Sapri’s Pisacane Music Institute’s tenth anniversary party was a success


The two days of music and entertainment on June 4 and 5, 2022 at the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula were a great success for the ten years since the birth of the Liceo Musicale Carlo Pisacane in Sapri. Born in 2012 thanks to the tenacious will of the director Prof. Franca Principe, the Liceo Musicale di Sapri is today an established reality in the panorama of music training institutes in the province of Salerno. Growing thanks to the passion, commitment and constant work of the entire school community, the Liceo Musicale di Sapri is confirmed as a quality public institution that not only fulfills the educational and training function of the younger generations, but also is a talented brother for each of the different musical specialties and an important resource for the cultural growth of the Gulf of Policastro and the whole Cilento area. The highest institutional officials in the education sector in the Campania region did not lose their presence at the event: greeting and greeting video messages for the 10th anniversary of the IIS Carlo Pisacane di Sapri were, in fact, received. by Ettore Acerra, director of the Campania School Regional Office, Lucia Fortini, Minister of Education of the Campania Region. Institutional greetings were also received from Miur, present with Annalisa Spadolini, National Coordinator of the Operational Technical Unit of the National Committee for the Practical Learning of Music and the Bishop of the Diocese of Teggiano-Policastro, Mons. Antonio De Luca. The welcome video of Alfonso Andria, former senator of the Republic and present together with the general director of Miur, Luciano Chiappetta, at the inauguration of the Liceo Musicale, which took place ten years ago in the cathedral of Policastro Bussentino. In a setting of rare beauty and high cultural value, such as the Spezieria of the Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, recognized since 1998 as a World Heritage Site, the dense and articulated musical program featured the performance of more of 300 musicians, including students, orchestral formations and renowned musicians, in two evenings of live music that, in addition to giving great emotions to the public, highlighted the role and importance of music in creating networks and connections and strengthen the inter-agency and intergenerational pact. The participation of the SMIM Junior Vertical Orchestra of students and the eight music schools of the Province of Salerno (Liceo de Música Alfonso Gatto d’Agropoli, Liceo Teresa Confalonieri di Campagna, Liceo de Música De Filippis-Galdi de Cava de ‘Tirreni). , Primo Levi Music High School of Eboli, Liceo Musicale A. Galizia of Nocera Inferiore, Liceo Musicale Alfano I of Salerno, Liceo Musicale Parmenide of Vallo della Lucania, as well as of course the Liceo Musicale C. Pisacane of Sapri), in fact . , expresses the special care in the empowerment of the vertical continuity of the formative trajectory of the young musicians, from the first cycle of secondary to the obtaining of the diploma of Conservatory. In addition, the presence of all the music institutes in the province of Salerno highlights the importance of the role of the Pole of Music Schools, an expression of a ‘choral’ organizational effort of the School and the Institutions, which sees Music as a tool for social inclusion and the promotion of the Territory, as confirmed by the important event held on June 6 in Scampia, with the performance of more than 2000 students with the Regional Junior Vertical Orchestra of the High School of Music. Of particular note is the support provided for the organization of the event by the active participation of Fulvio Maffia and Carmine Santaniello Directors, respectively, of the Conservatories of Salerno and Naples, which are confirmed among the realities of the education scene. musical among the most important. nationally .. The audience present and connected online thanks to the live broadcast of Cilento Channel was able to experience moments of particular involvement and emotion thanks to the performances of the two Symphony Orchestras of the Students of the Conservatory of Salerno G. Martucci and the Naples Conservatory. , S. Pietro a Maiella masterfully conducted by Teachers Jacopo Sipari de Pescasseroli and Leonardo Quadrini, examples of professional excellence and pedagogical generosity towards young students. Especially exciting, at the end of the event, the joint performance of the Orchestra conducted by Maestro Quadrini and the Wind Orchestra of the Liceo Musicale C. Pisacane di Sapri, conducted by Maestro Vincenzo Cuomo, for the performance of Brindisi della Traviata, with the performance of the two singing teachers of the Liceo Musicale de Sapri, the soprano Prof. Teresa D’Alessandro and the tenor Prof. Francesco Napoletano. The second evening of music was enriched by the special participation of the renowned jazz trio of Max Jonata, Julian Oliver Mazzariello and Daniele Scannapieco, a worthy closing of the didactic project on complex musical languages, launched at the beginning of the school year. Sapri’s IIS Pisacane and called ‘… To the Sound of Jazz’. The success of the two musical evenings with the public is also a demonstration of the importance of collaboration between institutional bodies and local administrations.

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