“I’m not the half-loved girl anymore”

“I transformed a personal experience into music. I changed and I learned my courage “: this is how Veronica Perseo explains it in the new single in the interview.

Not just such and such: Veronica Perseus has a lot to say and also shows it in his new single, “Bastard Lovers”. The video clip, directed by Marco Camba, is now available on YouTube. The winner of the first edition of Tali e Quali, the spin-off program of “Tale e Quali Show”, explains to theinterview their new projects.

Veronica Perseo explains the new single, “Bastard Lovers”

“Amanti bastardi”, written by Veronica Perseo, Marcello Balestra and Marco Baracchino, is a song that reverses the classic concept of a relationship in which one suffers and the other suffers: victim and executioner become complicit in an unhealthy game. What makes the difference is the option to stay in the toxic relationship, because in the end there are two to be “bastards”.

Thus, the classic red thread becomes a barbed wire that will unite and unite lovers forever.

In this sense, the singer-songwriter stated: “We’ve all been stuck in relationships that we knew were wrong from the start. Still, we decided to try the same thing, knowing that we would suffer and not a little.” .

Then he explained: In the song, the protagonist knows that she is not a victim: she knows her feminine power, she can play with fire and be, why not, a “bastard” as much as her partner.

His greatest success is the awareness that no one will ever be able to decide for him and that he is and will always be free to choose. “

About the project he added: “The song is autobiographical, as always. It’s a way to close a circle and put my personal experiences into music. I took the pain out of turning it into music and when it stopped making me, I decided to share the song. Music has a healing function for me. ” .

The message of the song? Don’t feel guilty if you are part of a toxic relationship from which it is difficult to break free. It’s not an invitation to masochism, but not to blame you. We are accustomed to the idea of ​​perfect and pure love, but there are also wrong loves in which, in any case, we love each other, despite the suffering. That’s why I called the two lovers “bastards” united by a barbed wire and not by the red thread of destiny. ” .

Veronica Perseus Lovers of the bastards

Did you suffer or did you suffer in the toxic relationship? “Perhaps it is also because of my artistic sensitivity that I have suffered the most. At some point, however, I stopped being part of an unhealthy game. There comes a time when you say “enough.” Mine is an invitation to the most vulnerable people, because they will be able to free themselves from a toxic situation. I don’t blame anything, if things happen it’s because they have to happen. If I look back and immerse myself in my memories, today I can say that I am happy and that I got rid of a toxic situation. I want to send a message of hope and strength ” .

The change of Veronica

“Bastard Lovers,” says Veronica, “is a song that “It simply came to our notice then it reminds me of not so long ago and the times when probably I gave too much to those who may not deserve anything. However, he wanted to clarify the passage “It simply came to our notice then. I am no longer the half-loved girlin a passive and attached position ” .

I changed and learned my courage. I’m the most important person to me, I don’t deserve the crumbs and I want to give myself more and more. I have acquired more self-love. Before I looked in the mirror, I had a blank stare. He kept telling me it was okay and it wasn’t true. I’m looking in the mirror today and I’m fine. ” he stressed.

Veronica Perseus Lovers of the bastards

The video for “Bastardi Lovers”

The official video clip that accompanies the song Veronica is shown in a double role: that of those who choose to play with the heart and barbed wire, wrapping it as if preparing for the “toxic” game that requires the relationship. .

On the other hand, however, he chooses to play the role of someone who, with fun, but also with a bit of bitterness, tells the end of a wrong and “bastard” love story, which leaves a mark on the soul like a barbed wire. on the skin.

Replacing the bastard lovers there are two dancers which, through a delicate mixture of gestures and choreographic steps, explain the dynamics of an unhealthy relationship, which slowly consumes them and leads them to exhaustion, making them bound forever but alonebecause they never really belong.

Upcoming projects

Young and with many dreams in the drawer, along with many goals already achieved, Veronica Perseo has secrets that boil in the pot. What is it about?

“I don’t stop training and studying, I always want to improve myself and my songs. I have several songs in my drawer and dream of live concertshe revealed speaking of his upcoming projects.

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