How to avoid falling in love too fast?

No.don’t go out with friends, avoid thinking only about the other person’s good things, keep devoting time to your passions

When someone lures you to the point of making you forget everything else and giving you an everlasting stupid smile imprinted on your lips, it’s hard to resist. But you have to work hard to do it. Falling in love too fastin fact, it is almost never the ideal situation. The risk is to scare the other or, worse, end up burning.

Of course, love is perhaps the most intense and noble feeling, and as such it is unpredictable and uncontrollable. But not quite. There is something you can do to avoid being completely overwhelmed by irrationality and losing control immediately. Here’s what.

Try to keep a minimum of objectivity

Falling in love too fast is not always a problem. Love at first sight is not an invention: it really exists. But if it often happens that you get caught immediately by a person and especially if this transport of yours is not shared by your “prey” of the moment, but scares you, maybe it’s better to run to the shelter.

Password: quiet. When you find someone and you immediately feel a strong attraction, perhaps mixed with a special alchemy and an immediate understanding, you breathe deeply because the traps are very high.

Just enjoy the moment and don’t set too many limits, though don’t let go at all. When you are with him / her let go and be yourself, but then try to reason with a clear mind. Of course, love is synonymous with passion, transportation, madness, irrationality. But if you don’t want to risk getting hurt and you want the relationship to just start dating, you can’t completely give up on your rational side.

Don’t think only of beautiful things

At the end of the first date or maybe the next day you come down from the cloud and try to be objective. No, it is impossible for everything to be perfectly perfect. There must have been a phrase that bothered you a little, an inappropriate gesture, or maybe one more word.

No? It was all idyllic and you wouldn’t change a shred? Then take your ecstatic status, but try to be a little more critical the next time you meet. It does not mean being cautious, suspicious or restricted, just a more attentive observer.

In the coming days focus on this particular out of tune which you will surely be able to find, in order to quench your enthusiasm a little. It’s also with “exercises” like this that you can’t help but fall in love too quickly.

Spend time with other people

To avoid falling in love too quickly, it is also essential to cultivate one’s own social and relational life. If you go out alone with your new flame, you dedicate all your free time to it, you stop seeing friends with really big risks.

He or she probably already has a privileged place in your thoughts – avoid having one that is too big even in your daily and “concrete” life. Make an effort to keep seeing friendsnot to give up snacks with classmates, not to skip family dinners.

This is not only healthy behavior, because turning someone else’s life around is never good, it is also a strategic move.

Don’t turn your life upside down

Following the above tips, don’t mess with your routines either. Continue to attend the gym or classes you were dating before you met the person you think you might fall in love with. Don’t leave him every minute of your time.

Obviously you have to find a way to see it, but little by little. Do not cancel or cancel your interest just to be with her as long as possible. It’s okay from time to time, but not always.

Give yourself a way to discover yourself slowly, curiously, and not morbidly. It will be more beautiful and your relationship will only benefit.

Trust your friends

If you keep all the details of your new story to yourself, you will have many more chances to idealize it and build castles in the air. So try to trust your friends, not hiding things from them, even small ones, that don’t convince you at all.

Ask your “network” for help., explaining that you are very busy with this person and that you do not want to risk running too much. Others (as long as they are someone who loves us and are by our side) can be invaluable allies when you try not to fall in love too quickly.

Falling in love too fast, who takes more risks

There are some categories of people who, at least on paper, are more likely than others to fall in love too quickly. If you belong to one of these types, pay even more attention.

  • The super romantic ones: whoever is in love with love, lives with romance, lace and tulle, sees everything as “pink” and wants to fall in love continuously.
  • The phobics of loneliness: people who are terrified of being alone, can’t conceive of being single, always want to have someone by their side, often tend to fall in love too quickly.
  • The boring: Individuals who have a flat, unstimulating life, do not have many friends may be tempted to fill certain gaps by giving in to the charm of the first interesting person they meet.

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