here are the ones that risk not being part of the company’s strategies

PADUA – Padua will no longer be a big name next season, as this operational strategy did not lead to the Serie B in the first three years of management. Oughourlian. The Franco-Armenian financier, however, will not back down financially in the management of the company, but will no longer invest millions to set up the staff. Therefore, one of the problems to be solved will be related to the contract of some big names. There are no untouchables: this is what is perceived while waiting for the budget for the 2022-2023 season to be drawn up. The figures that Oughourlian had become accustomed to (more than 18 million euros thrown into the wind in three years) should not be replicated, so much so that there is a rumor of a limited availability of a couple of million euros , to which, however, the income related to the sales of Moro (first tranche of two million euros), Soleri (two hundred thousand euros) and Biasci (85 thousand).

In view of the budget, Mirabelli will have to deal with the issue of commitments heavier. Especially the captain’s Ronaldo which has been renewed for another year and charges a higher salary for the category. His experience in the shadow of the Saint could have ended after the expulsion (Perrotta’s head) amended in the final of Barbera which cost him four days of disqualification. Over the years he has often been invoked as the savior of the homeland, the player capable of changing the balance of the team: for better, but also for bad as Palermo. A summer ago Frosinone wanted him in Serie B, but Ronaldo gave up the proposal to stay true to the biancoscudo in search of that resumption after the Perugia (league) and Alessandria (play off) that did not arrive: indeed, an incredible traumatic encore. Now it seems that the time has come for separation. He doesn’t earn the same amount as Ronaldo, but he has a mid-to-high-end salary for the category. The player in question is Della Latta: more than ten goals in the 2020-2021 season, half of this year also because with the arrival of Dazi he found less and less space. Chapter Chirico: The thirty-year-old toast has a major commitment, but a clause in his contract linked to the lack of landing in the B Series provides that both parties (the same and Padua) may decide to terminate the relationship in late June.

Dezi also has a contract for two more seasons and dropped out of A (Venice) where he was left out of the call to marry Padua’s cause: however, given that it was Mirabelli’s only purchase, one might think he is one of the few. certainties from which to share. The same cannot be said of Ceravolo, Calabrian as the goddess: a season as beautiful in the first half (nine goals) as disappointing in the second (only two). However, even for him the renewal will trigger to have reached the double figure in terms of goals: his salary would not reach one hundred thousand euros and it must be borne in mind that in C a good striker travels around seventy -eighty thousand euros. one year. Germano, Curcio, Saber, Busellato, Bifulco, Kirwan and Monaco have a contract for one more season, while Buglio and Franchini will return from the transfer to Montirosi. From 1 July, Donnarumma, Vannucchi, Gasbarro, Pelagatti, Ajeti, Valentini, Settembrini, Jelenic, Nicastro, Santini and Cissè will be free. Among them, Donnarumma, Ajeti, Valentini and Jelenic could have a chance, but it will all depend on their financial demands and especially on what Padua has to offer.

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