Toro puts his heart into it, Pordenone goes to Florence

In Florence, Pordenone will play in the national under-19 final. And also deservedly. Il Toro celebrated in the first half hour, dragged by the very hot audience present in the stands of via Bossoli, going to the shooting with Albera and Bazzocchi, it seemed as if at any moment the advantage of the garnet girls would arrive, who instead picked up 0 -1 penalty kick by Sofia Rosolen. After the doubling of Pordenone, the grenade stops on the crossbar hit by captain Gaya Musso, the third goal of the toughest friuli arrives in time, when the grenade dream has now been broken.

Great celebration of the green-and-blacks of Friuli who, however, have applauded their defeated opponents. Cheerful and relaxed atmosphere both on the lawn and in the stands. The fans of both teams, with songs and drums, have supported the players with great enthusiasm for all 90 minutes. The joy of the coach is also immense Max Petrella who, in the post-match, says: “I am very proud of the performance of the girls, we started this great journey together on August 3 and we continue it with incredible results.”

Rosolen unlocks the match The fight first part of the match opens with the whistle of referee Bonomo. Sprint start, from the first minutes, of the Pordenone that plays in the offensive prevailing to the premises. Torino is not at all intimidated and responds vigorously to the green-and-black attack. Arbresha Prekaj made a great block, though. A good opportunity, misused, even for the oxen: the ball escaped to the number 1 guest, Valentina Dorbolò, tries the shot Carola Munafò that, not shooting hard enough, does not achieve the desired results.

Although Pordenone seems stronger both technically and physically, the Garnet players are starting to be more proactive. Gaya Musso stands out from the crowd with his well-deserved captain’s armband. The action that could unblock the game comes from his intervention in the 19th minute: after stealing the ball, Musso passes the ball to his teammate Linda Bazzocchi who assists Munafò, the shot is loose and saves the black and green goalkeeper from the corner. Torelle manages to respond to the guests’ offensive play for another ten minutes, after the mood drops considerably. In fact, in the 28th minute Massimiliano Petrella’s girls were awarded a penalty for contact between goalkeeper Gasparini over Prekaj. Sofia Rosolen overtook and scored, setting the expected and sought 1-0. The game goes on with a relentless pace in the middle of the field, on the one hand the bulls are looking for an equal and on the other the guests are determined to get the extension.

The Friulians celebrate it The teams return to the field, the recovery begins. Pordenone is even more offensive and determined, they do not want in any way to risk losing the challenge or equalize it and challenge the fate with penalties. Holds the ball well and is ready to attack, but Shanti Circosta can’t finish. Even Sara Nuzzi and Margherita Rosario worried the bulls as they offered several ideas to their teammates from the defensive line, throwing long and giving the opportunity to come back up.

The game was characterized by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but Gianluca Riccardi showed great heart and had a good game. For a few minutes he seemed to have achieved the desired results: with determination the players conquered the opposite half of the field but never managed to find the conclusion. The Neroverdi take advantage of every grenade error and restart at speed. In the 8th minute, the guests managed to make it 2-0 with Giorgia Termentini assisted by Aurora Sossai. In the background of the grenades, which seem unable to play with clarity and concentration, the injury of Eleonora Costa is added to the second half. After the available changes, they are forced to play in 10 to 90 minutes. Near the end, there was still a good chance for the locals: Musso tries to shoot from the left but the ball is saved on the fly by Dorbolò, determined to keep the goal blank. The victory of the black-green in five minutes of recovery has been definitively decreed: Ilaria Volpatti, suddenly recovered from a ball that hit him in the face, returns to the field and intercepts the ball finding the way to the goal moments later . Pordenone is ready to challenge Spezia in Florence.



NETS: 30 ‘team. Rosolen (P), 8 ‘st Termentini (P), 50’ st Volpatti (P).

TORÍ (4-3-1-2): Gasparini 6.5, Musso 7, Li Pira 6.5 (34 ‘st Bosio 6), Banchero 6.5, Cammarata 6, De Girolamo 6.5, Calautti 6 (12’ st Cadario 6), La Sala 6 , 5 (30 ‘st Medici), Albera 6 (12’ st Costa 6,5), Munafò 6 (1 ‘st Iuliano 6), Bazzocchi 6,5. Available Vaccarino, Gazzera, Dindo, Grasso. Ramats Riccardi 5. Cadario Director.

PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): Dorbolò 7, Cassina 7 (10 ‘st Poli 7), Rosolen 7, Nuzzi 7, Rodario 7, Marone 7.5, Circosta 7, Termentini 7.5 (45’ st Sam sv), Prekaj 7.5 (52 ‘st Goz sv), Perego 7 (38’st Volpatti 7), Del Frate 7 (5’st Sossai 7). Available Feltrin, Zanon, Caputi, Ndreu. Annex Petrella 7.5. Andrià 7.5. Dir Petrella.

REFEREE: Bonomo di Collegno 7.

COLLABORATORS: Merlina de Chivasso and Cereda de Chivasso.



Gasparini 6.5 Goalkeeper of great confidence, many beautiful stops during the year of the party in which it demonstrates excellent reflections and a safe prey, pity by the error that causes the penitentiary, that later realizes without being able to reject.

Musso 7 The best of the field for grenades, as a true captain leads the charge even in the most difficult moments, often stealing the ball and then trying to advance, also hits a crossbar that is amazing with a great shot.

Li Pira 6.5 Defends well, especially in the first half, covering the spaces effectively and recovering a good number of balls in a targeted manner and with clean interventions.

Banker 6.5 Good race, is proactive giving a hand to his teammates in the phase of doubling the score, also proves to be a rival not easy to overcome.

Cammarata 6 Orderly play, the man scores well, managing on several occasions to steal the ball or dirty the shooting trajectory, a pity for a few small spots in the second half.

De Girolamo 6.5 Physically strong and skilled in one-on-one, he tries, especially in the second half, to raise the center of gravity of the team by quickly climbing the ball and the chain.

Calautti 6 Intense play, try to get in the middle of the field by moving the ball quickly and then serving the teammates forward when a crack appears.

12’st Cadario 6 He tries to give the race a positive shake, using his agility to sprint forward with the ball and the chain.

The Room 6.5 He asserts himself in the middle of the field, being skilful in a one-on-one, makes the ball spin well, showing good understanding with his teammate, if necessary he backs away to help in the coverage phase.

Albera 6 He starts well often getting inside the ball and chain area, but fails to materialize with some mistakes in the first half.

12th Costs 6.5 He enters proving proactive from the start and providing precious energy to try the comeback, a pity for a bad blow that forces him to leave the field on a stretcher.

Munafo 6 He tries to invent, especially in the first minutes, but finally ends up taking the opposing defense that does not allow him to express himself to the fullest throughout the contest and until the time of substitution.

1 ‘st Iuliano 6 Entering the second half, he helps his teammates to carry out both phases of the match.

Bazzocchi 6.5 The most proactive of the attacking department, tries to cut as much space as possible in the area and then test the conclusion on the net, also often manages to evade the opponent’s marking.

Ramats Riccardi 5 He misses the most important match, then refuses even a talk with the microphones off. Half mark more for the suit and tie with 40 degrees.


Dorbolò 7 Very well in the first half hour to reject the shots of Albera and Bazzocchi, in the second half all come to rather weak conclusions, she is there.

Cassina 7 Very careful in the right lane, she turns her back on Del Frate.

10’st Pols 7 More than half an hour well done, it removes the threats that come to it.

Rosolen 7 Far left and penalty kick, he fits the shot well from 11 meters, paving the way for the final success.

Nuzzi 7 Central pivot in front of the defense, filters and sorts the balls.

Rodari 7 Very good in the center of the defense to repel grenade attacks.

Marone 7.5 Monumental race in the green and black rear, an insurmountable obstacle for the bulls.

Environment 7 Point of dynamism and movement, always willing to participate in offensive actions.

Termentini 7.5 Giorgia settepolmoni had a good opportunity to score the lead goal but the home team’s goalkeeper made the save. 2 – 0!

Preach 7.5 A constant danger, he uses the high defense of the Bull to fly towards the door of the grenade.

Perego 7 The number 10, which is almost a false 9, acts between the lines and is also proposed in front.

38 ‘st Volpatti 7 It takes 12 minutes to put the final stamp on the match.

Del Frare 7 “Decentralized” source of play of the Friuli team, triggers the spikes with their blows.

5 ‘st Sossai 7 Another perfect change, just entered builds the action of 2-0.

Annex Petrella 7.5 The team plays well, once the game is unlocked it legitimizes the advantage by covering the spaces and taking advantage of the Bull.

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