Kaia Gerber, when fashion is written in DNA

Kaia Gerber during Stella McCartney’s Spring 2020 show (courtesy of Stella McCartney)

With its last appearance in the Cannes Film Festival she stole the show from her boyfriend Austin Butlerwe Elvis in the biopic dedicated to the king of rock’n roll, climbing the Montée des Marches in a red silk dress created especially for her, as befits a muse, of Hedi Slimane per Celine (I will see MFF May 26, 2022). Beautiful, very in love and very comfortable with the flashes of the photographers and the surprise of those who, once again, believed that they had returned to the nineties whose mother Cindy Crawford he was the absolute protagonist. But Kaia Gerber is much more than a daughter of art. If the genes of haute couture and an absolutely natural dizzying beauty have proven to be undoubted past, the rest is thanks to a girl who in a few years has collected covers, catwalks and advertising campaigns despite her youth and conquering the world. everyone’s attention.

Strengthened by a family that has always supported her, a healthy bearer of a pure sense of style, clean of resemblance to her mother whom Kaia likes to exasperate by rereading her iconic looks to bring to life long-awaited moments #tb, highly anticipated. jealous of her private life of her daily moments to the delight of her more than 8 million followers, the girl does not lose a single rhythm. And not even a boy, it could be said, returns to the French red carpet illuminated by what is, in effect, a candidate to become the new golden couple of the millennium.

Los Angeles Californian Kaia, two years younger than her brother Presley, was born in 2001 out of love between Cindy Crawford and the entrepreneur. Rande Gerber. The cultural, ethnic and religious crucible, on the one hand, and the familiarity with a certain dose of celebrities, on the other, gave the girl the opportunity to freely express her artistic inclinations in the theatrical productions that ‘organize in that Malibu InstituteA short walk from Zuma Beach, where children brought surfboards to class as if they were singing a song. Beach boys. She wanted to become an actress, Kaia, and going out with the Hollywood stars who were at home with her convinced her that she was right. In addition, he was not very clear about his mother ‘s profession until, a Disneyland, realized she was the only one who wanted to take a picture with the princesses at the Los Angeles amusement park while everyone else wanted to be immortalized with Cindy Crawford. He was only 8 years old and soon after, overcoming his parents’ initial skepticism, he also found himself on a photo set. And only.

Kaia Gerber at the Prada fw 2022 fashion show (courtesy of Prada)

It was the campaign of adv Young Versacethe same thing he pushed Donatella Versace to state that Kaia was special and that she shared the same love story with her mother for the purpose. Without neglecting the cyclical nature of a story I had just seen Gianni Versace Cindy’s Pygmalion and that was now repeated involving the rest of the two families. But the coincidences did not end there. If little Kaia had posed for the Medusa house portrayed by Mert and Marcusthey were Steven Meisel before and Bruce Weber then to photograph it (respectively by Vogue Italy and for CR fashion book), picking up the threads of a narrative that at the time involved the mother. Who, in turn, gave the green light for her daughter to fully dedicate herself to the nascent modeling career, not only accompanying her on her first engagements away from home, but parading with her for her catwalk debut of Calvin Klein signed Raf Simons during New York Fashion Week 2018. That fashion was a family affair it was more than obvious a few months later when Omega he wanted the whole Gerber clan to witness his campaign, immortalized in black and white images on Malibu Beach by Peter Lindbergh.

Kaia Gerber at Stella McCartney’s 2019 Spring Show (courtesy of Stella McCartney)

Kaia, who had joined the stable of Img models and had made his film debut with a small role in the TV movie Sister cities thus fulfilling her childhood dream, she was ready to fly. And he did, of course, great. Her doe eyes, slender physique and long legs combined with a dizzying genetic heritage dazzled the major fashion houses that claimed her on the catwalk: Alexander Wang a Fendifrom Moschino a Burberryfrom Prada a Chanel as far as Versace, Kaia Gerber’s rendezvous card was empty. Her perfect face was chosen, in 2016, to represent the cult brand of accessories and jewelry Chrome hearts and the collection of summer glasses from Miu Miu it’s the same Marc Jacobs she wanted Kaia both as an ambassador for her beauty line and as the mistress of her most famous fragrance, Daisy, who was celebrating her tenth birthday.

But her golden year was undoubtedly 2018 when, accompanied by the planetary fame amplified by the many covers that saw her as the protagonist, Vogue and its various editions above all, was presented at the age of sixteen at the court of Karl Lagerfeld. Who first chose it as a model for the bag collection campaign of Chanel, photographed by himself in Mademoiselle’s Parisian apartments. Later, as co-designer of the Karl Lagerfeld X Kaia ready-to-wear capsule and accessories collection, in a very elegant divertissement that combined Lagerfeld’s iconic pieces with the girl’s casual shine. A respectable milestone for a teenager still busy with textbooks (who attended online) and who had just been crowned model of the year in British Fashion Awards. And that he did not lose his taste in putting his signature on what best represented him, which were the legendary shoes of Jimmy Chooof which she reinterpreted four models with the unmistakable carefree disposition that characterized her in a limited edition whose collection went to charity (see MFF January 24, 2020), or the character of the most legendary fashion houses who could not do without their passage on the catwalk, such as ValentinoChanel, Stella McCartney I Saint Laurent.

The latter chose her as a beauty icon for her new YSL Beauté makeup line (2019), a model of beauty and at the same time of self-esteem for the message that Kaia carried with her. Who spoke of positivity and kindness, to oneself and to others, and who inevitably went through the care of the physical aspect and a world-centered gaze that, clean as an eyeliner, was always ready to grasp the better.

Aware of her own luck and the absolute girl on the dream team of the most beautiful and desired girls in the world, Kaia joined the family of 2021 in 2021. American Horror Storymulti-acclaimed license plate series Disney (I will see MFF of March 24, 2021), news accompanied by all the enthusiasm of a girl (“if I’m dreaming don’t wake me up”) that success could not change. In the same way that Kaia’s passion for reading has not changed (“since she was a child she carried books behind the scenes to everyone’s surprise”) which, during her confinement, she transformed into a kind of live reading with her followers becoming a device (see MFF of April 6, 2020), and this for his famous friends. which include, but are not limited to, Dear Delevingnewith whom he shares a tattoo on his foot and his commitment to social battles, such as support for Black Lives Matter, Karlie Klosswhom he considers his model to follow, and Kendall Jennerwho portrayed her when she was 14 for the cover of Love. Love, in fact. What, after so many rumors and photos stolen from the streets of New York, became official in With gala on the first of May and from the French catwalk afterwards with a romantic kiss between Kaia and Austin Butler which rightfully became one of the most unforgettable moments of the Croisette. And that, ça va sans dire, gave him the most beautiful cover. (All rights reserved)

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