Interris.it, interviewed about this experience of sport and inclusion, Elena Colombomember of Briantea84 since the age of 18 and vice-president of the same since 2008.

The interview

How was Briantea84 born and what are its goals?

“Briantea84, as part of its name says, was born in 1984, from an idea of ​​Alfredo Marson who is our president. Just before this time, a wheelchair basketball team had reached the same town and fell in love with the sport. So he decided to start a business himself, starting with wheelchair basketball. In addition, a few years later, the sectors of swimming, football, standing basketball for people with intellectual disabilities and athletics were born. Our company is basically a multi-sports company, in which we have about 150 athletes. The aim of Briantea84 is to promote sport for all, giving more and more children with disabilities, both physically and intellectually, the opportunity to play a sport. We will soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of our foundation and our mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities, to overcome prejudices and above all to present ourselves for what we are, that is, a sports club that practices sport, nothing more and nothing more. . .

How does sport promote the inclusion of people with disabilities?

“Basically, the possibility of allowing everyone to do sports allows us to be together, leave home and interact with other people. Sport is an engine of growth and leads children to be independent, to get involved, to know their potential and to set personal goals. The sporting activity allows everyone to go out on the pitch, compare themselves and others, make a group and a team and therefore, above all, have fun ”.

Have you had any major sporting successes lately, what are your hopes for the future in this regard? How can those who wish to do so help you?

“The goal for the future is to continue to grow along this path and, as a result, allow more young people with disabilities to play sports. Anyone interested in supporting Briantea84 can do so in many ways. From a practical point of view, for example, giving your time and becoming part of our family. Basically, today, there are more than 90 volunteers active in different sectors and they can all play a role in our society. Then there is the financial help that is always welcome, through donations, sponsorships and being close to us to help us carry out our mission ”.

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