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“Paolo Signori” scholarships to Marchi: the boys and girls awarded in memory of the former student

The director, Anna Paola Migliorini, visibly moved, confirms and relaunch, finally present, the fourth edition of the initiative dedicated to Paolo Signori, a former student of the Istituto Marchi, who died sadly and prematurely.
“An initiative that brings me especially, with great satisfaction, in memory of the beloved Paolo Signori, we recognize the merit of our children with a really important scholarship, a joy and an honor for our Institute.” With these words, on the occasion of the award of the Paolo Signori Scholarships, the Dean celebrated the winners of the important recognition.
The winners of the third scholarship dedicated to Paolo Signori. The award is born to enhance the merit, commitment and excellence of the most capable, educated and creative students, with special reference to the results achieved in business administration. Paolo Signori was a student at the school who died young after a long illness.
The announcement was made possible by an initial donation of 20,000 euros that Paolo’s mother, Francesca Innocenti, decided to make available to the school to pay tribute to the memory of her son. After the appeals with the third edition of the 2020/2021 academic year, Mrs. Francesca, with an extraordinary gesture of affection, friendship and generosity, decided, during the 2021/2022 academic year, to make a new donation of 20,000 euros more. There are no words to thank you.
The curator of the project was Professor Edoardo Fanucci, Professor of Business Economics; Although he is on unpaid leave, he has enthusiastically welcomed the proposal to continue following all the phases of the call, putting himself at the complete disposal of the initiative.
The best students were chosen based on very strict criteria: the average grade of at least 8/10; the grade for Business Administration and the final grade point average for all subjects. But in addition to the benefit, participation in extracurricular activities, travel, sports, singing, theater activities organized by the school over the three years was rewarded.
The absence of individual disciplinary measures also had a positive impact, as did the motivation of the students. The prize (500 euros per student) can be used to purchase vouchers for textbooks, technological material and teaching materials. but also contributions intended to support learning experiences and enrichment of knowledge and skills, including study trips abroad.
The scholarships were awarded by Mrs. Francesca, Paolo’s mother, in an emotional ceremony, held on Friday, June 17, at 6 pm, at the Pescia delegation of the Marchi-Forti Institute; highlight the presence of committee representatives, faculty, administrative technical assistants, Paolo’s former classmates, and last but not least, many students. Institutional and school representatives from the provincial and regional levels also took part. In particular: the Director of the Regional School Office Dr. Ernesto Pellecchia and Dra. Maria Elda Spano Deputy Commissioner of the Municipality of Pescia, representing the City of Pescia.
“Enhancing the merit of our students is a duty for those who, like us, believe in the value of the school and dedicate their lives to feeding generations of young and very young” – stressed Prof. Monica Gaggiottini – Professor and Head of the Department of Business Economics.
“Continuing to fight as Paolo did,” Francesca Innocenti’s mother recalled, “even in the most difficult times, she never lost her desire to live: she was an example of serenity and hope.
We want to reward young, committed scholars, because that’s what Italy needs to build the citizens of tomorrow. ” Remember Paolo Signori also prof. Anna Maria Giorgetti, inspiration and reference of the project, Paolo’s teacher during high school: “Paolo was a splendid child, loved and appreciated by his classmates and teachers. His memory lives on in our minds and, above all, in our hearts. I will never stop remembering his gestures and teachings. His serenity, his ability to accept his condition without ever complaining about it, has been an example and a guide in my life for me. “
Finally, the School thanks the Signori family for their generosity to our Institute and our children.

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