single check and Rdc: how to get more money?

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Unique control and Rdc – Let’s give some light Unique check I Basic income. In this article we focus surcharges yen additions to be requested with Rdc-Com / Au model (Check out the latest news and then Read all the news at the Single Check in Telegram. Get the latest news on bonuses, work and personal finances every day on your mobile: join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook Write all your questions on Instagram Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel To continue reading the article on your mobile, tap «Keep reading»After the following image).


Sole control and Rdc: to whom is it entitled?

The universal single allowance is a subsidy for all families with dependent children for tax purposes. There are not income requirements to be respected (hence, “universal”), but to be entitled one must be so resident in Italy and have:

According to decree n.46 / 2021 which regulates the single aid, the amount varies according to the ISEE rank and the composition of the family unit. In general, for incomes equal to or greater than 40 thousand euros, the minimum amount of 50 euros per child is due, while for incomes equal to or less than 15 thousand euros, the maximum amount of 175 euros per child is due.

It is necessary to apply for the grant submit a specific application by accessing the dedicated section of the Inps site, using the SPID, CIE or CNS credentials and following the instructions provided. Alternatively, you can rely on INPS contact center oaa Coffee / Board. The amount due depending on your condition will be paid from the month following the submission of the application.

Check out the Single Czech page for other rights and benefits.

However, this step is not required for citizenship income, as in the case of the single check is delivered automatically on the Rdc card (instead of the current account listed on the application).

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Single check and Rdc: how to calculate the amount

Calculate thebasic amount the single allowance is not very complicated: just check the amount for each child based on age and income range. In the table below you can see example as calculated.

Minor children Children up to 21 years
Up to 15 thousand euros 175 euros 85 euros
20 thousand euros 150 euros 73 euros
25 thousand euros 125 euros 61 euros
30 thousand euros 100 euros 49 euros
35 thousand euros 75 euros 37 euros
From 40 thousand euros 50 euros 25 euros
Single check basic amount table

To know the amounts derived from the intermediate bands, you may be interested in this table.

The issue is complicated when specific situations have to be raised, such as surcharges to be applied to the amount and calculation in the case of Citizenship Income.

Speaking of the latter, as it is very easy to get confused, it seems right to spend a few more minutes on the subject. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing how to calculatesingle check on Rdc.

Unique Rdc check: how it is calculated

First, to calculate the unique check in Rdc you need to know which ones equivalence scale and the minor part.

The equivalence scale is one of the parameters used to calculate the amount due for citizenship income. This is calculated as follows:

  • applicant family unit: equivalence scale 1
  • adult children: equivalence scale 0.4
  • minor children: equivalence scale: 0.2

Once you understand the equivalence scale, you need to calculate the lower Rdc quota. How to do it? This is the formula: (Rdc x minor equivalence scale) / global equivalence scale.

For example, in a family with two adults and two minor children who earn 700 euros a month from Rdc, the smallest part corresponds to 155.55 euros according to the formula [(700×0,4):1,8].

What does this have to do with sole control? The reason you need to know what it is is to calculate the monthly amount single check on rdc the lower part of the DRC must be subtracted from the basic amount of the single check. Therefore, if we assume that the family in our example would be entitled 167.50 euros per child (for a total of 335 euros), will be the final amount of the single check on the ground floor 179.50 euros per month.

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Single control and Rdc: increases

Now that we have overcome the first hurdle, which is the calculation of the single check on the rdc, we need to know what are the surcharges they will be applied to the single check and when they are sold.

Specifically, to the surcharges that vary according to various conditions must be added the basic amounts seen so far (with and without Rdc). Here’s what they are:

  • Surcharge for children after the second: corresponds to an amount of 85 euros per child for ISEE up to 15 thousand euros, to gradually decrease with increasing income, up to a minimum of 15 euros per ISEE over 40 thousand euros;
  • Surcharge for minors with disabilities: in the case of minors the amount varies according to the degree of disability, in particular it corresponds to 85 euros in the case of medium disability, 95 euros in case of severe disability and 105 euros in case of no self employed. sufficiency. There will also be an additional increase until the end of the year;
  • Surcharge for disabled adult children: for children up to 21 years the fixed amount of 80 euros per month must be paid; while in the case of children under 21 or older the amount ranges from a maximum of 85 euros per month with ISEE up to 15 thousand euros, to go down to a minimum of 25 euros with an ISEE equal to or greater than 40 thousand euros,
  • Surcharge for mothers under 21 years: 20 euros per month for each son or daughter;
  • Surcharge for parents with income from work: the amount is equivalent to 30 euros per month in the case of low ISEE (within 15 thousand euros) and then completely zero in the threshold of 40 thousand euros;
  • Surcharge for families with 4 or more children: fixed amount of 100 euros per month for each child;
  • Transitional surcharge for families with ISEE of less than 25 thousand euros that the ANF received last year: the amount is not defined as it would correspond to a “continuation” of the allowance per family unit. This increase is called transitory because it is only expected in the years 2022, 2023 and 2024, during which the amount will be gradually reduced until it is completely zero in 2025.

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Single check and citizenship income: how to get more money?

Single check and Rdc: additions with the Rdc-Com / Au module

During this period, much has been said about the Rdc-Com / Au Model, which is the form published by the INPS for release single check payments which many families had not yet received. In particular, payments will be made periodically after providing more information about your family and financial situation through this form.

As described in INPS circular no. 53 of 28 April 2022, the Rdc Com Au Model must be completed by families for whom the Social Security entity does not have all the useful information to initiate payments. One of the common cases in which compilation is required is the existence of surcharges on the single check (which have not been recognized).

For example, the INPS refers to the supplement for families where both parents are the recipients of income earned and for former check recipients in the ANF family unit.

Through the Rdc Com Au form, these families must report:

  • the presence of both parents holding income from work;
  • the right of the family unit to receive the compensatory increase for households with ISEE income not exceeding 25 thousand eurosin which a member of the nucleus has already received, in the course of the year 2021, the aid to the family unit ANF, in the presence of minor children.

You may be interested in this article on ANF 2022 family allowances with amounts and tables.

Also, those who fill in the form must declare the presence of any of these conditions:

  • presence of a nen adult dependent until the age of 21, attending a course of studies, professionals or degree;
  • presence of a nen adult dependent until the age of 21 performing a Practices o work activity and that he has a total income less than 8,000 euros;
  • presence of a nen adult dependent until the age of 21 who is registered as unemployed or looking for work in Employment center;
  • presence of a nen adult up to the age of 21 to perform the universal civil service;
  • presence of a nen adult loaded has not been successfully entered into the DSU useful for Rdc recognition;
  • Presence of mother under 21 years not valued at DSU for the purpose of recognizing the DRC as the declarant or spouse of the declarant;
  • indication of those who exercise parental responsibility, in case of separation or divorce or in the case of natural parents do not cohabit;
  • existence of a valid provision of the order of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).

To learn how to fill out the Rdc Com Au Form correctly we recommend that you read this detailed guide.

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