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The lawyer Antonio Rizzoa Salernita fan has sent us, in relation to the recent new complaints against the city of Salerno, held on the sidelines of a presentation of his novel in Roccapiemonte, a new response to the Neapolitan writer. Maurici De Giovanni. We publish the full text of your letter.

Dear Maurizio De Giovanni, last April a sloppy post on his Facebook profile, from
denunciation of the cries of hatred against the city of Naples by Salernitana fans at the stadium
Olympic, in the soccer match against Rome and mainly the consequent resignation to
participate in the presentation of his latest novel to the provincial administration of
Salerno, scheduled for April 21, 2022, have provoked, I think was predictable, altered reactions from
other inhabitants of social networks, who following his modus operandi have not shown him
certainly certificates of affection, esteem, and consideration, which perhaps she thinks are due to her.
At the time of the events and many others wanting, we tried with sincere letters, published in several
Campania online newspapers, diluted, even with a good dose of irony, the
controversy unexpectedly provoked by her, as a sports barista. Inviting her
rethink their unjust accusations.
I have not heard or read any of your answers or statements of admission that I was wrong,
making very bad use of social media, tackling a very delicate topic with a language
inadequate; moreover, I have not heard any apology from her for depriving her
city ​​of Salerno, in the person above all (but not only) of its former admirers, of an event
who was looking forward to it.
They appear only generically and demagogically on various local televisions, in which in the line of a wish we can
very fashionable was trying to claim that the honor of southern football teams had to be
he remained tall and would therefore have been happy with a possible salvation from the descent
of Salerno.
I thought that in any case, without admitting any guilt, I still wanted to let him die
any controversy. Unfortunately I was wrong.
To my bitter surprise, yesterday I read in the newspaper of the City of Salerno, that during the
the presentation of one of his novels in a beautiful place in Roccapiemonte (SA) made some
discouraging statements, such as getting rid of my anger, which according to my custom I approach the way
with which I now manifest it.
Well, I don’t know why, he thought he remembered that episode that you already reported
facebook, adding another “infamous” adjective to those with whom he had painted his reviews
in the pomegranate curve of Rome.
I could, for your next statements, suggest many other derogatory adjectives to use, however
I abstain, he is fluent in Italian and will know how to find the right ones.
The pearl of wisdom that horrified me, however, was a little further away, hidden in the article
diary I was reading. He didn’t believe me, he didn’t want to believe me, but the source was there in front of me and in front of me
he said it seemed right, remembering that episode, to make a distinction between the
province of Salerno and the capital. Only the latter should have deserved the sentence
of the deprivation of his scholarly and entertaining debates outside of book presentations.
This reduction of his sentence reminds me a lot of an awkward attempt to justify his
presence in the Plaza de Salerno, to exploit the desire to know his narrative,
not to limit too much the limits of its visibility, but leaving the city of Salerno still deprived of the good.
supreme that its presence be able to secure the culture, wherever it leaves a mark.
This sentence of isolation would last until a public apology from the institutions
municipal, provincial “regional (?!)”. Sorry, if I understand correctly, but maybe I shouldn’t
I try too hard, they should materialize in a public condemnation of the “infamous”
hearts of the curve of Salerno that fatal day.
De Giovanni realizes that what he says is just a demonstration
an immeasurable egocentrism. To believe that the dignity of Naples could have been really offended by the
hearts curveioli and that the same must be repaired by means of statements of condemnation, by a reprimand.
of the institutions mentioned, is a singular and out of place thesis.
I wonder, but you have condemned yourself to a similar cultural and entertainment exile throughout Italy, in the south.
including, where the most violent cries are uttered by the opposing supporters of Naples,
or only aimed at the city of Salerno, for an alleged seriousness of the crimes
received from Naples by grenade fans? In the case of a completely singular syllogism, second
that the territorial proximity, the resemblance of customs and traditions of that land with the capital
The Campania region should have prevented everything you reported and would do so
Salern’s most serious foul. Intolerable.
Clearly, regardless of any unnecessary consideration, here she is intentionally ignoring
the so-called parochialism, which in football finds a more vulgar statement of which it is full
all of Italy. Ignore this in any part of the world, but more in our nation homeland of municipalities, between
nearby cities never have bad blood.
Maybe I should remind you of the “love” that the pisans and livorns declare at every step, and
citizens of Salerno and Cavesi, Brescia with Bergamo, Catania and Palermo and maybe not me
never ends.
The illogicality, however, of his statements appears to me in all their evidence, where it is fulfilled
an impossible split between people from the province of Salerno, deserving of their scholars
presence and that of the city of Salerno, instead doomed to harsh abstinence.
He is too smart not to understand that this tortuous distinction is untenable.
You know that the Salernitana has a very high following of fans in the province and therefore the
I ask him with what precision and visual ability he grasped the direction from which the infractions came
of the pomegranate curve and that was that of the salernins of the city, but not of the province? Maybe yes
did you notice any distinction, dissociation banners from the “provincial” strips? That was it
the element that led him to discover that the Malnati were only citizens of Salerno?
His skill will have allowed him, perhaps, to capture a distinction in the different accents that
to distinguish a province as extensive as that of Salerno.
Always on the sidelines of the presentation in Roccapiemonte (SA), you spent on scholars
considerations about the value of culture and about the need to educate populations, because of ignorance
it opens the door to violence and superstition (the disinterest that the Bourbons have devoted themselves to
to the education and cultural growth of his people, reducing them to a mass of lazzaroni
desperate and ignorant, it is an eloquent proof).
Well, I don’t know if I can agree with the reference to the ruptures of the Bourbon policy in the south of Italy,
it doesn’t matter at least here, but their statements in general and principle appear
certainly correct.
But I just want to remind you that culture is a substantial synonym for dialogue, it is the tool
with which populations must learn to discern and reason.
I think my consideration of principle cannot answer that.
And then, De Giovanni, it seems to him that a writer of his fame can offer a kidnapping
as they make such a vulgar legacy as the one he included in his facebook post last April e
then follow a similar path, fueling incomprehensible controversy e
as exasperated as he is, then claiming to be a defender of culture?
Finally, I wonder why he wanted to emphasize the failure of his person to invite the
Salerno Literature Festival? Because then his nature would want him to always come
sought as a source of culture in every place, because that is how the city of Salerno would have repaired it
to the unjust silence maintained towards the Salerno fans? Because?
At least tell me that, dear De Giovanni.
Greetings from an old reader of yours“.

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