There is an Italy that will play the World Cup

When Paul Iyobo threw the ball 1-0 into the goal against Poland, the many blue cheering on the ranks of the Delfino Pescara Training Center they released all the tension they had inside. It had been a quiet evening, the previous one: few al Living room ask for to drink, players in the early room, staff in the garden to enjoy some fresh air to recover energy. TheItaly of Blind Football (blind football) the next day he would play to qualify for the 2023 Birmingham World Cup; to achieve this, he would have had to prevail in the mini-group formed by the teams excluded from the semifinals of the European Championship (organized by IBSA and FISPIC) which, for the record, won France, on penalties, in the final against a Turkey monumental.

The Azzurri’s European Championship started like this: defeat in the debut against France (later champion), draw with Greece in the second, success against a Czech Republic that still has a long way to go (avalanche of goals conceded, only one goal) . ) and defeat to Turkey in the last match of the group stage. Goodbye semifinals (out of range, for now) and towards the real goal: to get there Birmingham. To do this, you had to finish fifth and get the wildcardwhich is the extra place left by England, semi-finalist (therefore ranked) but host country, and therefore admitted by right.

What then, if you work hard, life comes to you.

Before Italy-Poland (decisive match), the other two admitted to the World Cup qualifying round, Greece and Romania, are out on the field. For a strange mix of calculations and destiny, the final 2-2 is one of those gifts served on a platinum plate: so Italy will only need to tie, but score. With a 0-0, playoff shooting with Greece the next day. With 1-1, by difference of goals, the azzurri won the World-wide one. With a defeat, Poland would go to Birmingham.

Devastating, Paul Iyobo. Sir Apulia he pats him on the back when he enters the field, which he will surely not even remember: these are automatic things, the ones you do because your instinct tells you to. A pat on the shoulder from Iyobo that, from the comment station, is noticeable. Prayer and recommendation was a message to convey. It was that you “think” that you can’t say verbally, but the language of football is often not made up of words.

Paul scores three goals his way. Possession, running, physical and sinister crossing. It ends 3-1, Italy is in the World Cup.

Good story, right? But have any of you heard or read about it? There is very little attention to what goes on outside the bubble of normalcy. I was lucky enough to live two weeks in contact with a reality I knew little or nothing about. At first I tried to go unnoticed, for fear of breaking some sacred balance, or simply because, in contact with something completely new, I often do not know how to behave. 18 days later, when the adventure is over, the Magone is so big.

The football that makes millions roll is still beautiful and untouchable: I’m the first one to fall in love with it and I love to tell it. There is another reality, however, that has the same dignity and should not be considered inferior. He Blind football is a type of football in which the skills are different, but the goal is always the same: to score. There are logistical differences, some more or less details in the regulations, but I assure you that, especially live, it is encouraging. Put the blindfold on: would you know how to advance the ball, play on the bench, pass the ball to a teammate in an extremely precise way, shoot at goal and score a goalkeeper who, in particular, sees very well? Now: the porters see us. They are the other 4 of movement that wear a mask that covers the eyes, to level the visual disabilities and not to create advantages or disadvantages in the field. Here you are: Paul Iyobo, forward of the selection, gained the maximum goleador of the match because it broke the rival goal 11 times. The Captain of Italy, Sebastiano Gravinahe is the one who never takes the ball away. Francesco Cavallottothe number 10 is the perfect example box to box player. Bryan Ramireztry to dribble over him, whether you have sight or not: maybe only if you face him, signal your presence with your voice, come straight at you and you can no longer see the ball.

I have mentioned a few, but they are all commendableItalian football that, next year, they will play the World Cup. They also defend the blue, indeed: they will defend the blue not more them, with the ball between their feet. We take them out of the footnotes, give them the prominence they deserve.

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