Everything is ready for the start of the Water and Water Sports Festival. The two days will begin tomorrow, Saturday, June 18, 2022 organized by Asea, a subsidiary of the province of Benevento and manager of Lake Campolattaro. About two days full of 11 moments, unique and exclusive for our people, for our territories:

1. REGIONAL SPEED ROWING CHAMPIONSHIP _ (Cat. 50 – 200 – young canoe) – Saturday 18 from 10:00 to 18:00 / Sunday 19 from 10:00 to 12:30 (cat. 5,000 – 10,000 m); 2. GUIDED TOUR OF CAMPOLATTARO DAM – Saturday 18 at 11: 00/19: 00; 3. GRAND CAMPAIGN ON AMICA COLDIRETTI STREET – Saturday 18 – 18:00 – 23:00; 4. GUIDED TOUR WWF OASIS – Saturday 18 – 18:30; 5. ULTRALLUG TRICOLOR ARROWS – Saturday 6.30pm / Sunday 12.30pm; 6. CSEN REGIONAL SWIMMING TROPHY (cat. 800 m.) – Saturday 18 at 18:30; 7. CSEN SUP REGIONAL TROPHY – Saturday 18 – 19:00; 8. INTERREGIONAL KITESURFING TROPHY – Saturday 6 – 7.30 pm; 9. SPORTS FREESTYLE – STREET ARTISTS – Saturday 18 – 20:00; 10. DANCE SOURCES – Saturday 18 – 21:00; 11. ASEA WATERPOLO TROPHY (CAMPANIA REPRESENTATIVE-MOLISE REPRESENTATIVE) – Sunday 19 at 9:00 am.

This is a festival that this year has gone beyond the sporting event, consisting of 14 moments, where the most anticipated is undoubtedly the one related to the show of the FONTS BALLANT, which is certainly also the most spectacular and meaningful. A great show of lights, water and music in harmony, accompanied by the sound of an electronic piano … the fountains, to the rhythm of the music, color change, intensity of lights and water jets. Throws that reach up to 19 meters. A real hymn to the water, which is life, and therefore a real hymn to life. There will be many that will excite those present. The competitions will be commented by the journalist of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Domenico Zappella, and by the champions of the different disciplines of water sports. The intervention of the multiple champion Riccardo Romano is also expected, confirmed for less than a month, for the fourth consecutive year Italian champion and who will represent Italy at the 2022 World Cup, already present at the press conference. There is a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm for the Water and Water Sports Festival, for an event that is certainly unique. In the two days of the Festival many surprises will be expected, many will be the emotions of the participants in the event which the Province of Benevento has shared with its investee company. “This is an ambitious environmental, tourism, sports and cultural project in the area – said the acting president of Asea, Avv. Armando Rocco – which aims to promote and enhance the invaded, as a wealth of invaluable value, and the multiform and pristine landscape that surrounds it, a project to enhance the space where water is a common good for all.As a water festival, activities and water sports excursions are planned along of the WWF dam and oasis: an intense weekend full of exciting moments that will interest the youngest, bringing them closer to the different disciplines, but also to a wider audience that wants to spend it. art and nature on the cozy Campolattaro Lake and the evocative WWF Oasis, a grand festival consisting of 14 moments, 11 of which are unique and exclusive, aimed at all ages, from the youngest to the wisest. but also to families.

“The best wishes – said President Rocco – is that the festival can be consolidated over time and become a fixed date with an irreplaceable social, environmental, cultural, tourist and sporting value, promoting and enhancing our communities and our territories “.

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