INTROBIO – With the arrival of summer, a year of sports activity ends at the Introbio gym. The boys faced a wonderful sporting season with intense workouts and exciting matches both away and at home.

Just in the last weeks of activity, a welcome surprise: on the outer walls of the gym, those facing the basketball court and the street, a series of murals with faces of famous people.

By mid-March the same walls had been smeared with nasty writing but thanks to the work of the children attending the school and with the support of school staff and some teachers, the introvert “home of sport” it has definitely changed its face and is ready to welcome next season with a new façade, colorful and full of history.

Here’s what kids have to say about school work:

From Albert Einstein to Mahatma Gandhi, from Fabrizio de André to Bebe Vio, this is how the beautiful mural on the wall of our school was created. On the night of March 17-18, 2021, several walls were soiled in Introbio. Even our high school was affected by these acts of vandalism and only today has a positive identity returned to the wall.

The idea of ​​making a mural was born during this school year. When we received the news we were all excited, the idea seemed fantastic. Each student made two or more project proposals and then the final project was made with the contribution of teachers from different disciplines. The result was fantastic and unexpected at the same time: a series of famous faces, one for each subject on a background. .multicolor inspired by the “pop art” style. All that was left was to paint! Covering bad writing was not easy. It took on several layers of white. But finally, after dividing the wall into squares, we started painting it. Once the background was finished, the first faces were reproduced. Each student had a task: some reproduced the characters on large sheets, others reported them on the wall, and still others painted the drawn figures black.

Finally the mural was finished and the desired result was achieved. All students participated and participated in all phases of the work and now the school no longer has a trivial wall, but a mural that represents all branches of knowledge and people who fought for freedom and legality. We also went to interview some of our colleagues, they were all very happy with the result. For example, Claudio states that it was a very pleasant experience for the school and for the social welfare of each of us, Anna especially liked the fact of identifying a character for each area of ​​culture and the choice of bright colors. She is also pleased that all classes have participated. Instead, Silvia says that she has completely changed her mind: she admits that she doubted what the end result would have been. Now she is very proud of the result and happy that when we are in high school next year there will be a sign of our passage on the walls of the school.

Simone Pezzolla and Carolina Pezzati

How the project was born, the explanations of the teachers involved.

Given the complexity of the historical period we are living in, characterized on the one hand by the pandemic and on the other by the continuous development of digital technologies, the need arose for an interdisciplinary project that aimed to develop teaching in the outdoors and at the same time to educate students in the correct and creative use of new expressive languages.

The activity aimed to design and create a mural with the high school classes of our ICS, both for the Cremeno and for the offices of Introbio and create a video to explain our experience in an original way. .

Did the student murals have a purpose? the revaluation and beautification of the places where children live and grow, to develop in them a sense of beauty, cooperation and respect for the context around them.

The creation of the creative laboratory also stems from the need to exploit open spaces to promote social and cooperative dynamics in view of a common goal, to promote respect for the urban and extra-urban environment, to promote school identity and to activate an educational itinerary. . for future responsible citizens.

The idea of ​​making two murals was also a natural consequence of a deep reflection caused by the appearance of vandal writings on the outer wall of our school buildings, which caused in all of us an unpleasant feeling of decay and abandonment. .

The contents of the project aim to support the development of sensitivity towards fundamental issues such as inclusion, peace, legality, respect, altruism, coexistence and friendship. The Introbio mural has a dynamic geometric composition in the background with a chromatic combination of colors ranging from red to blue, from purple to orange. The composition in the foreground is characterized by the large-scale reproduction of the faces of various great characters, symbols of the subjects and values ​​taught in school.

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