Sim1Workout: “Sport and Youtube, passion and work. And on social media ..”

In exclusive for readers of SportPress24we interviewed Sim1 Training, also known as Simone Carotenuto, her real name. Known mainly by young people for their online fame, precisely in Youtubewhich has half a million subscribers in addition to the nearly one hundred and fifty thousand followers among Instagram I Facebook. Sport in general, for the Roman youtuber born in the year 95, has always represented the passion par excellence. Such a strong interest rate, that over the years, has led him to make videos on the platform of his property Google, actually making films focused mainly on sports. Boxing, kickboxing, powerlifting, football and more. In short, from a hobby to a real job, thanks to two decisive vital factors: perseverance and dedication.

There are many topics covered in thisinterviewhow this commitment arose, the origin of the nickname it bears or even the advantages and disadvantages of the social world, linked to being famous.

How was he born and how many years have you been working as a youtuber?

“I started making videos on Youtube in 2015, after a bad period of my life, in many ways. Being underweight, for example, is one of those factors. And then I wondered, why not start exercising and maybe document my whole journey? And so I did. I began to remember to show my workouts, what I ate, and my lifestyle, to achieve a certain goal. The first two years, let’s say, I didn’t have a big follow-up, quite the opposite. Still it was a passion, I liked what I did, I believed in it a lot. I never gave up and went on my way “

What is the origin of your nickname?

“The first name was Sim1Boxe, because when I was a child I was a boxer, there was an app where I had to put a nickname. I didn’t know which one to wear and so I chose this one. 1 means one, in English, creating together with Sim, in Italian, the word Simone. Finally, boxing, for sports. Then, as I was opening this channel with the 360 ​​° sports theme, I changed it by inserting workouts. “

What advice would you give to a boy if he came to ask you the best way to go?

“Surely you believe a lot in yourself, in what you do, because it is the key because unfortunately we often see our idols as unreachable people. You see the footballers or the actors, individuals who in the end are like us. If you want, you can. To achieve your goal, the mind is a powerful enough machine to take you everywhere. It all depends on your mentality. “

What are the main pros and cons of this world, Youtube and social media in general?

“Starting with the cons, there is a lack of privacy, especially as you become more and more known. Wherever you go, good or bad, people know you, stop you and look at everything you do. unless you lock yourself inside the house (laughs, ed.) But the pros are many: you carry on what you like, which is the most beautiful thing in the world there is so much effort behind it that one person does not see. “

What is the reason for choosing the sport, as an almost completely basic theme in your videos?

“Because sport is my life, I make a living from it, in fact I started practicing it when I was 3 years old. I’ve done so many, that’s all for me, I’ve almost never gone through a period where I haven’t trained. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

Finally, I ask that you list me: one sport that you like, one that you don’t like, and finally another that you think is wrongly underestimated.

“Sports that I really like boxing and football, that I don’t like volleyball. While, in my opinion, the ones that are despised are the combat disciplines, often misinterpreted. “

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