The presentation of the new Ternana Calcio shirts

And finally the big day arrived. The one in which Ternana Calcio, on one occasion, presents the three new gaming equipment of the 2022/23 season and pays homage to those unforgettable championships that, 50 years ago, gave the whole red and green world the great joy of the first historical promotion. in Series A.

Follow the LIVE of the event with us. Right here. Good vision.

-The presentation ceremony is about to begin. There are some of the players in the first Ternana of Serie A: Massimo Migliorini, Rolando Marchetti, Antonio Quirini, Romano Marinai, Zeni and Ermenegildo Valle. Along with them and their companions, a delegation of red and green fans is also ready to enjoy the show. The hosts, representing the club, are DS Luca Leone and Vice President Paolo Tagliavento. On behalf of the City Council, the Mayor Leonardo Latini and the Councilor for Sports Elena Proietti are also present.

-The act of presenting the shirts of the 2022/23 season begins.

Modestino:“We are here in Liberati precisely because 50 years ago Master Viciani’s Ternana arrived in Serie A, relaunching the city nationally and internationally. We salute one of Viciani’s sons, Enrico, and the daughter of the beloved president of Ternana Sabrina, and the daughter of the masseuse Madolini. We salute the old glories of that team. The shirt on my left was worn by the sailors in that Ternana Novara 3-1 “

Windbreaker: “Welcome from me from President Bandecchi and everyone. Ternana. Today is an important day, because these guys made the city live an incredible thrill. We are all present, with the authorities, journalists, players and fans. When, in October We met with the directors Macron (Serpetta) we couldn’t help but dedicate at least one t-shirt to that fantastic season. The day is long and the t-shirts will be the protagonists. I lived for 50 years listening to the stories of my grandfather, my father and his friends, who told the story of Viciani and his children. It is true that you are the protagonists of this day. “

Lion: “I’m just as excited as Paolo because something extraordinary is happening that I dream of for our future. I hope that what you have done we can do too, because you have shown that nothing is impossible. I hope to do it as soon as possible. possible to celebrate the new Ternana in Serie A “.

Fault: “Greetings to all because today we remember an important day because we remember a glorious past waiting for a similar future. Many wishes to Ternana Calcio to achieve great results and thank you for your collaboration with the management of Ternana”

– Latin: “ The memorial imposed the Liberati Stadium as the venue for this celebration. There is a lot of curiosity to understand how the nostalgia of those times has been embedded in our shirts. An English magazine recalled Viciani’s 40-year history. We should be proud of these memories and our history. We would like to remember another date, I am 74 and I did not have time to enjoy Ternana in Serie A. We all have this ambition, that the Ternana of Bandecchi, Lucarelli, Leone, Tagliavento, is remembered as the Ternana Serie A in the future. We all look forward to the feat because we have staff and players fit to carry it out and look forward to celebrating it at the new stadium. Good luck in the name of history “

Project: “I had three wishes: to see a derby won and I saw it. The second is that my grandmother, a very enthusiastic fan, can see Ternana with me in Serie A. She has spoken to me a lot and I hope to be able to to see her again at the top. At the stadium we find ourselves as a community and she makes us feel proud to be from Terni. We hope to be able to embrace each other again after two difficult years.

Pres. Macron: “Thank you for the invitation on this important day. I bring you the greeting of Macron who has been represented in Terni for many years by the Serpetta store. We have been linked to the club for many years and good luck.”;

Modestino: “I call Elena Proietti, Enrico Melasecche and Serpetta to discover the new t-shirts”

– Snake: “Before discovering the T-shirts, this year they came up with two ideas: the anniversary of the Serie A and the Terni fans.”

-Outdoor goalkeeper shirt, light blue with recurrence next to the Terni symbol with the heart.

– T-shirt damaged by Bandecchi. White, with red-green stripes on the front faces that highlight the birthday and Terni with the heart.

-Third t-shirt designed for fans. Discover Tagliavento with two girls from the red-green football school. Tagliavento “third t-shirt always dedicated to the territory: the waterfall, the names of the provinces etc … because we are a team and we had never paid tribute to the fans and we thought about it”. Black jersey, with two stripes representing the two curves: CORBA EST and NORD, with their choreographies. Taglaivento: “They have always supported us and it was right to dedicate this shirt to them”

-Leo and all the protagonists of the Ternana of 50 years ago. Serpetta “At first we wanted to do the same as the 72, but we added something. Leone contributed to that t-shirt.” The red-green shirt of the local, in all the red stripes there is all the staff 71-72, with staff and president of that historic promotion. Red-green shirt with shorts and black socks. Yellow numbers.

Windbreaker:“Each t-shirt has the limited edition symbol. For this week from Monday the t-shirts will be auctioned. Fans who want to buy it in the usual way, will contribute to Terni col Cuore which operates in the territory at 360 degrees. This in the morning, 100 children went to the beach for a week thanks to Terni col Cuore, the entrepreneurs and the team “.

– “Mariners: “Both my teammates and I are excited and look forward to another victory in the championship”

-The delivery of the shirts to the Libero Liberati stadium in Terni is over, to the applause of the audience.

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