Volleyball, Italy-Brazil 3-1: Nations League finals closer

A splendid Italy beats Brazil with a clear 3-1 (25-17, 25-15, 14-25, 25-14 partial). This is the fourth success of the four matches of the Brasilia group after the clashes in Serbia, the Dominican Republic and Germany. Splendid test of the whole sextet, especially the usual Paola Egonu (22 points for her) and Sara Bonifacio, released by Coach Mazzanti. Thus ends the Brazilian stage, now the women’s Italy will return to the field on June 28 in Sofia against Poland for the third and final phase of VNL before the final in Ankara. But first will be the time of the Men’s League of Nations with De Giorgi’s European champions flying to the Philippines where they will face Germany (June 22), Japan, Slovenia and China. All matches live on Sky Sport Uno and broadcast on NOW.

First set: Italy on the verge of perfection

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After the clear victory against Germany, Mazzanti changes the two central ones throwing Marina Lubian and Sara Bonifacio. replacing Cristina Chirichella and Anna Danesi. For the rest, Egonu confirmed diagonally with Malinov, Degradi and Bosetti the two crushers and De Gennaro free. On the other side of the net is Gabi, the champion of Vakifbank Istanbul, the number one danger. The start is all blue with a splendid Bonifacio on the wall: Italy goes 5-2. Pushed by a crowded field, the Brazilians reacted immediately and with a partial 4-0 beat the European champions (5-6). Egonu and his teammates, however, do not break and with a blockade of Lubian go to the technical timeout at +3 in 12-9. Returning to the field, Italy is still great: the turn in the service of Caterina Bosetti hurts the South Americans, the blues flee 15-9. Advantage that the Mazzanti girls do great until the end of the set, playing a concrete and brilliant volleyball: the partial closes on 25-17 Alice Degradi which exploits a poor reception of the second green-gold line.

Second set: blue demolition, Bonifacio over the wall

As in the first set, the start of the second is also Italian brand: two Bonifacio walls and a Degradi block throw the Blues 6-2. Ze Roberto tries to change something between his girls, but the European champions are in a state of grace, especially on the block: in technical timeout Italy beat Brazil 12-6. On his return, Lubian’s baptismal turn hurts, as do Egonu’s stratospheric attacks from the first and second lines: the blues fly at 18-9. The advantage is too great, the Brazilians are already heading into the third set: Alice Degradi closes again, on 25-15, with a magnificent diagonal from place four.

Third set: Italy off, Brazil short

Brazil is a completely different team entering the field in the third set: the South Americans find speed and incisiveness in attack but also many defenses and touches of walls. The consequence is a 5-1 run in favor of Ze Roberto’s girls. To help the Brazilians, however, there is an Italy that is unrecognizable compared to the one it enchanted in the first two sets: there are many errors in reception and attack: goes to -10 on 6-16 for the hosts. Mazzanti tries to give a shock by replacing Bosetti with Guerra, but the difference is too great: Brazil closes easily with a 14-25.

Fourth set: Italy reunites and crashes into Brazil

Absorbed the blow of the third set, the blues rediscover the game of the first two halves: precision in the reception and big walls in the Brazilian attacks. Italy thus places a stratospheric partial of 12-3 with which you go to technical downtime. When they return, the South Americans try to get back into the game, but Paola Egonu and her teammates do practically nothing: Sara Bonifacio is extraordinary on the wall, the Brazilians are no longer: the fourth and final set ends 25-14.

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