Sport and youth, the challenge is in school

The International Football Tournament organized under the Presidency of Eusalp, which for 2022 is led by the Autonomous Province of Trento, held these days in the Giudicarie, has seen today an important moment of reflection on the inclusive role of the game of football in mountain areas. A role that at this historical moment, as a result of the pandemic, has an even more important value.

The president of the CONI of Trento Mora, in her introduction, emphasized that “the 2022 edition of the Eusalp Tournament sees the participation of the female component as a novelty. It is time for sport to be considered 360 ° without finding distinctions between sex, ability and disability, where everyone in this context can recognize themselves with their own differences. In a province that thrives on sports tourism, it is important to have adequate structures, but even more so to have someone to make them live ”.

The president of the FIGC of Trentino Stefano Grassi has brought his applause to the event, which has the merit of combining sport with culture. “Amateur and youth sports are a vehicle of culture, our sports clubs are the mainstay of sport in our territory and play a very important role in the community. “Our mission is to grow athletes but first to train people who can enter society and grow with strong values ​​and principles.” President Grassi also mentioned the ongoing recovery of the Trentino football movement after the pandemic. Our youth sector has 9,200 members, a significant result. “

In her distance speech, essayist and entrepreneur Boschetto Doorly spoke about how the mountain has an extraordinary appeal to people. Over the last decade, mountain tourism throughout the Alpine arc has increased substantially. In Trentino Alto Adige we are talking about a + 30/35%. Young people are especially attracted to the mountains, attracted by the beauty and the feeling of freedom that can emanate. In addition, the mountain today becomes a refuge for well-being, also promoting motor activity and sport, which are essential for the balance and psychophysical health of everyone.

RAI journalist Bizzotto, an unforgettable chronicler of many major sporting events, emphasized the value of volunteering in sport in the mountain dimension. “When we talk about sports in these places, he said, we are talking about sacrifice: we think about the distances to the playgrounds, the presence and free availability of parents and managers, roles that often merge in small clubs. In Trentino, this wealth of human resources goes hand in hand with the excellence of the structures present in the area. Just think of the famous teams that choose this land for their summer retreats and that should be the pride of those who live and work here so that football has its right dimension.

Finally, the provincial councilor for Crafts, Trade, Promotion, Sport and Tourism, Failoni, emphasized that “it is not taken for granted that many projects can be carried out in Trentino because there are resources. All regions can have adequate funds, but it is the elections that are taken at the political level that make the difference. Ours was and is a clear political choice. Even the Eusalp Trophy project, whose presidency this year is represented by a delegation from the councilor for education, university and culture, Mirko Bisesti, has the merit of allowing pollution among children, technicians and families. “We are firmly committed to the combination of sport and tourism,” said the commissioner, “and we can say that we are winning this challenge given the large number of people coming to Trentino for the first time.”

In the future we will have to invest even more in the school-sport combination.

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