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Serena Ursillo, passionate about drums, hard rock and heavy metal, had lost her partner two years ago. Enrica, a sports psychologist, was the author of numerous books

The world of volleyball stopped to work out the pain of losing Serena Ursillo and Enrica Macci, the two former players who died on Friday 17 June on the A1, trapped in their Panda involved in the mega accident between heavy vehicles at km 414 between the toll booths of Fabro (Terni) and Chiusi (Siena).
in a northerly direction it has blocked traffic for hours, causing more than 20 kilometers of queuing.

Serena Ursillo, 37, was from Sant’Angelo Romano. For a few years he moved to Umbria, to Montecampano di Amelia, where he continued to cultivate his great passions: volleyball as a mini volleyball coach at Amerina Volley, and drums, passion that led her to teach music at the Terni Music Academy. Enrica Macci, 49, originally from Tivoliwith a past as a great athlete in athletics, volleyball as a player in various teams of Lazio, since moving to La Valnerina, in Montefranco, continued to practice biathlon, shooting, canyoning and, lately, was a passionate about caving and mountaineering.

A sports and wellness psychologist, she has written numerous books on improving athletic performance, deepening research in the field of cognitive neuroscience. to the development of new methods of mental training. The two women had left immediately after lunch to arrive at Chianciano Terme, where they were supposed to take part in a second-level specialization course for volleyball coaches. When the tragic news arrived, the Federal Board of Federvolley suspended its work, with the intention of dedicating a moment of reflection to the two missing coaches. Fipav General Secretary Stefano Bellotti, in agreement with the regional committees of Umbria and Tuscany, has ordered the suspension of all competitive activities planned for the weekend in both regions.

The pain that the news brought to the environment where the two women left a memory of availability, passion, commitment, especially in the world of young people, is immense. CEO Castelmadama on his Facebook page wanted to remember Enrica Macci: Yesterday the sky recovered one of its stars, returned to Enrica and her friend Serena! Enrica Macci had collaborated with us for a few years, coaching several youth teams until 2018. He left while he was going to a coaching course, a beautiful person with a lot of humanity left. A kiss in the sky.

Amelia and the boys from the Terni Music Academy do not give up. After experiencing the tragedy of the death of his partner Simone two years ago, Serena Ursillo had not wanted the silence and compassion around her, but she had continued to play drums with a special fondness for hard rock and heavy metal., trying to transfer this love for music to the youngest. Fabrizio Tini Brunozzi of the Terni Academy of Music reminds us: We are surprised – he tries to tell us – because it is a great loss, professionally but above all human. He always smiled and the students loved him, especially the little ones. With us she always behaved like an exemplary person and teacher, a real music lover with a special predilection for rock and metal. Life does not smile at him and it was very unfortunate, this tragedy happened just as he was recovering from grief over the loss of his life partner. She will have a splendid memory of a person who knew how to be among others and who knew how to give with generosity and love.

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